CriKit Desktop Private Cloud in Education


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The US Micro CriKit, Desktop Private Cloud is a perfect solution for educators that need to allow students to use and see how a cloud system works. CriKit is a fantastic revolution in computing and students should have access to these types of green, powerful, flexible solutions.

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CriKit Desktop Private Cloud in Education

  1. 1. CRIKIT CONTENTS Future computing innovation depends on US MICRO PC, INC giving students access to the fundamentals CRIKIT—DESKTOP of cloud computing today so they can see, PRIVATE CLOUDCriKit is a complete desktop cloud infra- use, and yes, break and fix cloud computingstructure in one compact, energy-efficient, environments directly and not at a distance.yet powerful package. CriKit is also upgrada-ble and expandable to meet the most de- CriKit allows for the creation of entirely newmanding classroom needs. CriKit includes: teaching approaches around cloud compu- ting by putting the cloud environment direct-1. Four powerful Intel Xeon-based micro- ly under the control of teachers, while giving server compute nodes. access to students across a wide range of C R I K I T2. An external storage system that starts teaching scenarios. at 2 TB and is upgradable to 18 TB in a D E S K T O P single desktop enclosure. CriKit is also very GREEN. Each CriKit com- P R I V A T E pute node consumes less than 100 Watts of C L O U D3. Unmanaged 8 port 1 GB Ethernet power making it the most energy efficient switch. Private Cloud platform in computing today ! C O M P U T I N G4. 8 Port Keyboard, Video and Mouse Research CriKit in Education and discover USB/DVI switch. how it can help you !!5. Management Workstation for managing cloud and hypervisor environments. http://www.cloudademia.com6. 19 “ Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard.7. All cables required to provide connectiv- ity for the entire unit. 13600 NE 20th StreetPlus, custom environments can easily be Bellevue, WA 98005created for your specific needs. C A L L U S : Phone: (800) 874 5505 8 0 0 8 7 4 5 5 0 5 E-mail:
  2. 2. PRIVATE CLOUD AND EDUCATION ENTER CRIKITIt is now clear - Cloud Computing tech- tion. When a student arrives in thenologies are the future. For educators, “CriKit” stands for Cloud Resource and class, they log on and start their virtu-the main question becomes : Infrastructure Kit. It was developed al machine, use it, shut it down and primarily for cloud education and train- the next class comes in and does the “How do we take advantage of this ing, plus cloud development , but is same process. One CriKit system can new computing paradigm for the now also applied to broader uses in accommodate multiple classrooms in most benefit to students, teachers general computing. CriKit is a truly this way. and administrators while keeping compact, energy-sipping, yet powerful, costs low and reducing the carbon CriKit is ideal for technical environ- multi-node cloud computing platform footprint of our computing infra- ments where classes focus on various that literally fits on a portion of a structure?” areas of the entire computing stack. standard office desk. It is a Desktop Private Cloud in a literal sense, not a One class could be on managing op-The answer to this question is difficult virtual one. CriKit changes the educa- erating systems, while the next canwhen using previous server technologies tional landscape around cloud compu- focus on web development and so on.that require expensive and complex ting by allowing educators to share and Because CriKit is an entirely newdata centers and high amounts of elec- reuse resources across multiple clas- computing paradigm, its uses are justtricity for operation and cooling. ses and curriculums. being discovered. Essentially, it is a mini-datacenter on a desk that runs CRIKIT USAGE 30+ virtual machines and cloud soft-What is needed today is an in-classcloud computing environment where ware of your choosing. Imagine what Imagine having a multi-tenant cloudstudents can learn more by having the you and your students could do with computing infrastructure in a class-technology in front of them rather than room. One where every student haslocked away in a remote, inaccessible their own account and virtual machinedata center. with an operating system and applica-