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Onpage seo checklist and seo factors 2017


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Basic and important On page SEO factors you should take a look if want to get better ranking on the Google search.

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Onpage seo checklist and seo factors 2017

  1. 1. On-page SEO Checklist: Before all important information, I would like to share basic introduction of On-page SEO and its most important aspect for good search engine optimization practices. On-page SEO All practices related to webpage optimization accordingly highly recommended guidelines by search engines and also other good practices that help to improve user experiences. So you have to be ensuring about all aspectof webpage optimization to get more exposure by search engines. On-page SEO & Why It’s an Important Activity in the Process of Search Engine Optimization:- We all know big search engine companies looking forward every day to improve user experiences in all ways; consequently they like to deliver terribly good content. So it’s really important to go through their guidelines and latest highly accepted trends.
  2. 2. Following are the important and basic SEO Factors you should consider before going for Off-Page promotional activities. 1. Keyword in Domain Name ☐ 2. Domain Age and RegistrationLength ☐ 3. Keyword in Title Tag ☐ 4. Keyword in DescriptionTag ☐ 5. H1 and Other Headings (with mixed keywords) ☐ 6. Keyword Consistencyand ConsiderSemantic Search Using Synonyms ☐ 7. Unique and Appealing Content with GoodLength ☐ 8. High Quality Image and Alt Tag ☐ 9. Interlinking WebpagesProperly☐ 10. Using External Useful Resources ☐ 11. BrokenLinks ☐ 12. WWW Resolve ☐ 13. Canonicaltag ☐ 14. Meta Viewport Mobile SEO ☐ 15. Favicon☐ 16. Good URL Structure ☐ 17. Underscore in URL(not recommended) ☐ 18. Custom 404 Page ☐ 19. Blog ☐ 20. XML Sitemap ☐ 21. Mobile Friendliness ☐ 22. Page Loading Speed ☐ 23. Server Uptime 24. SocialMedia Page and Sharing Buttons ☐ 25. Email Subscription Box ☐ 26. Mobile Loading Speed ☐ 27. SocialOG tag ☐ 28. Tag Manager ☐ 29. SSL Secure ☐ 30. Robots.txt☐ Consideringthese factors can benefit your website a lot to get better rank on search engine.