AIR SHOW 2013, Poland, Europe


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Unforgettable emotions, two days of acrobatic aviation, dynamic shows
and static exhibitions of airplanes.
This is just a small part of the attractions that await you at the 13th prestigious International Aviation Show AIR SHOW 2013 – the largest event of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

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AIR SHOW 2013, Poland, Europe

  1. DEAR VIEWERSUnforgettable emotions, two days of acrobatic aviation, dynamic showsand static exhibitions of airplanes.This is just a small part of the attractions that await you at the 13thprestigious International Aviation Show AIR SHOW 2013 – the largestevent of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.On behalf of the organisers: Polish Air Force, the local authorities ofRadom and Polish Aeroclub I invite you to familiarise yourselves withthis presentation and with the conditions of co-operation for theInternational Aviation Show AIR SHOW 2013. With aviation salute, General of Arms, pilot Lech MAJEWSKI Fot. Jakub Sagan
  2. Fot. Bartosz Bera
  3. MENU Fot. Mariusz Szymla
  4. PASSION AND PRESTIGE AIR SHOW combines prestige and passion with great fun. This event is mandatory for all aviation fans 240 180 1100 pilots airplanes minutes of show 110 100 12 foreign pilots foreign airplanes previously realised eventsMENU
  5. POTENTIAL AND OPPORTUNITIES AIR SHOW means hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of interested viewers 200 000 viewers at the airport 12 000 m2 of static exhibition 4 000 m2 of trade fair 500 accredited journalistsMENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  6. TANGIBLE BENEFITS AIR SHOW provides you with an opportunity to participate in a prestigious, exciting event, and at the same time with an opportunity for your business to achieve such tangible benefits as: •  brand promotion •  obtaining new customers •  improvement of marketing opportunities •  advertising in the mediaMENU Fot. M. Anielak
  7. MENU Fot. Bartosz Stelmach
  8. AIR SHOW CONSISTS OF: shows in the air exhibition of aviation industry exhibition of airplanes accompanying eventsMENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  9. MAIN ATTRACTIONS OF THE 12th EDITION OF AIR SHOW We are proud to remind you of the highlights of our show that attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers and aviation enthusiasts in the last year.MENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  10. „FRECCE TRICOLORI” This was the real star of the 12th edition of AIR SHOW. So far the Italian aerobatics team Frecce TriColori  - Three-coloured Arrows – has performed in Poland only 2 times. It was remembered as the best of the best for the show of 10 airplanes with incredibly intensive smoke as an added touch to perfect acrobations.MENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  11. AEROBATICS TEAM „BIAŁO – CZERWONE ISKRY” The Aviation Acrobatics Team "Biało-Czerwone Iskry" (White and Red Sparks) was established at the 60th Aviation Training Regiment in Radom, under the name "Rombik„. It consisted of 4 TS-11 "Iskra” airplanes. In 1991, the name of the team was changed to Aerobatics Team "Zespół Akrobacyjny Iskry", and the airplanes were painted in Polish national colours. In 2000, the team was transferred to the 1st Centre of Aviation Training in Dęblin, and the logo and name of the team was changed to "Biało-Czerwone Iskry".MENU Fot. Bartosz Stelmach
  12. F-16 SOLO DISPLAY TEAM „ZEUS” F-16 Demo Team Zeus continues the tradition of previous aviation acrobatics teams representing the Greek Air Force: „Carré of Aces”, „Acro Team”, „Hellenic Flame”, „New Hellenic Flame” and „T-6A Demo Team”. The show in Radom was the first solo display show with which the Greeks celebrated the 100th anniversary of national aviation.MENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  13. „PATROUILLE DE FRANCE” Patrouille de France (full name: Patrouille Acrobatique de France. French Acrobatics Team) – the acrobatic team of French Air Force. The team performs shows on 8 airplanes. It was an undisputable star of the previous edition of AIR SHOW. Patrouille de France uses French-German training airplanes Alpha Jet.MENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  14. ACROBATIC TEAM„ORLIK” The name of the team was taken from the name of the airplane, which the pilots use for their show. These are turbopropeller training airplanes PZL-130 „Orlik”. The team was established in 1998 at the 42th Air Force Training Base in Radom.MENU Fot. Adam Ginalski
  15. „THE FLYING BULLS ” The Flying Bulls are composed of outstanding pilots and aviation mechanics. They make Red Bull team shows so colourful and unique. In Radom Bo-105 and P-38 Lightning were presented. The Czech pilot performed a 10-minute dynamic show.MENU
  16. ACCOMPANYING EVENTS The offer is supplemented by numerous accompanying events, which also attracts crowds of viewers. These include: •  family picnics •  various exhibitions •  concerts and performances by military bands •  scientific seminarsMENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  17. ACCOMPANYING EVENTS Both the main show and the accompanying events attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.MENU Fot. Tomasz Trzemielewski
  18. MENU Fot. Jakub Sagan
  19. COMFORT AND SAFETY For us, the AIR SHOW means not only emotions, but also the obligation to perfectly organise and ensure efficient logisttic solutions that we had developed during the 12 previous editions of the show. 20 000 access road signs facilities for the parking disabled spaces attractions access maps for children on flyers and on the Internet direct access by public transport pre-medical first aidMENU
  20. MENU Fot. Mariusz Suwalski
  21. STRONG BRAND The first edition of AIR SHOW took place in 1991. Since then, each subsequent edition has attracted thousands of fans of aviation emotions. At present, the International Air Show AIR SHOW is a strong, recognisable brand that attracts the attention and interest of local and international media. Moreover, the organisers conduct a promotional and advertising campaign in various types of media for several weeks.MENU Fot. M. Anielak
  22. PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING The media patrons of the previous editions included:MENU
  23. TERMS OF CO-OPERATIONDetails available at the Organisational Office. Fot. Jerzy Jabłoński
  24. ORGANISATIONAL OFFICE OF AIR SHOW: Director of the Office Colonel Janusz Chwiejczak phone: (22) 6 825 040 mobile: 519 038 039 Organisational Office of AIR SHOW ul. Żwirki i Wigury 103 00-912 Warszawa Fot. Piotr Łysakowski