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PowerPoint go boom

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  1. 1. ExplosivesBy conor stellman
  2. 2. Explosives• a material (chemical or nuclear) that can be initiated to undergo very rapid, self- propagating decomposition that results in the formation of more stable material, the liberation of heat, or the development of a sudden pressure effect through the action of heat on produced or adjacent gases.
  3. 3. Types of explosives• Grenade• Car bomb• Missile• Molotov cocktail• Ied• Tnt• Land mines
  4. 4. Pictures
  5. 5. Video•
  6. 6. Bomb sniffing bees• So how do you train them to respond to TNT the way they respond to pollen?• The same way you train any animal to do almost anything: by associating a particular stimulus with a reward.
  7. 7. Bomb sniffing dogs• Dogs with strong noses• Like to be played with afterward• Sit down when they find the bombs
  8. 8. Molotov cocktails• Bombs made of wine or champagne bottles• Include a wick to light the bomb
  9. 9. Nuclear bombs• Activated by the splitting of atoms• Dropped during world war 2 on Japan
  10. 10. video•
  11. 11. The end• With a bang