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Create your Visual Resume with PictoCv today!


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PictoCv is bringing information visualization and visual resume creation to masses. Enable non-designers to be able to create effective and stunning visual resumes.

PictoCv presents your personal profile instantly through visuals. Essentially, it is a highly organized dashboard view of your education, experience, talents and goals. Your professional life is a story that can be narrated, and stories are better told with images. Best of all, a PictoCv can be an excellent supporting document to a traditional, text based resume, and show a potential employer that you can bring anything to life, even a linear resume.

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Create your Visual Resume with PictoCv today!

  1. 1. Need I want to stand out from the crowd with a Visual Resume.
  2. 2. Problem I am not a designer and cannot create a Visual Resume 
  3. 3. How can we help? Enable non-designers to build their pictorial visual resumes to enhance their profiles to standout in the job market. An infographic resume can’t completely replace your traditional resume. You will still need a strong traditional resume for certain situations. The infographic resume just gives you another tool to use when the situation calls for something more creative.
  4. 4. PictoCv is a Web based Infographic style visual resume generator. Solution
  5. 5. Our UI Share your PictoCv on your social networks Change who can see your PictoCv (only you, every one by link only) Download in image format (you can insert this image in your word resume) Edit Preview Select a different style Select a different theme sample text for your reference Premium designs
  6. 6. Sample designs
  7. 7. Sample designs
  8. 8. Create Your PictoCv Today!
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  10. 10. #needvisualresume