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Discovery services guide july 2011


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Discovery services guide july 2011

  1. 1. Ebsco Discovery ServiceDiscovery services are single search tools that provide fast and simple access to printand electronic material available through the library catalogue. Edge Hill University ispurchasing the Ebsco Discovery Service. The service will allow students to search forprint books, eBooks, journals, full-text articles, etc. from a single screen; it then searchesthe library catalogue and the majority – although not all – of our electronic resources.Accessing Ebsco Discovery ServiceThe service can be accessed either from the Library Catalogue or the Learning Serviceswebpage by clicking on the Discover More links::You will then be taken to the Ebsco Discovery Service link:
  2. 2. Searching A simple search screen allowing searching by keyword, author and title is displayed: The full Ebsco search features are available by clicking Search Options. Search results are displayed in a similar way as other Ebsco databases and have similar functionality. Resort results by Date or Relevance Store results /Number search in folderofresults Refine results Federated search Link to full text The federated search box on the right of the results screen allows searches of items not in the Ebsco discovery collection