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Global luggage market sample ppt


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Global luggage market sample ppt

  1. 1. View Report DetailsGlobal Luggage Market-------------------------------- 2012
  2. 2. View Report DetailsExecutive SummaryIndustrial revolution and scientific, social and political developments in the past century have changed the pattern andquantum of travelling forever. Being a necessary part of travelling, the demand for luggage inevitably witnessed a tremendousleap. Last few decades have also seen the use of luggage in diverse applications giving a remarkable boost to the luggagemarket at global level. Amid the recent global economic downturn, the worldwide luggage industry witnessed reduceddemand as people were forced to cut down expenses on travel and tourism. However, the improved economic prospects for2010 translated into higher luggage sales for the period. Furthermore, in the wake of favorable market conditions the globalluggage market is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 4.5% during 2011-2014.North America and Europe are the largest luggage markets, collectively accounting for a lions share of the global luggagesales. The Asian region including Japan closely follows as other significant regional market, with China and India, witnessingthe maximum growth. The emerging regions of the world are expected to record rapid growth in the luggage market over thelong term, given the escalating demand for the same as a result of increased spending on travel and tourism. The casual bagproduct category holds the largest share of the overall luggage market.Luggage manufacturers across the globe are increasingly focusing on targeted advertising and promotion activities as well ason research, development, and designing of new products. Further, luggage as a fashion accessory has recently become anorm in the global market leading to its increased usage. This in turn has encouraged the global suppliers of luggage toconstantly innovate in order to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Moreover, lately, the need for better and expandeddistribution network with new points of sale has also gained importance. Travel and tourism activity, inevitably, remains themajor growth driver of luggage market, coupled with economic health of the country and peoples buying power.The global luggage market is highly fragmented and intensely competitive with numerous branded as well as unbranded orunorganized players operating in the market. Samsonite remains the undisputed leader in the worldwide luggage market,followed by VF Corporation, Tumi, Ace, Delsey, VIP, and Rimowa, among others. Competition is largely based on the brandname; product pricing, quality, and design; product technology; and advertising, among other such factors.The report analyzes the global luggage market. Also, the North American, European, Asian and Latin American markets arebeing presented in the report. The report discusses the key drivers and issues related to the global luggage market. Themajor players of the industry have also been profiled in the report.
  3. 3. Global luggage sales noted marked recovery in 2010 after suffering a steepdecline the previous year…. Global Luggage Market Retail Sales: 2006-2010  The global luggage market retail sales reached approx. US$........billion in 2010, up ……..% over the prior year, due to the following key factors…………….., ……………, and …………., among others.  Among the three major categories of luggage: Casual, business, and travel bags, ……….accounted for the largest share of about…………% of the global luggage sales in 2010, immediately followed by………….  Imports of travel goods (including handbags), world over, increased by about …….% to reach US$ ……. ..billion for 2010. Breakdown of Global Luggage Retail Sales by Segment: 2010  The three major luggage importing countries: ………., …………, and ……………. collectively accounted for more than ……% of the world imports in 2010.  Global exports of travel goods (including handbags) increased by approx………% in 2010, as against a decline of ………………% in 2009.  The top exporter of travel goods: …….. exported goods (including handbags) worth US$.........billion in 2010, representing ………..% share of the world exports.
  4. 4. Developed regions’ dominance continues while developing regions share in theglobal luggage market is fast expanding…  Geographically, …………and ……… are the largest Geographical Segmentation of the Global Luggage Market: 2010 luggage markets, however, Asia including Japan accounted for highest revenue generation of about ………% in 2010.  After suffering steep decline in 2009, due to………., the North American luggage market recovered to achieve a new high in 2010, with sales reaching approx US$…….. billion.  The Asian luggage market retail sales (including Japan) marked an increase of ……% in 2010 over 2009.  The growth in the Asian luggage market, with leading regions being……., ……., and …….., is reflective of following key factors…………………………………………... North America Luggage Market: 2006-2010 Asian (Including Japan) Luggage Market- Retail Sales: 2006-2010 US$ Billion US$ Billion 2006 2008 2009 2010 2007 2006 2008 2009 2010 2007
  5. 5. Global luggage market is poised for a steady and long term growth amid intensecompetition… Global Luggage Market Share by Retail Sales (%): 2010 • The intensely competitive global luggage market is led by ………., with market share of about……% as noted for 2010, followed by other players such as ………., …………., and ……….., among others. • The global luggage market retail sales are projected to reach nearly US$..........billion by 2014, expanding at a CAGR of approx. …….% during 2011-2014. • The factors responsible for a steady and continuous Global Luggage Market Retail Sales Forecast: 2010-2014F growth in the luggage market, world over, include…………………………………………………… …………………………… • In addition to the conventional driving factors, change in……….. . and rising popularity of …………….. are also significantly driving the world demand for luggage and allied products.
  6. 6. View Report DetailsTable of Contents List of Charts and Tables1. Luggage Products: An Overview List of Charts2. Global Luggage Market Structure Global Luggage Market Retail Sales, 2006-2010 Geographical Segmentation of the Global Luggage Market, 20102.1 Global Luggage Market Breakdown of Global Luggage Retail Sales by Segment, 2010Market Value Global Imports of Travel Goods including Handbags, 2001-2010Breakdown by Region Global Exports of Travel Goods including Handbags, 2001-2010Key Segments Supply-Chain of Luggage Market Global Casual Bags Sales, 2006-20102.2 Global Luggage Trade Global Travel Bags Sales, 2006-2010Imports Global Business Bags Sales, 2006-2010Exports North America Luggage Market, 2006-2010 The US Exports of Travel Goods including Handbags, 2006 & 20102.3 Supply Chain Analysis Per Capita Expenditure on Luggage in North America, 2010A-2016F Total Travel Expenditures in the US, 2000-2010 Total International Visitors to the US, 2006-2016F3. Luggage Market - Segment Analysis North America - Domestic Travel and Tourism Spending, 2006-2020F The US - Total Domestic Person-Trips, 2006-2016F3.1 Casual Bag European Luggage Market Retail Sales, 2006-20103.2 Travel Bag Per Capita Expenditure on Luggage in Europe, 2010A-2016F3.3 Business Bag Europe: Domestic Travel and Tourism Spending, 2005-2016F Asian (Including Japan) Luggage Market- Retail Sales, 2006-20104. Luggage Market - Regional Analysis Asian Luggage Market Breakup by Countries, 2010 Indian Luggage Market, 2010A-2015F4.1 North America Indian Luggage Market Segmentation by Category, 20104.1.1 North American Luggage Market Retail Sales Per Capita Expenditure on Luggage in Asia (excluding Japan), 2010A-4.1.2 The US Luggage Market 2016FMarket Value Per Capita Expenditure on Luggage in Major Asian Countries, 2010A-Market Volume 2016FExports/Imports Inbound Tourism Arrivals - Asia Pacific, 2003-20104.1.3 Factors Driving the North American Luggage Market Travel and Tourism Spending in Asian Region, 2005-2016FPer Capita Expenditure Retail and Wholesale POS Addition Trend in Asia: (2011F-2014F)Retail & Wholesale POS Addition Luggage Market in Latin America, 2006-2010Travel Expenditures Per Capita Expenditure on Luggage in Latin America, 2010A-2016FInternational PassengersDomestic Person Trips by Business/LeisureGDP Growth
  7. 7. View Report Details4.2 Europe Domestic Travel and Tourism Spending in Latin America, 2005-2016F4.2.1 European Luggage Market Retail Sales International Tourist Arrivals Worldwide, 2000-20104.2.2 Factors Driving the European Luggage Market GDP Worldwide, 2005-2012FPer Capita Expenditure Tourism Expenditure by Counties of Asia, 2010Retail & Wholesale POS Addition Travel and Tourism Direct Contribution to World GDP, 2000-2010Travel Expenditures Regional Contribution to World Direct Travel and Tourism GDP, 2011Inbound & Outbound Tourists Global Luggage Market Share by Retail Sales, 2010GDP Growth in European Countries Samsonite’s Revenues by Product Category*, 2011 Samsonite’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011 VF Corporation’s Revenues by Business Segments, 20114.3 Asia VF Corporation’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20114.3.1 Asian Luggage Market Retail Sales Tumi Holdings’ Revenues by Business Segments, 20114.3.2 Asian Luggage Market – Geographic Breakup Tumi Holdings’ Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20114.3.3 Indian Luggage Market VIP’s Revenues by Business Segments, 20114.3.4 Factors Driving the Asian Luggage Market VIP’s Revenues and Net Income, 2008-2012Per Capita Expenditure Global Luggage Market Retail Sales Forecast, 2010-2014FRetail & Wholesale POS AdditionTravel Expenditures List of TablesInbound & Outbound TouristsGDP Growth Top Importing Countries or Areas of Travel Goods including Handbags, 20104.4 Latin America Top Exporting Countries or Areas of Travel Goods including Handbags,4.4.1 Latin America Luggage Market Retail Sales 20104.4.2 Factors Driving the Latin American Luggage Market The US Travel Goods Market - by Value, 2007-2011Per Capita Expenditure The US Travel Goods Market - by Volume, 2007-2011Retail & Wholesale POS Addition The US Luggage Import Volume by Country, 2009-2010Travel Expenditures The US Luggage Imports Value by Country, 2009-2010Inbound & Outbound Tourists Retail and Wholesale POS Addition Trend: 2011F-2014FGDP Growth GDP Growth (%) in North American Countries: 2004-2013F Retail and Wholesale POS Addition in Europe, 2011F-2014F Holiday Trips of the EU Residents (15+) in Major European Countries,5. Market Dynamics 2010 Real GDP Growth Rate (y-o-y) in EU Countries, 2006-2013F5.1 Global Market Trends Inbound and Outbound Tourism in Major Asian Markets: 2005-20105.1.1 Design of New and Innovative Products5.1.2 Online Travel and Tourism Market Gaining Share5.1.3 Strong and Targeted Advertising and Promotion Investment5.1.4 Global Distribution and Addition of New Points of Sale
  8. 8. View Report Details GDP Growth Rate (y-o-y) in Asian Countries: (2006-2013F)5.2 Global Market Growth Drivers Retail and Wholesale POS Addition Trend in Latin America, (2011F-5.2.1 International Tourist Arrivals Worldwide 2014F)5.2.2 Increasing Disposable Income GDP Growth (%) in Latin American Countries, 2005-2012F5.2.3 Increasing Travelers from Asia-Pacific Region Online Population Breakdown by Region, 20115.2.4 GDP Contribution by Travel and Tourism Sector Samsonite Distribution Pattern5.2.5 Regional Contribution to Direct Travel and Tourism GD Tumi Distribution Pattern Dependent & Independent Variables, 2006-20106. Luggage Market - Competitive Scenario Correlation Matrix Model Summary – Coefficient of DeterminationCompetitive Overview Regression Coefficients OutputMarket Share7. Company Profiles7.1 Samsonite International S.A.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesHigh Spending on Marketing ActivitiesOffering Regionally Developed Products7.2 V.F. CorporationBusiness DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesGlobal Market ExpansionFocus on Direct-to-Consumer Business7.3 Tumi Holdings, Inc.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesExpanding Store BaseConstant New Product Introductions
  9. 9. View Report Details7.4 VIP Industries, Ltd.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesLeveraging the Strength of Its BrandsIncreasing R&D Operations8. Market Outlook8.1 Market Forecast8.2 Forecast Methodology8.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables8.2.2 Correlation Analysis8.2.3 Regression Analysis
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