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Asagi koi


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There are a lot of pond owners who consider koi as one of the most significant element of their ponds.

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Asagi koi

  1. 1. Asagi Koi: A Perfect Addition to Your Pond
  2. 2. Asagi Koi: A Perfect Addition to Your Pond There are a lot of pond owners who consider koi as one of the most significant element of their ponds. Different koi types have fascinated the hearts of fish enthusiasts and hobbyists through the years. Asagi koi is one the impressive varieties of koi fishes which gives additional colors to koi ponds. A lot of passionate breeders sincerely believe that the Asagi variety is the best koi fishes. Its back and belly are colored blue which makes it definitely beautiful and elegant. Some of these koi varieties have blue gills and fins as well. In addition, its looks are complemented by blue lines on the sides. On the underside of their belly, there are red markings which can be found. Furthermore, you will find their scales in a net pattern where each scale is outlined in white, making the net-like pattern more prominent. These are the characteristics that collectors find amazing in Asagi koi. On other variety of Asagi koi fishes, you will find that the prominent color of their body is blue.
  3. 3. The blue hues on their body can either be on the shades of blue-gray, dark blue or light blue, depending on which variety their parents are bred from. You will also find that their scales are red as well as their sides and bellies. This red coloration would then extend up the gill covers, mouth and the fins. When selecting an Asagi, make sure that you choose one which is full-marked in red on its first year so that by its third year, the fish will end up with too many red marking. Its red marking increases every year and blossoms into its full color when it reaches its third year. This is also the time when net patterns and the blue hues are fully established. The word Asagi is a Japanese term referring to pale, greenish blue. Its net-like pattern all over its body is the most important factor in choosing an Asagi koi. A koi enthusiast will usually base the value and quality of the Asagi in its reticulation or the net-like pattern. It should be evenly lined up to be considered perfect as compared to other Asagi with irregular reticulation. In addition, a perfect Asagi must have no blemishes on its head. Usually, a black spot appears on its head and as they mature,
  4. 4. this spot stretches and reaches as fas as the back. The Asagi is of a very resilient type since they are very much related to the wild carp. They are also agile and aggressive and will usually have the tendency to fight and jump. Breeders and enthusiasts alike are very interested in handling this type of koi not only because of its beautiful appearance but because they are the hardest to handle. They can also lose their scales when fighting but these can grow back in time. However, the new scales are a bit lighter than the original ones. Even if the koi breeders and enthusiasts find it challenging to take care of Asagi koi, still with its majestic colors, keeping them as pets will surely be worth it.