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Solar Powered MicroServers - Green Computing


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Solar Powered, Low-wattage Microservers provide the basis for a new era of compact and energy efficient computing across all segments of society.

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Solar Powered MicroServers - Green Computing

  1. 1. CRIKIT CONTENTS US MICRO PC, INC CRIKIT—DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUDCriKit is a complete desktop cloud infra- To help organizations further reduce theirstructure solution in one compact, energy- energy consumption and lower their carbonefficient, yet powerful package. CriKit is alsoupgradable and expandable to meet a wide footprint, US Micro is teaming up with Siliconvariety of computing needs. A base Crikit Energy to forge entirely new solutions by S O L A Rincludes: combining high quality Solar Panels with P O W E R E D highly capable, low-wattage MicroServers. C O M P U T I N G1. Four powerful Intel Xeon-based Micro- Server compute nodes. The result of this collaboration is an SMB data center that is completely powered by2. An external storage system that starts Solar energy and run on MicroServers. Imag- at 2 TB and is upgradable to 18 TB in a single desktop enclosure. ine never again having to pay an electrical bill for your data center !3. Unmanaged 8 port, 1 Gb/s Ethernet switch. This combination will enable entirely new uses of computing solutions .4. 8 Port Keyboard, Video and Mouse USB/DVI switch. http://www.silicon-energy.com5. Management Workstation for managing cloud, storage and hypervisor environ- ments.6. 19 “ Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard.7. All cables required to provide connectiv- 13600 NE 20th Street ity for the entire unit. Bellevue, WA 98005Plus, custom environments can easily be C A L L U S :created for your specific needs. Phone: (800) 874 5505 8 0 0 8 7 4 5 5 0 5 Paul Morse E-mail:
  2. 2. CRIKIT DESKTOP PRIVATE CLOUD ENTER SOLAR CRIKITIt is now clear - Cloud Computing tech-nologies are the future. Whether the Some of the usage scenarios are - “CriKit” stands for Cloud Resource and Infra-cloud architecture is Public, Private or structure Kit. It was developed primarily for Software Proof of ConceptHybrid, cloud adoption is accelerating Private Cloud education, training, and devel-across the board. This adoption brings opment , but is now also applied to broader Cloud Software Dev/Testwith it inherent changes in development, uses in general computing. CriKit is a trulytesting and training requirements. Training and Education compact, energy-sipping, yet powerful, multi- node cloud computing platform that literallyIT leaders and their organizations are Complex Software Demonstrations fits on a portion of a standard office desk. Itbeing confronted with a dizzying array of is a Desktop Private Cloud in a literal sense, Operate an entire Small Businesssolutions and few of the mainstream not a virtual one. CriKit significantly changes Computing Environmentofferings really focus on energy and car- the landscape around cloud computing bybon footprint reduction. allowing organizations to quickly and easily CriKit is ideal for a wide variety of roles and implement cloud solutions while minimizing computing situations because it provides anOrganizations need solutions that can cost and electrical consumption. inexpensive computing solution that is easi-provide significant computing power in a ly tailored for specific, multi-node computingcompact form factor, but are energy- CRIKIT USAGE scenarios. When you combine CriKit withefficient enough to be run from Solar the energy saving aspects of solar energy,Energy. These requirements have been Imagine having a multi-tenant cloud compu- the combination is unbeatablemet for very large organizations with ting infrastructure on a desk. Essentially asignificant monetary resources, but miniature data center with multiple computethere has been minimal industry focus nodes, plus storage and networking capabili-to help the Small and Medium Business ties that are sufficient to run cloud softwaresectors. Until now. platforms. What could YOU do with it?