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Pool Cleaning Companies


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We offer a full service plan with our weekly pool cleaning service, in which our experts visit your pool four times per month, for no more than one hour per visit to ensure regular maintenance, check-up and cleaning of your swimming pools.

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Pool Cleaning Companies

  1. 1. Some Common Household Pool ProblemsIt is true that a backyard swimming pool addsa lot of fun and status to your house but itneeds regular cleaning and maintenance. Apool itself requires a significant amount ofcapital hence one can’t really afford to takecleaning and repairs lightly. Here are some ofthe most common problems associated with apool:
  2. 2. ServicesAlgae growth is one of the most irritating andcommon problem in pools. Algae grow ontiles making the surface very slippery and cancause accidents too. To keep a control on itpeople start using more chemicals which canbe harmful for your skin. Shock treatment isthe perfect way to prevent algae growth in apool. pool cleaning companies Houston provides specializedtreatments for algae problems.
  3. 3. Water contains minerals which tend to makewater look dirty. A perfect balance of additivechemicals is needed keep water clean. Thiswater can also leave permanent deposition ofminerals on tiles which are very hard to cleanif not paid attention on time. The pump in apool has to pull a lot of water on regularbasis. It is prone to malfunctions due to longoperational hours and debris in the water. Atsuch times you need a specialized PoolEquipment Repair service.
  4. 4. Contact us: Pool Cleanup LLC.Address: 14781 Memorial Dr #3 Houston, Tx 77079Phone: 713 408 0828E-mail: