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Formation workshop 3


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Formation workshop for Ministers of the Word, 2012

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Formation workshop 3

  1. 1. Ministers of the WordFormation Workshop
  2. 2. Acolytes, Lectors and Readers
  3. 3. Preparing to ProclaimAll those entrusted withthis office, even those notinstituted in the ministryof Reader, should be trulysuitable and carefully This trainingshould be biblical andliturgical, as well astechnical… 2010 Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini
  4. 4. Preparing to Proclaim
  5. 5. … The purpose of their to Proclaim is to Preparing biblical formationgive readers the ability to understand thereadings in context and to perceive by the lightof faith the central point of the revealedmessage. The liturgical formation ought toequip the readers to have some grasp of themeaning and structure of the liturgy of theword and of the significance of its connectionwith the liturgy of the Eucharist… Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass, 55
  6. 6. Preparing to Proclaim• Two types of preparation − Spiritual − Technical• Equally important − Good spiritual preparation can enhance technical preparation
  7. 7. Spiritual Preparation• Not just for Ministers of the Word• Several methods, but all have similar characteristics − Read the Word − Reflect on the Word − Bringing the Word to life
  8. 8. Preparing Can Be Easy
  9. 9. Preparing• Small groups, working together• Reflecting on the readings for the Sundays of Advent − What really resonates from what I have read − How can I take that key message and get it across in my proclamation?
  10. 10. Proclaiming the Word at Mass
  11. 11. Preparation• Biblical commentary can be downloaded from website• Take time to reflect• Read all three readings• Let God speak to you through the Scripture• Scheduled preparation workshops in particular seasons
  12. 12. Before Mass• Make sure the roster is followed − Organise a swap/replacement if you cannot make it• Arrive in plenty of time to check-in, prepare and familiarise yourself• Make sure the Lectionary is on the ambo (readers)• Make sure the microphone is on (commentators)• Have the Book of Gospels with you• Be ready in the narthex
  13. 13. Entrance Procession• Process ahead of priest• Hold the book with dignity and reverence• Bow your head as the priest bows• Place the Book of Gospels on the altar
  14. 14. Liturgy of the Word• Approach the ambo with dignity and reverence − The ministers set the standard at this time• Proclaim clearly and with life• Don’t rush• Give the assembly the moments of silence to reflect and allow words to penetrate
  15. 15. Liturgy of the Word• The Prayer of the Faithful begins with the priest’s introduction − The commentator should be in position by this time• Pause between the end of the prayer and “Lord, hear us”• Move the lectern away after the Prayer of the Faithful
  16. 16. After Mass Concludes• Leave the Lectionary and commentator’s folder where they can be easily located − Ambo or commentator’s lectern, or, − Work sacristy