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Dave Lindahl's Secret of Success!
Dave Lindahl's Secret of Success!
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Dave Lindahl's Secret of Success!


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Learn from one of the most successful real estate investors in the nation! Dave Lindahl divulges ALL HIS SECRETS in this issue!!! Yes, and it's free!? If you are not rich and successful, don't blame us, we are giving you the secret right here.

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Dave Lindahl's Secret of Success!

  1. 1. WealthReal Estate Fr om th eP ub lis he sor fR ea lty 41 1 Vol. 1 • No. 3 • 2011Serving the Needs of Accredited Investors - INSIDE: Information to Grow and Maintain Your Wealth8 TurnaaProfitable Business 10 Be a Private Lender, 18 Zero DownSecret Recipe into Real Estate Hobby Learn to make BANK! Learn Our Investments
  2. 2. Dave Lindahl’sSyndication Secrets Learn How to Grow Your Portfolio FASTERK nown as the “Apartment King” three unit rental in a depressed area of How did Lindahl acquire so many prop- and the leading authority on Boston. He soon made a goal to acquire erties and accrue an abudance of cash commercial real estate invest- 1,000 units as quickly as possible, so he flow in such little time? Using a sophisti- ing, Dave Lindahl currently transformed himself from “a dead broke cated technique that investors call OPM owns more than 7,500 multi- landscaper” into a savvy syndicator. (Other People’s Money).family units in some of the nation’s best Within a short time frame, he was By offering accredited investors anemerging markets. His private acquisition managing millions of dollars worth of as- opportunity to join him on deals, Lindahlfirm, the Bostonian Investment Group, sets on a national scale. In fact, it only was able to reach his destination to realalso owns interests in retail centers, self took him 3 1/2 years from the time he estate riches much faster. He estimatesstorage facilities and office buildings started investing to be able to retire and he’s raised more than $30 million in capi- Like most investors, Lindahl started out enjoy a monthly income larger than most tal from investors around the world.small. His first purchase was a modest people’s annual salary! His success came so quickly and pro-Realty411Guide.com PAGE 21 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com
  3. 3. foundly that soon others began to re- real estate deals than they would have, study courses help investors learn toquest his knowledge, which led Lindahl had they not participated in the syndica- package it all together?to become a top educator in the industry. tion. Lindahl: They basically take you step byHe has shared the stage with such lumi- step throughout the whole process. Firstnaries as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki Q: Dave, we know you come from a of all, I show you where the money is soand Donald Trump. In fact, Trump asked very close-knit family. Were your sib- you know where to find it. A lot of peopleLindahl to write a book on commercial lings and extended family some of don’t know anybody with money becausereal estate, “Trump University Commer- your early investors? they are hanging around in the wrongcial Real Estate 101: How Small Inves-tors Can Get Started and Make It Big.” Lindahl has also authored numerousother books and courses including suchbest sellers as Emerging Real EstateMarkets, Apartment House Riches, andThe Real Estate Marketers’ Tool Kit. What’s most surprising is that Lindahlwas at first reluctant to accept responsi-bility for other people’s money, but he re-alized it was the only way he could reachhis goal of amassing 10,000 units. So, heset out to formulate a program to stream-line the process and ensure maximumsuccess. We recently caught up with Dave in be-tween his travels to discuss syndicationsand their importance in growing a well-balanced real estate portfolio. “The Real Estate Business is Really a MARKETING Business”Question: When did you discover the Lindahl: When I started investing, I be- places. So I show my students where topower of real estate syndication? came partners with my brother and sis- locate people with money.Dave Lindahl: I started syndicating more ter, but they weren’t my investors. When Secondly, I prepare my students onthan seven years ago, when I realized I started out, my siblings were all broke, what to say when they attend events orthat it was easier to buy bigger properties so they did not have any money to put locations where there are people withthan smaller properties. into my deals. That’s why I had to go after money. I teach them the initial introduc- I was self-funding my own deals before investors. My father, who told me to stay tion and how to offer an opportunity. Wethat and I realized I was going to need away from real estate when I first started, never ask for money, we always offer op-a lot more money to reach my goal. By actually became a very large investor in portunities.then, my objective had changed from many of my deals and still is. Next, we teach how to close for the[owning] 1,000 units to 10,000 units. I re- second presentation, which is usually aalized the more I could get other people Q: Is it a good idea to start with friends lunch or dinner presentation. There youto partner up with me, the more deals I and families when raising capital for lay out exactly who you are and what youcould buy. syndications? do. Of course, my students also learn Lindahl: Doing business with family mem- how to structure deals properly.Q: From an investor’s point of view, bers can be a great way to start, but when One important thing to note is that ifwhat are some positive aspects to ac- family and friends are involved there can you’re going to be pulling in money in aquiring properties through a syndica- be more emotional involvement in the deal, you have to consider the Securi-tion? deal. I do see a lot of my students start ties and Exchange Commission (SEC).Lindahl: Joining a syndication is great for with family and friends then graduate to A good part of the training is how to staybusy investors because they don’t have larger investors. within the boundaries of SEC regulations.to deal with management, they can have People always ask me: “How do I avoidpassive income and participate in the ap- Q: Organizing syndications takes a lot the Securities Exchange Commissionpreciation of a deal. of skill, expertise and marketing flair. rules.” I always say, “You don’t, you just Investors can also control much larger Tell us how your bootcamps and self- follow their rules, which are easy rules toRealty411Guide.com PAGE 22 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com
  4. 4. follow but you have to know what style, are you buying and holding orthey are.” Upcoming Events are you doing short-term deals by re- The most important part of my by Dave Lindahl positioning ?syndication training is how to man- Lindahl: It depends on the market and theage the deal and how to manage PRIVATE MONEY SYNDICATION type of property. We typically like to holdthe investors. Now, I’m not speak- San Diego, CA ... May 20-22 and maximize the appreciation since theing about how to be a landlord, I’m deals we acquire have strong cashflow.talking about how to be an asset FORECLOSURE BOOT CAMPmanager. Because as a syndicator, Q: Donald Trump asked you to writeyou have to manage your investors, Chicago, IL ... June 3-5 the book on commercial real estate forwhich can be more difficult than his educational series, how was it tomanaging properties. MANAGING THE MANAGER work with him? Boston, MA ... June 10-12 Lindahl: Donald is a true delegator. IfQ: Really, that’s interesting, why you’ve ever seen “The Apprentice”, he isis that, Dave? COMMERCIAL TRAINING ACADEMY just like the way he is in on the show. He’sLindahl: Because of the emotions, Boston, MA ... July 15-17 tough, but fair and down deep he’s actu-because of the personalities. And ally a very caring person.it’s always the person who puts in APARTMENT HOUSE RICHESthe least amount of money who is Boston, MA ... September 13-16 Q: Besides Trump who are some otheralways the biggest pain in the butt! real estate leaders that you admire? Lindahl: My first mentor was a guy by theQ: It must be such an awesome ey will come,” but it’s always a good idea name of Mark Shavell from Cape Cod,feeling to know that people place such to be marketing for both at all times. Mass. He really introduced me to con-trust and high regard in you and your servative investing and commercial realdeals for them to invest with you. Question: Your private acquisition estate.Lindahl: It is. But when I first started, I company the Bostonian Investment I also look up to Sam Zell out of Chi-didn’t really want to be responsible for Group is known for acquiring large cago. He is known as “the grave dancer,”other people’s money. It took me a while multifamily complexes and I know you because he made his billions buying into start offering opportunities so that oth- also invest in self-storage facilities. markets just like these, markets that areers could come into my down.deals. But a lot of people Q: Besides commer-wanted to be involved and cial real estate, your ex-I realized it would give pertise is also in locatingus the ability to do more emerging markets. Candeals. However, a lot of you give readers a tip onresponsibility goes along how to locate a boomingwith having other people’s area?money, and it takes time Lindahl: It’s all about joband specialized knowl- growth and an increase inedge to be able to do that population. We follow andproperly. read the business periodi- cals on a regular basis andQ: What comes first: The also research demograph-deal or the investor? ic trends.Lindahl: Both. The realestate business is really a Q: Do you have any othermarketing business. You tips or suggestions forneed to be marketing all our readers?the time. You should be Lindahl: Putting together amarketing for deals and syndication allows inves-you should be marketing tors to use leverage andfor money. acquire larger deals using If you don’t have [mon- What other type of properties do you other people’s money asetary] commitments for any deals that like to acquire? equity. It also gives investors confidencemay come up, when you go to negotiate Lindahl: We also buy triple net lease to get into larger deals knowing they al-for one, subconsciously you will negoti- (NNN) properties, office buildings and ways have the resources behind them.ate from weakness because you know retail centers. Actually, retail centers areyou don’t have the money. A lot of people our favorite type of property acquisition at Receive Dave Lindahl’s “Insider Secretsactually self-sabotage themselves by do- the moment. to Creating Wealth” for FREE, simply calling this. 1-800-559-8590 or visit: I’ve heard, “If it’s a good deal, the mon- Q: What is your current investing www.DavesOffer.com/Realty411Realty411Guide.com PAGE 23 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com