The Nudge


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The Nudge

  1. 1. The Nudge
  2. 2. From the moment we are born we are going down a road For some of us it's a smooth ride but for others it's a load
  3. 3. With climb and the destination unclear To those lost souls, I dedicate this poem whether you be far or near With many a hill to climb and the destination unclear To those lost souls, I dedicate this poem whether you be far or near many a hill to
  4. 4. I once thought the secret to a good life was all about me To devote my time and energy to climbing that tree
  5. 5. That tree of success with all its branches Going out on a limb and taking those chances
  6. 6. Trying to climb higher every day   Too bad for you if you got in my way
  7. 7. You will be falling like a leaf   When the autumn winds cause the limbs to sway  
  8. 8. Because I don't have time to be hindred don't you see Climbing to the top is all about me
  9. 9. If you don't know where you are going it's not my fault I'm sorry if you don't know sugar from salt
  10. 10. Not something I accidently caught   Like a little leaguer's fly ball
  11. 11. Hit into a summer's blue sky Back when I used to try   To play the the game with all its rules I soon learned that was for fools
  12. 12. It was so much easier to make my own rules To use my own tools To be in charge and command To play in my own sand
  13. 13. I have no time for you To my on self I must be true That's the message I have to sell If you don't like it, go to Hell
  14. 14. That once was the life I had to live Through my selfishness I had nothing to give Then one day I reached the top of the tree   I had the whole world and who did it The person I had loved most, Me
  15. 15. Then from nowhere a storm did appear   And took down the tree I had held so dear It's all gone now I told myself There are no more books on the shelf
  16. 16. For all the words were always about me They have vanished now, don't you see Now I am just like you   God, what am I to do?
  17. 17. He didn't answer for a long time Then one night in a dream I heard a chime Or maybe the tinkling of a bell Perhaps it was my conscience trying to tell
  18. 18. Me, to wake up and listen   For I had been in a deep sleep And I must do something if my soul I wanted to keep
  19. 19. A deep gentle voice said " Though you are living You might as well be dead All your talents were wasted on you And that's not what I wanted you to do
  20. 20. I put you here for a season and a reason What you have done is treason   You have betrayed my will and trust Through your greed and lust
  21. 21. Your life is still yours to gain Though you have caused others so much pain Your salvation is attainable by your own free will By my Grace and helping others up that hill "
  22. 22. I awoke in a cold sweat and felt that this was my last chance The music was over and there was no one with whom to dance Then out of nowhere a word popped into my mind It just kind of floated in, looking for a place to find
  23. 23. At first it didn't make much sense Kind of like a fence   Without a beginning or end Just there separating a friend
  24. 24. How could any one word possibly help me   See others up their tree Help them down life's long road And ease their heavy load
  25. 25. The word that came to me was "nudge" After I thought about it, I started to budge   I started moving because now I saw the light Which for so long I wanted to fight
  26. 26. That little word simply means to help others All your sisters and brothers   To give them a word of encouragement or praise Off their knees they can raise
  27. 27. After praying to God and asking for his help from above   To them, I can show some love To all those who down that road trudge   To all of you my love and a on going permanent nudge
  28. 28. Don't ever give up on your self or God Let your tree grow from his sod Don't be resentful or hold a grudge And as you climb your life tree It will be sunshine and never a drudge If you keep on helping others By giving them a 'nudge"  
  29. 29. Poem by Winston W Wallace