Turn Your Mobile Device Into a Workhorse


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Presented at the HIMSS12 conference. Discusses how a back-end content server like Alfresco can make mobile devices far more productive for business users.

These slides were assembled from ones provided by my team who I believe cleared the rights. Thank you to Alfresco partners Zia Consulting, Reva Solutions, and Micro Strategies for their help.

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Turn Your Mobile Device Into a Workhorse

  1. 1. Turn Your Mobile DeviceInto a WorkhorseRichard EsplinCommunity Technology
  2. 2. Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world.Founded in 2005, with offices in London & AtlantaOver 3 million community downloads250+ global channel partners2,500 customers in 55 countries, including…
  3. 3. Document Management Capture, share & retain corporate content,The including documents, video, images & graphics filesAlfresco Records ManagementPlatform Ensure governance, compliance and retention of company or government records Web Content Services Author, collaborate & publish to Drupal, Liferay, JBoss Portal or your custom web app Enterprise Collaboration Create, share, collaborate, iterate & discuss content. Then publish to social channels. Open Source Platform Build content-rich apps and websites using RESTful APIs or Java & open standards like CMIS & JSR 168
  4. 4. Challenges in Healthcare IT: People
  5. 5. Challenges in Healthcare IT: The GoodData Problem “What good is it to have your lab results transferred from hospital A to hospital B using secure SMTP and XML? They are going to re-do the labs anyway because they dont trust the other lab.” David Uhlman to Fred Trotter, radar.oreilly.com Meaningful Use and Beyond—A Guide for IT Staff in Health Care
  6. 6. Trends in Healthcare IT: Mobile Revolution “26% of European doctors own an iPad and they spend 27% of their professional online time on the device . . . iPad-owning doctors used desktops and laptops for 55% of their professional internet use and smartphones for the remaining 18%. 40% of doctors surveyed said they planned to purchase an iPad within the next 6 months.” “Taking the Pulse Europe” by Manhattan Research, Q4 2011. Self-selected online survey. Reported by PMLiVE.
  7. 7. Tablets arethe fastestgrowingcomputingdevice inhistory.
  8. 8. Cook, Dine, SnackLaptop Tablet MobileCook and Prepare Dine or Consume Snack onthe documents Content Info
  9. 9. Solutions designed for people…• A consumer-like UI• Access and edit content from any device, anywhere• Always use the latest forms• Have access to historical data• Use the content productivity tools of your choice• Work securely both within and without the firewall• Apply required workflows and lifecycle to data
  10. 10. Content services• User Interface • Transformation /• Persistence / Data Model Rendition / Thumbnails / Metadata • Tagging / Categorization• Business Process / • Authoring tool integration Workflow • Remote API• Library Services (Upload / • Transfer / Publication Download, Versioning, • Comments Check-in / Check-out) • Ratings• Security • Activity Streams /• Search Notification• Scheduler • Quotas
  11. 11. Corporate Systems Desktop WebDAV CMIS CMIS CIFS JSR-168 Sharepoint Connectors ProtocolSocial Media Channels Mobile CMIS Open Web APIs WebDAV Open Web APIs CMIS-based Web Services CMIS Public Alfresco Cloud Alfresco Sync
  12. 12. • Redesigned UI – More room for preview – Toggle actions, properties, tags, etc.• Support more formats – Preview Video and Audio – Support for Apple iWorks files
  13. 13. Alfresco Mobile• Find content • Browse sites and folders • Search• View content • View file information• Download to device • Open in app• Favorites• Send content to others• Comment• Upload content (WebDAV)
  14. 14. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)• Pathology Lab: cancer subtyping• Regulatory compliance: • FDA GLP • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 • FDA Training Requirements• Problems: • Technician audits and training managed with paper-based forms and manuals • Costly • Hard keep up-to-date• Solution: • Supervisor and QA auditors with iPads and custom app • Alfresco repository
  15. 15. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)
  16. 16. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)
  17. 17. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)
  18. 18. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)
  19. 19. PhenoPath (Reva Solutions)• 96% improvement of completed SOPs on time (from 2-4% in January 2011 to 60% after implementation in July 2011 to 98% by December 2011.)• 100% reduction in time needed to renter data• Reduced risk of non-compliance• Improved SOP management• Greater control of documents• Potential to scale with future growth• Increased productivity• Faster time to SOP completion• No hardware management requirements
  20. 20. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies)• Facilitate research: Review scans done in imaging centers as part of clinical trials• Regulatory compliance: • FDA 21 CFR Part 11• Problems: • Regular audits • Out-of-date forms • Duplication of data entry • 3rd party imaging centers• Solution: • Ricoh eQuill e-ink tablet • Alfresco repository • Profiler Interface
  21. 21. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies) Form Template Workflow Form Completion WorkflowRetired Draft Complete eQuill DropEffective Review Template Template Form Profiler List List Zone Approve
  22. 22. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies)NOTE: The complete list of form templates for a Site are stored in the Form Templates folder. Only“Approved” templates are automatically distributed to the tablet.
  23. 23. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies) 1) A list of forms (Templates) are pushed to the tablet from Alfresco. 2) The user selects the form to be completed.
  24. 24. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies) 1) The user updates the forms by writing, selecting items from a drop down list, selecting check boxes or typing on the soft keyboard. 2) Pushing the submit button saves the form and sends it back to Alfresco. NOTE: There is also a built in camera. Users can take a picture with the tablet and have the picture drop into a “control” in the form.
  25. 25. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies) 2) Once the form is sent1) The form will appear in back to Alfresco it is the user’s inbox 1st and removed from the user’s then be pushed back into inbox. Alfresco.
  26. 26. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies) 1) When the form is sent back to Alfresco, it is placed in the “Drop Zone”. 2) The form is identified and the data is pulled off the form and applied as metadata to the document. 3) The document is assigned to the Initial Review Queue.
  27. 27. Molecular NeuroImaging (Micro Strategies)NOTE: The user accesses the document from the MSI Profiler. This allows the user to review both thedocument/form and the metadata. If information is updated on the form, it can also be pushed to thedocument’s metadata.
  28. 28. Architectural Principles• Tiered architecture• Robust and flexible data repository• The right device for the job• Custom user interface for simplicity and efficiency• Multiple interfaces may be required• Leverage open source code and open standards • CMIS • REST • PDF
  29. 29. QUESTIONS?Come by our booth:• Live demos• Additional discussion• iTunes gift card giveaway