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DISUMMIT 2017 - Jan Sonck - Proximus - Mobile Networks, lever for augmented contextual insights


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What you can find in this presentation:
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Jan Sonck is the Head of Enterprise Innovation at Proximus, the largest Belgian telecommunications company, where he has also been in charge of Indirect and Multi-Channel Solutions, Marketing and Business Development.

About Jan and how mobile data is being used today

Being a such a large telecommunication company as Proximus gives place to a large set of opportunities to use data, and that is what Jan came to share with us.

The fact of having an increasing number of people using mobile devices, sketching their digital fingerprint, triggered the collaboration of academia with the telecomm companies to perform joint research offering an overview of the qualitative and quantitative elements the user is considering in his daily life.

Following academia, the collaboration has been extended to other players, such as governmental institutions (at all levels: from municipal to European) and management consulting firms.

These synergies have led to an increasing accuracy on crowd analytics displaying trajectories and new types of visualization (in 2D and 3D). This also involves fusing multiple data sources, and promoting the importance of open data. The result of this is using mobile data for prediction on a real time basis in different contexts, ranging from large-scale events (for instance, music festivals), air quality, and mobility, among many others.

In a nutshell, collaboration should keep on permeating all sectors, keeping citizens in the loop with the way their data is being used.

Our favourite phrase from Jan’s presentation

“The increasing complexity of data requires to have a deeper sense of collaboration”

We look forward to meet Jan soon so he can tell us how collaboration towards mobile data is evolving!

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DISUMMIT 2017 - Jan Sonck - Proximus - Mobile Networks, lever for augmented contextual insights

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