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I had a dream


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Published in: Spiritual
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I had a dream

  1. 1. I Had A Dream Winston W Wallace Click to advance
  2. 2. I had the most wonderful dream last night We were all young again Mary Lou was really a sight Those brown eyes and that cute come on smile If I had to jump, it would have been a mile She was such a treasure to me A sprit loving and free With her I wish the sun would have never rose With her time could have froze I would have cared not If the hours stayed forever ought And my baby Marissa came into view The sweetest girl I ever knew
  3. 3. So pretty and sweet Life offered no better treat Fill my treasure chest with love And make my heart as the dove Then Paul entered my life, my first son His journey is over, his walk on Earth is done But he was there last night And I got to hug him once more before he took flight Then there was baby Josh Oh my gosh Who looks like Paul He said I am here for a season And a reason You won't understand it until the end A message I send
  4. 4. It is just over the mountain and beyond the hill And then I saw Bill And my heart was filled with pride I knew I had a dream to ride This boy is really special with a mind of his own He will till his own garden Never mind the seeds you have sown Just wait until he is grown And then Brandon did appear I couldn't hold back a tear He reminded me so much of Josh and Paul When he called me Papa I was rich, I had it all I was starting to get sad Then I saw Brad
  5. 5. A talented and unique lad I just laughed with joy God, one more boy He will claim his rightful place Just give him space I saw Mom and Dad They were so young and happy And I was so glad To see them once more They both waved as they closed the door I saw Mary Lou's father and mother I said thank you, for no other Could have given me their daughter for a wife To be happy the rest of our life
  6. 6. I saw all my brothers and their brides to be Then I saw something that was perplexing to me A chain of people holding hands as far as I could see The young, the old, people of every race A look of peace and contentment on their face I pulled one aside and said" what does this mean Such a sight I have never seen" He spoke in a deep clear voice "In this journey we call Life We all have a choice This chain of people represents everyone that has ever helped you As to its actual length I don't have a clue
  7. 7. Most of us take it all for granted you see But if only one link in that chain had been broken There would be no me Or you, or hundreds of others today who are free No one can imagine the importance of one good deed The planting of one good seed The creation of one good thought Depletes the storehouse of lies the Devil has bought I am glad you had a chance to see me in your dreams Sometimes Life is not all it seems
  8. 8. Drop by again sometimes to see the happy days of old And remember, turn your copper into gold Greet each day with a resolute face If you desire this place And someday you can be a link In that permanent chain of happiness Where you know longer drink From the cup of dreams in your mind But a lasting and happy place you will find For thousands like me and you Where the dreams of Life Really do come true"
  9. 9. The End Winston W Wallace