Koi Types


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Breeders and fish fanatics alike still recognize koi fishes as the most beautiful and classical ornamental fish there is.

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Koi Types

  1. 1. The Most Popular Koi Types
  2. 2. The Most Popular Koi Types Breeders and fish fanatics alike still recognize koi fishes as the most beautiful and classical ornamental fish there is. They would spend a lot of money to invest in keeping these fishes as pets in their home or offices. They recognize the fact that correct breeding can produce various colorful and unique koi fishes, which can really be distinguished easily from one another. In the process of breeding of koi fish, breeders and enthusiasts has defined different koi types . Breeding and domestication of koi fishes was started by fish enthusiasts in Japan. These people have been very familiarity in breeding koi fishes which has resulted in a wide range of koi types and breeds that they named depending on combinations and color patterns. This type of fish belongs to the same carp family but they remain very unique in so many different ways. Here are some of the most common varieties of koi: 1. Kohaku. This fish is called Kohaku because of its distinct colors which are mostly red and white. Red and white is called Kohaku in Japanese. In addition, they are the most popular among koi types.
  3. 3. 2. Ogon. These varieties of koi fishes are metallic and shiny. Their color can either be orange or metallic gold. Ogon in Japanese means gold thus, getting their name because of this color. However, there are ogon koi which are cream in colors but they are hard to find nowadays. 3. Bekko. This is distinctive among koi types because of its black spots or patterns on its body. These spots look that of a tortoise shell. The work bekko is equivalent to tortoise shell in Japanese, thus getting its name. This koi fish can either be yellow, white, or red. 4. Butterfly. The butterfly variety is the result of breeding with Asian carps. It can be distinguished from other koi fishes because of its long flowing fins. The color usually depends on the breed of carp it was bred with that is why they come in different types of koi colors. 5. Asagi. Asagi means pale blue in Japanese. Because of their royal pale color contrasted with its orange-red belly makes asagi a wonderful koi fish to see. In some asagi koi fishes, their scales can be seen in a net pattern.
  4. 4. 6. Utsuri. This category of koi fish is usually black-stained with red, white or yellow. Their color patterns bear resemblance to ink stains. Its name utsuri koi was derived from the Japanese word that means "to print". 7. Ochiba - This one is different from other koi types because of its dominant blue color with yellow markings. The word ochiba refers to fallen leaves in Japanese. 8. Krasugoi. This koi variety has a solid black color with an orange belly. In Japanese, kragugoi means "the crow" thus getting its name. 9. Showa. These koi fishes usually has a black color with white and red markings. 10. Matsuba. The Japanese has labeled this koi fish as matsuba because of it patterns resembling a pine cone. This is just a short list of koi types. In fact, koi varieties are increasing because of the efforts of breeders around the world. Koi fishes are very popular pets because they symbolize peace and love. By having them in houses and offices, these fishes are believed to bring peace and love among its occupants.