rguhs pci pharm d b.pharm 7th semester pharmacy pharmacy practice hospital pharmacist clinical pharmacist clinical pharmacy disease pt-2 education hospital pharmacy pharmacist pain bone musculoskeletal disorders autoimmune disorder 3rd pharm d medication community pharmacist community community pharmacy d.pharm drug nsaids pharmacotherapeutics -2 osteoarthritis disorder ra nsaid methotrexate dmard joints pharmacotherapeutics-2 rheumatoid arthritis pharmacotherapeutics – ii sle systemic lupus erythematosus. musculoskeletal disorders: rol drug expenditure purchase procedure drug storage drug procurement eoq ved abc inventory drug store m.pharm dosing pharmacokinetics intervention pharmaceutical care pharmaceutical medication history ward rounds drug monitoring medicines 2nd pharm d patient couselling rational use of otc sales of otc non-prescription drugs medications otc pharma requirement legal medication order prescription communication skills communication hospital pharmacist registration role of pharamcist code of ethics learning training cne cme cpd services hospital mobile notary environment anemia barriers patient education steps involved in patient responsibilities of pharamcist nabh hospital pharamcy responsibilities of pharmacist role of pharmacist retrieval computerized services sources of drug information pic dic drug information center
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