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Why Is Outsourcing Crucial To Medical Professionals?


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Medical transcription outsourcing has become indispensable. Assigning documentation tasks to a professional medical transcription company helps medical professionals improve their efficiency and competitiveness

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Why Is Outsourcing Crucial To Medical Professionals?

  1. 1. (800) 670 2809 Why Is Outsourcing Crucial To Medical Professionals? Outsourcing medical services is a popular practice. In fact, outsourcing is crucial for medical professionals who want to really enhance their efficiency and competitiveness. Medical transcription outsourcing is therefore here to stay. Outsourcing to a professional medical transcription company can help you achieve your business goals better because it helps you to focus better on areas of your core competencies – providing health care, ensuring timely and well-organized documentation and improving the way your healthcare practice functions. The main reasons why an increasing number of medical practices are outsourcing:  Reduction in operating costs: Every medical practice aims at reducing or controlling operating costs. Numerous surveys have determined that hiring the services of professional medical transcription companies can reduce transcription costs by up to 40%. So reduction in operating costs is one of the main reasons in support of medical transcription outsourcing. In fact, up to 80 percent of facilities name cost- cutting as the main reason for outsourcing.
  2. 2. (800) 670 2809  Focus on the core competencies: Outsourcing allows a health care practice to focus better on developing and improving its core competencies while leaving its documentation tasks to the medical transcription company.  Saves valuable time and provides access to resources that are not available internally: The transcription service provider works with medical facilities to save their valuable time and money by managing their documentation tasks. Medical facilities outsource medical transcription as they often lack the required resources to carry out the task within the organization. Outsourcing helps medical facilities access to new technology, tools, and techniques that the health care firm cannot afford.  Free up capital investment funds. Since the transcription company provides the facilities, equipment and personnel to carry out the transcription process, healthcare providers don’t have to make huge investments on hiring more space or upgrading their facilities. This frees up cash by reducing the need for more capital investment. Other reasons that make outsourcing attractive to medical professionals:  Helps share risks  Enhances the flexibility of the healthcare facility  Provides access to expertise  Streamlines business operations effectively  High accuracy level of 99.99%  Affordability
  3. 3. (800) 670 2809 Hiring medical transcription services is a smart decision. However, some research may be required to find the right outsourcing partner – one that can offer customized solutions in minimum turnaround time and at affordable cost. It is also important that the chosen medical transcription company is HIPAA-compliant to ensure the safety and confidentiality of patient information. About the Author MTS Transcription Services (MTS) is an established medical transcription outsourcing company in the US, offering comprehensive transcription solutions for a wide range of clientele. Our medical transcription services are secure and available 24/7. Contact Us: Headquarters: 8596E.101stStreet,SuiteH Tulsa, OK 74133 Main:(800)6702809 Fax(877)835-5442 E-mail: