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CWCC - Latin Desk - 5 Years Anniversary


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CWCC - Latin Desk - 5 Years Anniversary

  1. 1. Latin Desk Your home away from home5 Grasping opportunities, developing markets Celebramos and laying foundations for Latin American and 5 años European companies in Hong Kong and China Years AnniversaryFebruary 6, 2011 Consultancy ● Advisory ● Support
  2. 2. Thomas Wong Latin Desk Partner Founding Partner CWCC Certified Public AccountantsWarmest Greetings.It gives me great pleasure, on behalf of the Latin Desk, CWCC, to extend our best wishes to our friends. The Latin Deskhas been established since February 6, 2006 for five years, thanks to the support and help given to me by organizationsand individuals in Latin America, Europe, Hong Kong and China.Developing overseas emerging markets is always top of my agenda and my ties with the Latin community first startedhere in Hong Kong and I would just love to know more Latin friends and their culture. Though the sounds of salsa, theMexican tequila, the very special smell of Colombian coffee, the cuisine of Peru, the vineyards of Chile, the samba ofBrazil and the tango of Argentina were all new to me, but I believe it’s the old common values of family, friends, loveand harmony - proven to be durable across classes, races and cultures - that have bonded me to the Latin people.We all talk about China these days and the signing of two major agreements between Hong Kong and Mainland Chinalast year further signifies the increased collaboration between the two sides, which are determined to make Hong Kongand the Pearl River Delta even more competitive in the world economy.In April 2010, the Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation was signed and it opens up newpossibilities, covering economic, social, livelihood and other fields. It also embraces concrete policies, measures andprojects, especially in finance, health care, education and training, transportation, environmental protection, techno-logical innovation and special planning.In May 2010, Hong Kong and Mainland China signed the Supplement VII to the Closer Economic Partnership Ar-rangement (CEPA), enabling further liberalization of trade in different service industries. Among 14 service industriesbeing relaxed under the supplement, the major five industries are medical services, tourism, banking, securities, andconstruction. Liberalized trade and investment measures can help promote faster growth and make the two places evenmore promising. In brief, the two progressive documents point to a very bright economic future for Hong Kong andMainland China together.It is crystal clear that the rapidly growing China has now transformed to one of the top economic powers in the world,and a business partnership with China has become increasingly important as it can contribute to a company’s success.With the establishment of our Latin Desk five years ago, we can provide professional services to overseas Latin andEuropean clients who are interested in doing business in China using Hong Kong as the platform, which is a well rec-ognized formula.I am graced to have a wide international network and strong collaborative relationships with banks, consulates, cham-bers of commerce from the Latin countries and needless to say, I am indebted to all my Latin friends for their unfailingsupport given to me all these years and who toil tirelessly helping me to fulfill my Latin Dream, with the ultimate aimof making the world a better place, a more caring, a more tolerant and a more charitable community.With every good wish,Thomas WongFebruary 6, 2011
  3. 3. Es para mí un gran placer, en nombre del Latin Desk de CWCC Certified Public Accountants is a professionalCWCC en Hong Kong, expresar nuestros mejores deseos advisory firm providing a full range of business services ina nuestros amigos y colaboradores. Establecí el Latin Hong Kong and major cities throughout China.Desk el 6 de Febrero de 2006 hace cinco años, gracias alapoyo y la ayuda que me han brindado organizaciones CWCC has earned an international reputation as one ofe individuos, tanto en América Latina como en Hong the leading firms in the industry because we care for ourKong y China. clients, our colleagues and the community.Gracias al apoyo, mis lazos con la comunidad Latina se CWCC was founded in Hong Kong in 1986 and sincehan formado y nada me gustaría más que conocer más then we have grown in size and matured in experience,amigos Latinos. Aunque el sonido de la salsa, el Tequila always unleashing and developing our potentials.Mexicano, el especial aróma del café de Colombia, lagastronomía de Perú, los viñedos y bodegas de Chile, We pride ourselves being an unique international firm withla rica cultura de Brasil y el tango de Argentina fueron a global mindset and a global vision.totalmente nuevos para mí, no me fueron indiferentes,en parte porque creo que valores comunes como: lafamilia, los amigos, el amor y la armonía son valores quecompartimos en común, estos valores trascienden razas, CWCC es una firma de consultoría en negocios, creada enculturas y clases, y son estos valores los que me han Hong Kong en 1986, dedicada a ofrecer servicios queunido a la comunidad Latina. faciliten a empresas y empresarios sus proyectos de negocio en Hong Kong y China.Estoy en deuda con todos mis amigos de Latin Americapor su apoyo incondicional que me han brindado todos CWCC lleva 26 años acompañando a empresarios eestos años. Ellos trabajan sin descanso y contribuyen inversionistas del mundo entero en la concepción,a hacer del mundo un lugar mejor, más solidario, más implementación y operación de sus proyectos detolerante y más sensible con nuestros pueblos. negocio en y con China. CWCC es una empresa China que conoce la cultura y habla el lenguaje de los negocios en China.Thomas WongLatin Desk Partner Al mismo tiempo, contamos con una unidad especializadaFounding Partner de profesionales Latinoamericanos (LatinDesk), quienesCWCC Certified Public Accountants junto a nuestro talento local hacen de nosotros su mejorFebrero 6, 2011 aliado para sus negocios en y con China.Con mis mejores deseos, Certified Public Accountants Professional Advisory Firm 25 Años 2,000 Clientes (70% Internacionales) Servicios en China y en Hong Kong - Asesoría y Consultoría en Negocios - Modelos de Entrada - Creación de estructuras societarias - Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual - Auditoría - Contabilidad - Impuestos - Secretarios Corporativos - Administración de Nóminas y Pagos - Servicios de Inmigración
  4. 4. France, Spain, Mexico and Colombia - the first time Latin Desk started promoting Chinese investments abroad. Visiting Chile and Colombia for the first time. Renee Rodriguez, Ines Leung and Topaz Chan adding profes- sionalism and value to the team.2008 2009 2010 Damaris Narvaez and Mauricio Quiroz joined the team. Services, Quality and Growth. Visiting Spain, Mexico and Colombia. Education and business promotion were the focus.
  5. 5. Latin Desk5 Years Latin Desk Members’200 Latin Clients NationalitySpanish • BrazilPortuguese • ChinaFrench • ColombiaItalian • Hong Kong • MexicoThe Latin Desk provides premier services for business-men from Latin America and Europe as well as for Main-land companies expanding into these markets. We have aunique position as a Hong Kong-based CPA firm focusingon developing commercial links between these regions.Our multilingual team understands the cultural andbusiness practices of Latin America, Europe and Chinaand we are able to provide a wide spectrum of services forclients from these regions.Your home away from home We will continue to work hard and be sturdy and honest in serving the businessmen from Latin America and Europe.
  6. 6. Thank you for your supportGraciaspor su apoyo
  7. 7. Q1 2010 - Q1 Highlights• Promoting Hong Kong and China to businessmen and academic institutions through seminars and presentations in Mexico and Spain.• The promotion about Hong Kong and China is in line with our core business strategy: Educating the Market.• We believe strongly that if we understand each other better, more oportunities will come in a more sustainable and friendly manner. The focus of promotion is business environment, business opportunities, major regulatory changes and market trends.• El Latin Desk inicia el 2010 promoviendo negocios en Hong Kong y China entre empresarios e instituciones académicas de Hong Kong, China, México y España , a través de seminarios y presentaciones.• La promoción de Hong Kong y China en materia de ambiente de negocios, oportunidades comerciales, principales cambios en la regulación y tendencias del mercado entre otros, hacen parte de nuestra estrategia de negocios: Educar el mercado.• Creemos fuertemente que si entendemos ambos mercados mejor, podremos capitalizar mejor las oportunidades que se estan generando de un modo sostenible y armónico. 2010
  8. 8. 1 2010 2010 - Q2 Highlights • Italy and Spain were the focus of our promotion in the second quarter of 2010. The Latin Desk highlighted the strategic role of Hong Kong in terms of new business opportunities arising from the RMB business and CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) in Hong Kong. • Business for the Latin Desk was going strong, our team grew and two new colleagues joined the team, Julia Ferraz from Brazil and Javier Huerta from Mexico, to support all the business activities and projects of the Latin Desk. • In this quarter, the Latin Desk was actively involved in cross-border activities with Mainland China, working together with promotional institutions and chambers of commerce grasping the opportunities that the Mainland market is offering to Latin America and Europe. • Italia y España son el escenario para promover negocios e inversión. El Latin Desk resalta el rol estratégico de Hong Kong, y las nuevas oportunidades generadas por el continuo fortalecimiento del RMB y del acuerdo bilateral CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) entre Hong Kong y China. Q2 • Dado el positivo desempeño de los mercados que atiende el Latin Desk, nuestro equipo ha crecido y nuevos miembros se han unido al equipo. Julia Ferraz de Brasil y Javier Huerta de México quienes apoyarán todas las actividades de negocio y projectos del Latin Desk. • En este trimestre, el Latin Desk realizó un trabajo intensivo en Mainland China, trabajando conjuntamente con cámaras de comercio en la promoción acerca de cómo capitalizar las oportunidades que el Mercado Chino esta ofreciendo a America Latina y Europa.
  9. 9. Q3 2010 - Q3 Highlights• More understanding about China´s rapid changes and business opportunities by businessmen of Colombia and Brazil while we visited there.• Expo Shanghai 2010 was an excellent opportunity for China, Latin America and Spain working towards common values and developments and the Latin Desk participated actively in different activities related at the Expo.• Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina celebrated 200 years of independence.• As a runner, our Latin Desk Partner, Thomas Wong often gets inspirations from his runs. The strong passion and commitments he observes from the Latin America people pushes him to run the extra mile which he describes this as: “My Latin Journey”.• Mayor entendimiento del cambiante ambiente de negocios en China y sus oportunidades para los empresarios de Colombia y Brasil, durante la visita realizada este año.• La Expo Shangahi 2010 fué una excelente oportunidad para China, Latin America y España para compartir valores, intereses y desarrollos comunes. El Latin Desk partició activamente en diferentes actividades relacionadas con la Expo.• México, Perú, Colombia y Argentina celebran sus 200 años de independencia. En esta ocasión el Latin Desk se sumó a las diferentes celebraciones realizadas por las diferentes instituciones en Hong Kong.• Con frecuencia el creador y director del Latin Desk, Thomas Wong, encuentra inspiración durante su rutina de ejercicios diarios. La pasión y el compromiso que el observa en la 2010 gente de Latinoamericana, lo motivan a recorrer una milla extra, representada en su Latin Desk, que el mismo describe como: “Mi recorrido Latino”.
  10. 10. • 2010 - Q4 Highlights 2010 Thomas Wong visited Latin America for his first time joining a High Level Delegation led by the HKSAR Financial Secretary, having the opportunity to meet businessmen and government officials in Santiago, Casablanca, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar and Sao Paulo.• Latin Desk attended the IV Business Summit China Latin America held in Chengdu, the capi- tal of Sichuan Province, a great occassion for promoting more cooperation between business- men from Latin America and China.• 2010 graced us to work with entrepreneurs from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela and Colombia in their projects of establishing their operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Hong Kong. We count our blessings!• December was the time to celebrate a year of hard work and growth, not only in terms of business but also in terms of personal advancements and experiences. We celebrated the CWCC Christmas Party 2010.• Thomas Wong visitó Latin América por primera vez. Hizo parte de una delegación de alto nivel, liderada por el HKSAR Financial Secretary (Ministro de Hacienda), teniendo la opor- tunidad te conocer empresarios y funcionarios públicos en Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Valparaiso y São Paulo.• CWCC participa en la IV Cumbre de Negocios China - Latin América. Q4• 2010 nos permitió acompañar a empresarios de Perú, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, España, Venezuela y Colombia en decenas de proyectos de establecimiento de operaciones en Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo y Hong Kong, lo cual nos llena de satisfacción y motivación por el promisorio futuro de las relaciones comerciales entre am- bas regiones.• Diciembre fué el tiempo de celebrar un año de crecimiento, no solamente en términos de negocios, sino también en términos de logros personales y experiencias. Navidad 2010 de CWCC
  11. 11. Six growth industries of Hong Kong:• Education services Developing•• Medical services Testing and certification services markets• Environmental industries• Innovation and technology• Cultural and creative industries Actively participating in events organised by Latin American and European institutions. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of them and our willingness to continue working together in the spirit of: Laying “Faith, Service and Community” foundations
  12. 12. We all know that the Latin America countrieshave been forging closer and stronger ties withChina these few years. This is good for bothChina and Latin America and of course, alsofor Hong Kong.We stand at this crossroads of history, the eyesof all people over the world are watching us,watching Hong Kong and China. Sometimesit’s easy to lose sight of this truth and trend, tobecome doubtful and skeptical what role we,the Latin Desk, can play.But we know one thing, that we must alwaysgo along with the trend and for sure, we knowwhat role we can play, doing our little partthrough our Latin Platform, bringing LatinAmerica, Europe, Hong Kong and Chinamore closer today, resulting in a better life foreveryone.Todos sabemos que en mayor o menormedida, en los últimos años, los paísesLatinoamericanos han incrementado susesfuerzos de consolidar sus relaciones políticasy comerciales con China. Esto es bueno tantopara China como América Latina y, por su-puesto, también para Hong Kong.Nos encontramos en una encrucijada de lahistoria, los ojos del mundo entero están so-bre nosotros, observando Hong Kong y China.A veces es fácil perder de vista la realidad eignorar la tendencia, y pueden aparecer la duday el escepticismo del papel que podemos jugar.Sabemos bien lo qué nos apasiona, y porsupuesto también sabemos el rol que debemosjugar en este momento de la historia.A través de nuestro Latin Desk,continuaremos haciendo lo que nos apasiona,y esa es nuestra contribución por ayudar a em-presarios de América Latina y Europa a hacernegocios con China y Hong Kong, y viceversa.
  13. 13. Latin Desk Your home away from home...Services in Hong Kong and China Servicios en Hong Kong y ChinaConsultancy Consultoría- Invesment analysis and operation scenarios - Análisis de Escenarios de Inversión y Operación- Entrance models - Modelos de Entrada- Protection and Intellectual Property - Protección de la Propiedad IntelectualAdvisory Asesoría- Setting up and business registration - Creación y registro de empresas and representative offices y oficinas de representación- Joint Ventures - Joint Ventures- Due Dilligence - Due Dilligence- Immigration Services - Servicios de InmigraciónSupport Soporte en Compliance- Accounting - Contabilidad- Audit - Auditoria- Tax - Impuestos- Payroll and Payments - Administración de Pagos y NóminaThomas WongLatin Desk PartnerFounding PartnerCWCC Certified Public AccountantsCWCC - Oficina Principal - Hong KongSuites 1201 – 4, 12/F, Tower2, The Gateway,25-27 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.Tel: + 852 2956 3333 E-mail: lasd@cwcccpa.comwww.cwcccpa.comShenzhen Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Nanchang