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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter March2013


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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter March2013

  1. 1. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra March 2013 Newsletter
  2. 2. INDEX • NEWSLETTER for MARCH 2013 • Content • Management Speak • New Broker Owners & Associates • Broker Owner Meets • Events and Seminars • RE/MAX in News • REALTY NEWS • RRR IN GOA • Photo Gallery
  3. 3. Management Speak • The financial year -2012-13 ended on a positive note of one new office getting added in RE/MAX MGM – a very warm welcome to RE/MAX Revolutions. We added a few agents and did a lot of transaction. The RE/MAX story in India solidifies itself by slow but steady growth and the spread of roots On 1st April 2013, data was released in newspapers about the number of deals done in Ahmedabad market. We are proud to announce that we have achieved 1% market share in the entire Ahmedabad market, total size of which is about Rs. 20,000 crore annually. Our aim is to capture around 30% market share, so we have a long way to go. Manan Choksi Regional Director Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  4. 4. • Since last 3 years, every march we have the half yearly BO meeting in 3 cities of Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune. This year also we had the same and it was good to see BO exchanging ideas, thoughts and best practices which reassure us that we are building a strong network. Usually the ROs and the RO staff present during the meetings, however as we grow, we are seeing that BO themselves are taking the centre stage of the discussions. This shows how the company is evolving. • India on the other hand is also developing as a country and the government has started discussions on a real estate regulator. It is not a coincidence that wherever RE/MAX goes the markets get sophisticated. Our mere presence prompts the real estate sector to improve. We welcome this move and it is a matter of time when our market gets as regulated as in other countries.
  5. 5. • On the training side we are pleased to inform that our online sessions have been regularly getting attended by our members. It motivates us to continuously provide relevant training matching to international standards. Taking the cue from the success of RE/MAX MGM’s online training initiatives; RE/MAX India and RE/MAX International have also started training programs online. • RE/MAX participated in Awards function and property shows in Mumbai in March. A continuous commitment of building brand of RE/MAX in a manner which benefits all the affiliates of RE/MAX. The RE/MAX MGM Facebook page ( crossed the 10,000 likes mark and we are now almost 11,000. This shows we are the most “liked” international brand in the MGM region. Wish you loads of financial success this financial year! Happy 2013-14!
  6. 6. New Broker Office : RE/MAX Revolution • RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra welcomes new Broker Office RE/MAX REVOLUTIONS and the broker owners Mr. Vivek Mistry, Mr. Jay Thakkar & Mr. Viral on board and wishes them all the very best
  7. 7. RE/MAX GUJARAT Added 8 new Sales Associates RE/MAX Plus Niraj Shah RE/MAX Plus Rohitraj Keshwani RE/MAX Plus Sahil Patel RE/MAX Plus Vikram Chandnani RE/MAX Plus Yatin Gor RE/MAX Metro Ketan Raval RE/MAX FIRST CHOICE Siraz Padhiar RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Prakash Menon
  8. 8. • Did you know that our RE/MAX Global team puts on more than 10 educational online webinars a month, and if you are a RE/MAX affiliate, there is no cost! • Want information about these educational webinars? Email at!
  9. 9. ONLINE TRAINING IN MARCH 2013 Date Session Name YouTube Video Link 27/2/13 Working on Sole Selling Project Working on sole selling project video 6/3/2013 Real Estate Marketing Basics for an Agent Real Estate Marketing basics for an Agent video 13/3/13 15 Mistakes of BA To be uploaded very soon 20/3/13 Working with investors To be uploaded very soon
  10. 10. Broker Owner Conferences in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad held in March 2013 • RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra organized broker owner meets in above three cities on 22nd, 23rd and 25th March respectively. Every year these broker owner meets are held twice a year where all the broker owners come and the achievements and concerns of region and its broker offices of previous half year is shared with all the broker owners and strategy for next period is discussed
  11. 11. • All the three broker meets were full of energy because of active participation of Broker owners. All the broker owners discussed the new 100% model and how to get more agents now by passing on maximum brokerage. • Mr. Harit Parikh, Broker Owner of RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS shared his valuable experience of R4 convention which he recently visited in LAS VEGAS. • Mr. Manan Choksi shared marketing ideas in these BO meets. Mr. Aashil Patel shared Importance and ways of doing PR in real estate industry. Mr. Sahil Shah shared few ideas on recruitment and importance of having agents at 100% sharing.
  12. 12. Broker Owner Speak Manisha Mehta Broker Owner RE/MAX MATRIX, MUMBAI Where do you see market 5 years from now?
  13. 13. • Housing prices have soared much higher than the reach of average Indian in the past decade at an annual rate of 14%. However, price appreciation has slowed significantly during 2012 in the top seven cities of the country. • Owing to sluggish sales and increased holding and construction cost, the real estate scenario has found itself in deep waters. It looks like the market will remain in a lull for some time to come. Investors with money in hand can look for great deals and opportunities due to the distress monitory requirements of builders. Rental housing will take a big jump in the next two years. And then the after a pause, demand for end use will begin sprouting once again. Because there is a real need for homes • Fortunately or unfortunately the beneficiary in the entire process seems to be going in the investor’s favor, one who has the funds and risk appetite to get great deals from the developer and wait till the time the end user wakes up once again to his needs.
  14. 14. Broker Associate Speak Amish Vyas, Broker Associate RE/MAX METRO, Ahmedabad “Open More Leads, Close More Deals.”
  15. 15. • While it is a wonderful idea to get into the real estate business, it is important to stress the fact that you must make goals to help guide your business. Your goals need to be long term as well as short term. While you are making goals, you must make sure you are making plans to actually help you achieve your goals • At present Real Estate business is one of the fastest growing businesses. Day by day many people are experiencing success in this field. There are some basic strategies you have to learn if you are a newbie. If you want to develop your skills in this field, real estate seminars and courses are the best way. By participating in seminars you can surely become successful in this field by gaining some knowledge.
  16. 16. • If you are trying to make a good business from real estate you need to invest in a planner to help you keep your contacts organized, as well as make sure you schedule time to actually actively look for property. If you do not schedule time to actually look for property then you are mostly relying on luck and chance to help your business grow. With the help of Real Estate seminars and courses, you will be able to gain the complete knowledge on Real Estate business. There is no any difficulty in this field. All you have to do is completely understand the techniques which you have to use in order to succeed in your business. You can be your own boss once you learn all the tactics of this field. • I have gained a lot here in terms of money, respect, clients, relationship, and business everything. This is not the business in which we reap today and get the fruit tomorrow we have to wait for the results. • Here 90% is smart work and only 10% is hard work. It’s so simple “Open More Leads, Close More Deals.”
  18. 18. • RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTION has planned an open House of a Bungalow in Manekbaug and has invited people through social media, email campaigning and personal contacts. • This 4 BHK Bungalow has a well-planned layout with formal living room, family room / TV room, dining room and kitchen with 1 Master bedroom on the ground floor. There is also a lounge area with 3 bedrooms, balcony and study room on 1st floor. The house has great ventilation and natural light throughout the day. Exterior elevation of the house is well maintained too. The Property is exclusively marketed by RE/MAX Realty Solutions. • To have more details about these houses click the link below:
  19. 19.
  20. 20. • The RE/MAX MGM Facebook page ( crossed the 10,000 likes mark and we are now almost 11,000. This shows we are the most “liked” international brand in the MGM region.
  21. 21. New RE/MAX Marketing Platform Wins Achievement Award • (Denver, CO) – RE/MAX LLC, a global leader in real estate, has been recognized with the Marketing Achievement Award from the Real Estate Marketing Insider for the company's "Design Center" platform. The award is given each quarter for improvement or innovation in the art of real estate marketing. This month, RE/MAX launched an updated version of "Design Center," created by Imprev. The new platform features a more intuitive user interface, and offers agents and offices more enhanced marketing capabilities. • "Since Design Center first debuted in 2006, our agents have had access to state-of-the-art marketing tools," said Abby Lee, RE/MAX Vice President, Brand Marketing and Advertising. "The new platform makes it even easier for them to grow their business through improved visibility with home buyers and sellers. It's just one of the no cost tools that RE/MAX provides our network."
  22. 22. • The new Design Center allows agents to create and distribute professional marketing materials, both digitally and via snail mail. Agents can post their material on the internet to a number of websites and aggregators, remotely print paper materials, such as postcards, flyers and brochures, and also measure the impact of email or online campaigns. The redesigned platform also helps agents streamline their business and allows them to be more accessible to their clients. re-max-marketing-platform-wins-achievement- award
  23. 23. RE/MAX Celebrates More Than $128 Million in Total Donations • DENVER - As a proud partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®, RE/MAX, LLC has made a mark - an $8.2 million mark - in contributions to the nonprofit organization over the past year alone. • The partnership between RE/MAX and CMN Hospitals developed in 1 992 and has grown continuously since. To date, RE/MAX agents have donated more than $128 million to help fund life-saving treatments with advanced medical equipment, cutting-edge research and continuing education
  24. 24. • "More than 20 years ago, we aligned with an organization that shared the same deeply rooted value of family," said Gail Liniger, RE/MAX Co-Founder and Vice Chair. "The millions of families our agents have helped Children's Miracle Network Hospitals reach is beyond what we ever imagined.” more-than-128-million-in-total-donations
  25. 25. REALTY NEWS Godrej launches affordable housing project in Ahmedabad • Godrej Properties Ltd has launched one bedroom-kitchen-hall (1BHK) houses in the affordable segment at its upcoming Godrej Garden City in Ahmedabad. • The Mumbai-based real estate developer would market these affordable apartments at prices starting at Rs 16.5 lakh, the company said in a statement here. • Five new towers, each having 13 storeys, including the ground floor, will offer these apartments measuring 600 sq. ft. each. Each tower will be equipped with 2 lifts and all apartments are open from two sides with no two apartments overlooking each other. • The project is within the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) limits. Godrej Properties is creating facilities for public transport, education, health-care, recreation, hospitality, retail and banking within the development.
  26. 26. Indian real estate market investment volume at Rs 19,000 cr in 2012 • India was ranked 20th among the top 20 real estate investment markets globally with investment volume of Rs 19,000 crores recorded in 2012. • According to Cushman & Wakefield’s latest report, International Investment Atlas, China remained the largest global investment market overall thanks to the surge in land sales seen in late 2012. The US was placed in the second position, followed by the UK in third place.
  27. 27. • The majority of the investment in India was through institutional sales (67 per cent), while the remaining was through private equity (PE) investments (33 per cent). The market witnessed institutional sales (excluding apartments) of Rs 12,800 crore, concentrated in commercial development sites and the office segment, including standalone and pre-leased office buildings. While the investments in institutional sales declined 37 per cent over the last year, private equity investment in India increased by 7 per cent in 2012 and was noted at Rs 6,200 crore, the report said. • In terms of value, the majority of private equity in real estate (PERE) investments was noted in ready income generating / operational office assets at Rs 3,230 crore, which saw an increase of 34 per cent over 2011. Under-construction residential projects continued to witness the highest number (25) of PERE deals in 2012 and witnessed private equity investments at Rs 2,850 crore.
  28. 28. Realtor body against Budget proposal of 1% TDS on property deals • Confederation of Real Estate Developer's Associations of India (CREDAI), has sought withdrawal of Budget proposal to levy 1% tax deducted at source on any property deal other than agriculture land. In a recent representation sent to the finance ministry, the realtors' body has argued that implementation of this proposal will lead to more complexities and harassment of consumers. "We are seeking withdrawal of this proposal completely. This will lead to harassment of consumers, especially the buyer who is being burdened with additional responsibility to withhold the amount, deposit this to tax authorities and file returns," said Lalit Kumar Jain, chairman, CREDAI. estate/news/realtor-body-against-budget-proposal-of-1- tds-on-property-deals/articleshow/19315117.cms
  29. 29. RE/MAX India Convention: Meet on the beach April 26-28 • Business trips don’t get much more exotic than this.
  30. 30. • RE/MAX Affiliates from around the world are invited to work - and play! – at RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous, the 4th annual RE/MAX India Convention. • The meeting will be held April 26-28 at the Majorda Beach Resort along the stunning beaches of Goa, in west India. The Convention will offer networking meet-and-greets, along with training sessions and workshops. • Organizers say, the gathering will offer serious business opportunities in a country ranked as a major, growing economic hub whose thousands of well-to-do investors are looking to buy property internationally. • Don’t miss out on an exciting trip you can still call "work."
  33. 33. Harit Parikh sharing his experience of R4, Las Vegas at Ahmedabad BO Meet
  34. 34. Mr. Aashil Patel, Regional Owner explaining about effective PR Program in BO Meet
  35. 35. Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Broker Owner, RE/MAX Vintron sharing his vast experience in Real Estate Broking Industry.
  36. 36. 27th National Real Estate Awards Photo
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