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Windows Server 2012 Beta Storage Overview


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Overview of new Storage features in Windows Server 2012 Beta.

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Windows Server 2012 Beta Storage Overview

  1. 1. Windows Server® 2012 Beta Storage Overview Harold Wong @haroldwongThe information contained in this document relates to a pre-release product which may be substantiallymodified before it is commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied with respect tothe information presented here.
  2. 2. Section 01 Windows Server 2012 Beta StorageWindows Server 2012 Beta 2
  3. 3. 01 Section 1 Storage Overview • Introduction and Overview of the Windows Server 2012 Beta Storage Solution stack Windows Server 2012 Beta Technical Detail • A closer look at some of the new Windows Server 2012 Beta storage featuresWindows Server 2012 Beta 3
  4. 4. Storage – Platform Storage • Powerful new platform abstractions with • Platform Storage storage pools and storage spaces • Clustering • Offloaded data transfers • File and Block Access • Improved resilience to • Networking data corruption with ReFS • Virtualization • Improved NTFS availability with Online • Management Scanning and Repair • Data deduplication • Thin provisioningWindows Server 2012 Beta 4
  5. 5. Storage – Clustering • Increased scale with Clustered Shared • Platform Storage Volume v2 (more nodes, more VMs) • Clustering • Transparent and fast failover • File and Block Access • Higher availability for • Networking file shares and block- File based storage • Virtualization share clusters • Support for iSCSI, • Management SMB File Share, Storage Spaces, or FC SAN shared storageWindows Server 2012 Beta 5 5
  6. 6. Storage – File and Block Access • Transparent failover for storage services • Platform Storage • Increased scale and fast, efficient access to • Clustering application storage • File and Block Access • NFS v4.1 Server support • Continuous availability • Networking for: • Hyper-V® and • Virtualization Microsoft® SQL Server® data on SMB • Management file shares • App data on NFS v3 shares or iSCSI Target ServerWindows Server 2012 Beta 6 6
  7. 7. Storage - Networking • High performance data transfers with SMB • Platform Storage Direct • Application storage • Clustering capabilities on SMB shares • File and Block Access • New multipathing • Networking solutions with SMB Multichannel • Virtualization • ManagementWindows Server 2012 Beta 7 7
  8. 8. Storage - Virtualization • Availability of guest virtual machines on • Platform Storage Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) • Clustering • Live migration outside cluster boundaries • File and Block Access • Increased storage • Networking capacity and data protection with new • Virtualization VHDX format • ManagementWindows Server 2012 Beta 8 8
  9. 9. Storage - Management • SMI-S and WMI Management • Platform Storage • Multiserver management • Clustering capabilities • File and Block Access • Remote server management • Networking • New Windows PowerShell cmdlets • Virtualization Windows Server • Management 2012Windows Server 2012 Beta 9 9
  10. 10. 02 Section 2 Storage Overview • Introduction and Overview of the Windows Server 2012 Beta Storage Solution stack Windows Server 2012 Beta Technical Details • A closer look at some of the new Windows Server 2012 Beta storage and availability featuresWindows Server 2012 Beta 10
  11. 11. Platform Storage – Disk I/O Flexible storage options with Storage Spaces Windows Application Servers or File Servers • Virtualizes commodity Physical or storage into Storage virtualized Spaces and Storage deployments Pools File Server Hyper-V SMB Multichannel • Integration with other Administration Console Integrated Windows Server 2012 with other Failover Clustering NTFS SMB Direct Beta capabilities Windows 8 Consumer • Provides storage Cluster Shared Preview Volumes NFS Windows Storage Mgmt. resilience and capabilities availability from Windows Virtualized Storage Spaces Storage Spaces Storage Spaces commodity storage Storage • SAS and SATA Storage Pool Storage Pool Storage Pool interconnects (Shared) SAS or SATA • Cluster support Physical StorageWindows Server 2012 Beta
  12. 12. Platform Storage – Disk I/O Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX) ODX Benefits • Rapid virtual provisioning and migration • Faster transfers for large files • Array throughput maximization • Less CPU and network usage • Performance not limited by network throughput or server usage • Improved data center capacity and scale Token-based copy operationWindows Server 2012 Beta 12
  13. 13. Platform Storage – Local File System New Storage Capabilities with Resilient File System (ReFS) • ReFS File System • Greater compatibility with SATA standards • Resilience against power outage corruption • Online corruption recovery • Scale to petabyte+ data sets • Implements on-disk structures, such as the Master File Table, to represent files and directories.Windows Server 2012 Beta 13
  14. 14. Platform Storage – Local File System NTFS Availability, Reliable Crash Recovery, and Improved SATA Reliability Time to complete Chkdsk operation on a single instance of corruption in minutes • NTFS/ReFS self- healing capabilities • Automated health checking on NTFS • Chkdsk improvements reduce downtime • Improved SATA reliabilityWindows Server 2012 Beta 14
  15. 15. Platform Storage – Local File System Storage efficiency with Data Deduplication Metadata Data Metadata Data • Capacity Optimization File 1 File 2 Name, Name, A B C M N A B C X Y attributes,.. attributes,.. • 2:1 with File Shares • 20:1 with Virtual On-disk transformation of files during data deduplication Storage Metadata Chunk Store • Scale and Performance File 1 Low CPU & memory Name, Reparse attributes,.. Sparse Data Data chunks • A B C M N impact Metadata File 2 Name, attributes,.. Sparse Reparse Data X Y • Configured scheduling • Reliability and Integrity • Redundant metadata • Checksums and Average savings with data deduplication by workload type integrity checks • Even greater efficiency with BranchCacheWindows Server 2012 Beta 15
  16. 16. Platform Storage – Local File System Thin Provisioning and Trim Storage Utilization • Identification • Notification • Optimization Hyper-V • Compatibility Virtual NTFS Machine Filters Virtual Disk or Storage SpaceWindows Server 2012 Beta 16
  17. 17. Clustering New cluster scale up and scale out capabilities • An industry-best 4,000 virtual machines per 4,000 virtual cluster machines in a • Massive scale out to 64 single cluster nodes SCALE UP • Support for true live migration • Extend clustered shared volumes (CSV v2) scale out support to new workloads. • Remote multiple- server management through Server ManagerWindows Server 2012 Beta 17
  18. 18. File and Block Access iSCSI Target Server with Network Boot • iSCSI network boot • Typically used for Hyper-V host boot and HPC boot • Rapid deployment • Quick recovery • Reduce capital expenditures and operating expenditures • Ease of managementWindows Server 2012 Beta 18
  19. 19. File and Block Access High availability storage for UNIX, Linux, and VMware • Transparent failover support for NFS v3 clients • UNIX, Linux, and VMware support • New RPC-XDR runtime infrastructure and DLLs make NFS failover faster than everWindows Server 2012 Beta 19
  20. 20. File and Block Access High-availability scalable storage for Hyper-V and SQL Server • High-availability scale out file server • SQL Server and Hyper-V Hyper-V data store Cluster SMB • Single file system namespace Single Logical Server FooShare • Zero application downtime for both Single File System Namespace File Server planned maintenance Cluster and unplanned failures Cluster Shared Volumes • Active/active accessWindows Server 2012 Beta 20
  21. 21. File and Block Access SMB Application Support for SQL Server and Hyper-V • Hyper-V can now leverage file share storage for virtual storage • Application-specific capabilities for Hyper- V and SQL Server workload types • Leverage new high- performance and high-availability SMB features for applications • Cluster-Aware Updating for applicationsWindows Server 2012 Beta 21
  22. 22. Networking Network Performance and Availability – SMB Direct (RDMA) • New class of SMB file storage • Minimal CPU utilization for I/O processing • Low-latency with ability to leverage high-speed networks (InfiniBand and iWARP) • Traditional advantages of SMB file storage: • Easy to provision and migrate • Leverages converged networks • No app change or admin configuration • Can be used with SMB Multichannel for load balancing and failoverWindows Server 2012 Beta 22
  23. 23. Networking Network Performance and Availability – SMB Multichannel • MPIO capabilities Multiple 1GbE Multiple 10GbE/IB without Fibre NICs RSS-capable NICs Channel • Improved SMB Client SMB Client performance and resiliency for SMB 10Gb 10Gb 1Gb 1Gb shares • Can use 1 GbE, 10 Switch Switch Switch Switch GbE or InfiniBand • Can be used alongside other 1Gb 1Gb 10GbE 10GbE features like SMB Direct for even SMB Server SMB Server greater performance.Windows Server 2012 Beta 23
  24. 24. Virtualization Virtual Fibre Channel Support • Unmediated access to a SAN • Hardware-based I/O Guest MPIO path to virtual hard DSM disk stack • NPIV support • A single Hyper-V host Guest MPIO connected to different SANs DSM SAN • Up to four Virtual Switch Fabric Fibre Channel HBAs per virtual machine • MPIO functionality • Live migrationWindows Server 2012 Beta 24
  25. 25. Management Unified storage management with SMI-S and WMI • Gives administrators a centralized storage management interface • SMI-S compliant SAN management from Windows Server Manager • Remote management of servers and server storageWindows Server 2012 Beta 25
  26. 26. Conclusion Reducing storage Increasing storage Improving Maximizing costs & increasing management performance and reliability and cost effectiveness efficiency capabilities availability • Storage Spaces • Comprehensive storage • SMB Direct • Continuous Availability • ReFS management • SMB Multichannel SMB, iSCSI & NFS • CSV v2 • New Windows • SMB Scale Out • Online scanning and PowerShell cmdlets repair in NTFS and ReFS • Thin Provisioning • SQL Server over SMB • SMI-S and SMP support • Faster CHKDSK in NTFS • Data Deduplication • Hyper-V over SMB • Remote storage • Storage Spaces with • NFS 3.1 & NFS 4.1 • Offloaded Data Transfer management ReFS support • Live Storage Migration • All from a single • SMB Transparent interface • Virtual Fibre Channel Failover Windows Server 2012 Beta - Your storage solutionWindows Server 2012 Beta 26