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Droid con 2012 bangalore v2.0


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Droid con 2012 bangalore v2.0

  1. 1. Introduction to Android x86 platformDushyantsinh Jadeja Premchander RaoSoftware Business Manager – APAC Application Engineering LeadIntel India Intel India
  2. 2. COMPUTING is about EXPERIENCES Delivered by Your Software Across Devices Across OSsOther brands and names are the property of theirrespective owners.
  3. 3. The Intel Software Ecosystem Servers Embedded Desktops Smart TVs Laptops Smartphones Netbooks TabletsMillions of developers worldwide - Billions of dollars of SW revenue
  4. 4. There are some cool IA devices in the market today and manymore to come in near future!Lava XOLO Lenovo LePhone K800 The Orange San MegaFon Mint Motorola RAZR I Diego
  5. 5. Opportunities for Differentiation Graphics Deliver energy efficient performance Performance and long battery life Power Develop compelling touch and sensor usages New Usages Think of multi-device and connected experience
  6. 6. Android on Intel Architecture
  7. 7. - Intel’s Open Source Technology Center
  8. 8. Porting to IA – Tools and Resources
  9. 9. Faster Emulation for any Android developer using an IA-based host PCPre-built Atom Images• Android SDK manager has x86 emulation images built-in• To emulate an Atom-based Android phone, install the “Intel Atom x86 System Image” available in the Android SDK ManagerMuch Faster Emulation• Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) for Mac and Windows uses Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT) to accelerate Android emulator by 2-4x• Intel VT is already supported in Linux* (KVM) for x86. See for demo videos & installation tips
  10. 10. Applications Enabling on Atom - Dalvik • The majority of Android apps are Dalvik apps Android Runtime – Intel’s extensive experience in optimizing Java VMs has been Dalvik Virtual applied to Dalvik VM. Machine • IA-optimized x86 fast interpreter is part of AOSP Core Libraries mainline and actively maintained • IA-optimized Trace JIT compiler yields significant performance gains • Intel continues to invest heavily in Dalvik VM optimizations • x86 Native Code Generation (NCG) for aggressive compiler optimizations • Increased performance for CPU- and graphic-intensives apps • Continued optimizations for memory management Apps written in Dalvik Java should run “as is”10
  11. 11. Applications Enabling on Atom - NDK Android App with no • Google added x86 NDK support in Android NDK Native Code in July 2011 Dalvik optimized Java Classes • Straightforward recompile (with NDK) and repackage (with SDK) for most existing NDK Android Resources apps Manifest – Unless the native code uses ARM-specific features, porting the app = simple recompile Android App with Native Code – If the app uses ARM-specific features Dalvik JNI/Native • Must add equivalent x86-specific function calls but can optimized Java code libraries still maintain a single code base and apk for x86 and ARM Classes if desired (“Fat” apk) Android Resources Manifest Porting Native C, C++ Apps usually just a recompile11
  12. 12. Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer12
  13. 13. Helping you unlock power of the Platform Global Communities for Software Development and Business Technical Documentation, Guides, Support Forums Development Tools, Code Samples, SDKs Trends and Insights Intel® Developer Intel® Software Sales and Marketing Zone Resources Partner Program
  14. 14. Take Advantage of the Opportunity to differentiate on Intel ArchitectureISV Opportunity ISV Deliverable • Optimize your software to run • Create and Port native great on Intel Atom based applications and optimize for phones with development Intel Atom based phones support from Intel running Android • Software Development • Applications validated on Intel Platforms SDP’s and OEM devices • Engineering Support • Release application for revenue • Go To Market through to Android Market – Google play matchmaking with customers • Align with Intel on marketing with potential bundling and OEM bundling. opportunities • Act on revenue opportunity • Participte in other opportunities: industry events, PR, marketing.
  15. 15. Join us in creating the Next Generation ComputingExperience• There are some cool IA devices in the market today and many more to come in near future!• App Development Opportunity for IA Devices• State of the Art x86 Development Tools• Resources and Support to build Apps on Intel Architecture are easily available
  16. 16. Thank you