I pad 2 smart cover


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I pad 2 smart cover

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I pad 2 smart cover

  1. 1. iPad 2 Smart CoverThe Smart Cover and iPad 2 were made for each other.Literally. Built-in magnets draw the Smart Cover to iPadfor a perfect fit that not only protects, but also wakes up,stands up, and brightens up your iPad. Thats not justsmart. Its genius.iPad 2 Smart Cover - Great looksiPad 2 is thin, sleek, and flat-out amazing. So why hide itin a bulky case? The slim yet sturdy Smart Coverprotects your iPad screen without covering up its durablealuminum back.1 So your iPad still looks and feels likean iPad — just with a little extra protection. Even better,the Smart Cover doubles as the perfect movie-watching, Copyright by summyhttp://www.freedvdripper.org/freeresource/ipad-2-smart-cover.html
  2. 2. iPad 2 Smart Covergame-playing, web-surfing, do-it-all companion. It foldsin all the right places so you can quickly create a standthat holds iPad upright. Or one that lets you tilt iPad intoa comfortable typing position. If you prefer to hold iPad,the Smart Cover flips back and out of the way like a pagein a magazine. And if you want to shoot some HD videoon the fly, the Smart Cover folds in half to expose theback-facing camera. Now thats something to smileabout.iPad 2 Smart Cover - FaceTime and video standSet up for hands-free video calling — or watching. Justlean iPad against the Smart Cover for a sturdy uprightstand.iPad 2 Smart Cover - Keyboard standThe Smart Cover folds into the perfect typing stand. Itsmagnetic hinge holds iPad in place so you can typequickly and comfortably.iPad 2 Smart Cover - A magnetic attraction Copyright by summyhttp://www.freedvdripper.org/freeresource/ipad-2-smart-cover.html
  3. 3. iPad 2 Smart CoverWhen the Smart Cover and iPad get together, you canthelp but notice an instant connection. Thats because wedesigned iPad to work with the Smart Cover — and theother way around. For starters, iPad has magnets builtright into its frame — magnets that align perfectly withthe Smart Cover hinge for an effortless fit. On theopposite side, magnets inside the Smart Cover help itstay put. Its ingenious yet simple. Secure yet easy toremove. In fact, the Smart Cover and iPad work so welltogether, its easy to think of them as one device.iPad 2 Smart Cover - An on-again, off-againrelationshipThe Smart Cover makes iPad do things no other covercan. Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep. Openit, and iPad instantly wakes up — no need to press anybuttons. The Smart Cover doesnt just protect iPad, itkeeps it ready to go whenever you are.iPad 2 Smart Cover - A cover thats smart, and bright Copyright by summyhttp://www.freedvdripper.org/freeresource/ipad-2-smart-cover.html
  4. 4. iPad 2 Smart CoveriPad already has your content. Now give it your style.Take your pick of ten bright colors — five in rich,aniline-dyed Italian leather.2 No matter which color youchoose, the Smart Cover stays put when you toss iPad inyour bag, rest it on a table, or sling it under your arm.And since the microfiber lining gently buffs off anysmudges or fingerprints as you move, iPad always looksgood on arrival.Tags: iPad 2 Smart Cover, Smart Cover for iPad 2, SmartCover to iPad 2More information: iPad 2 in Education, GarageBandon iPad 2, Original iPad VS iPad 2 Copyright by summyhttp://www.freedvdripper.org/freeresource/ipad-2-smart-cover.html
  5. 5. iPad 2 Smart Cover Copyright by summyhttp://www.freedvdripper.org/freeresource/ipad-2-smart-cover.html