Excuse me sir


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Excuse me sir

  1. 1. Excuse Me Sir By Winston W Wallace Click to advance
  2. 2. I was walking along the beach at dusk deep in thought Thinking of the life I had bought With money and greed What more did I need I am somebody I said with smugness and pride You walk and I ride I use the toilet and you clean it At least for something you are fit I wear the shoes and you shine them My world is bright and yours is dim 'Excuse me sir, excuse me sir" Some old man was in front of me, a blur "Get the hell out of my way I'm not passing out money to bums today"
  3. 3. " But sir you don't understand, you don't understand Lend me a helping hand and to you Fate will be grand You will be rich forever if kindness you will show You can have money and Love you will know That is not too much to ask of an old man Help me, help me if you can My days are numbered like the hourglass' waning sand Please sir try to understand" I pushed the dirty old man aside And watched the receding tide For some reason I felt a twinge of guilt Something I had not known since I was a child When I tore down a sandcastle a kid had built
  4. 4. It was so elaborate and grand Something I couldn't stand So much nicer than mine, it had to go How dare you top my show I destroyed it and laughed at the kid Walked away happy with what I had did It bothered me a little that night But with a new day everything was all right I kept walking on the beach as if drawn All through the night until dawn Suddenly I was very lost and things didn't feel right Everything was out of sight I had to get back to my yacht And all those dreams I had bought
  5. 5. Everybody knows who I am I am no Harry, Dick, or Sam I am special don't you see Everybody knows me I kept walking and could not find my boat The mooring where I had left it at was old and barely afloat I didn't understand what was going on but somebody was going to have hell to pay Where is my yacht, you bastards have ruined my day Then I saw the harbor master all neatly dressed in a suit Where is my craft I demanded, your job is toast You are just a little man to me, I did boast I can buy and sell you every day Now give me some answers and get out of the way
  6. 6. He looked at me with a sad look in his eyes And said "hey old timer, surprise If you ever had a boat it is gone for good Now get the hell out, is that understood" I reached for my phone to call my valet It was not there ,what can I say My wallet and all my money was missing Is this a nightmare I am kissing Like the whores I used to buy That most of the time wouldn't even try Then I noticed my clothes looked ragged and old Though many a tailor I had bought and sold Those underlings I viewed with disgust God, who could you trust
  7. 7. I kept walking on the beach Reality seemed out of reach Then I saw my face in the ocean mirror And it filled my heart with terror I saw the old man I had pushed in the sand I was desperate and cold I realized, gone was my gold I was hungry, I was old Excuse me sir, excuse me sir "Get the hell out of my way I am not passing out money to bums today
  8. 8. I have a yacht to sail Scum like you should be in jail" I still walk that beach today picking up driftwood and a shell What message does my life tell I see my yacht sailing out to sea And I see someone that looks like me With all the girls and my valet The wake looks pretty, what can I say I am getting hungry, my stomach starts to stir Excuse me sir, excuse me sir
  9. 9. The End Winston W Wallace