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Brass pipe-nipples-installation-guide-brass-nipple-market-us-brass-pipe-popularity-2004-2013

Brass pipe nipples best installation tips for beginner in plumbing industry. PexUniverse.Com Plumbing Division.

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Brass pipe-nipples-installation-guide-brass-nipple-market-us-brass-pipe-popularity-2004-2013

  1. 1. Installation of brass pipe. List of installation toolsAccording to statistics, brass pipes take a leading position in the premium segment of the class. Thepopularity of brass pipes due to their unique operating characteristics, including, for example, theability to withstand extremely high pressure and temperature, excellent antibacterial properties.Professionals provide the following information: it turns out, a brass pipe under certain technologicalrequirements maintains coolant temperature to 600 ° C and the pressure to 40 atmospheres. If brasspipes placed in a special envelope (corrugated pipe insulation material) in order to protect them fromdamage due to temperature fluctuations coolant pipes can even be placed in a solid wall or floor.Naturally, as with any other material, the brass pipe is not only attractive advantages, but alsodisadvantages. If brass pipes are not used for water supply, and for the heating system should take intoaccount the possible galvanic processes. For this reason, combined with the brass pipe is notrecommended to use aluminum radiators. When steel radiators selection in their favor can be madeonly in the case of a closed system.Important properties of brassBrass is known for its versatility of application - in this sense, the material is almost no realcompetition. A variety of pipes and fittings made of brass are now used for different types ofengineering services, from plumbing or heating systems to supply fuel for air conditioning orrefrigeration.
  2. 2. Manufacturers offer their customers a wide enough selection of brass pipe nipples( and brass fittings of differentstandards, thus providing the possibility of any project or water heating system.Brass pipes are known for their exceptional reliability. Proof of this is, for example, the fact that to datethe pipe of a material widely used in the brake systems of vehicles, aircraft hydraulics.Opt for brass products usually do all who care about the environment. The fact that brass is in contrastto many other materials used today can be almost completely subjected to recycling. Some studiesindicate that the Earth is still used about 80% of all brass ever mined on the planet.There is another point that distinguishes brass from other materials used today. It is easily treatable atany temperature, in fact when the temperature performance of its ductility and strength, on the contrary,increased. brass at a temperature of 100 ° C allows the pressure in the pipes from 27 to 299atmospheres, which not fear multiple cycles freeze / thawing the pipe. Such strong thermal stress of allthe materials used for the installation of utilities, in addition to brass can withstand only the highestgrade stainless steel.Brass is characterized by maximum durability. Once mounted brass pipes will last as long as thebuilding itself. For this reason, brass may also be called, cost effective material: based on theperspective of brass pipes are not as expensive as it may seem at first glance.In addition, to overpay for their safety and health is not possible, at this point, any amount will beappropriate. brass pipes are made of natural material, which for thousands of years used by man formaking vessels for drinking and other household utensils. Installation of water from brass nipples andfittings allows for extremely harmless supply of drinking water at home.Brass pipe nipples popularity: You can see statewhere brass pipe nipples most popular. Texas,California and New York.
  3. 3. Brass pipeProfessionals consider the brass pipes is very comfortable to use, because they are very easy to cut andbend. As for the connection technology of brass fittings and brass pipe nipples, it is also not extremelydifficult.To date, the most widely used method such as brass pipe capillary high temperature spike. Thetechnology is based on the so-called capillary effect: while maintaining a certain distance between thewall surface of the liquid in a capillary rises, overcoming the force of gravity. This effect makes itpossible to solder spread evenly all the pipe, regardless of where it is served. By the way, the solder isrecommended silver-bronze, not lead. Solder is used solid, available in bars with the cross section of 2mm.Alternative technologies - the use of press-fitting. This technology is less common, caused by thehigher cost of press-fitting and their ability to keep the pressure only up to 10 atmospheres. Crimpingor clamping ring fittings are more expensive, because of what used to brass pipe is extremely rare.brass pipe easily handled and applied to any construction site. They allow you to bend around corners,holes and any other of the obstacles encountered. These materials can be used equally well in both oldbuildings and new buildings. brass pipe is a very limited amount of time and does not cause anydifficulty.Before starting the installation of pipes directly to the pipe diameter to make a calculation, chart thelayout, in other words, to prepare a draft. In accordance with the project in the next phase in the wallsor floor made cutting grooves and arranged openings.For heating and soldering brass pipe, usually used small size gas post-efficient gas consumption and thehigh mobility.
  4. 4. Immediately prior to the soldering process at the junction of the brass pipe nipple and apply a specialflux tubes intended for brazing.To perform the necessary bends used for brass pipe bender. So-called soft brass pipe bend very easily,but the firm is required to prepare at first, warm place to fold and chill air. Pipe bends are made tominimize the number of connections to avoid unnecessary resistance to the current of water, reduce thenumber of performances of taps.In the process of soldering pipe and nipple well in a warm place, then soldered burner with solder.Solder penetrates the junction, completely filling all its capillary space.Once the pipeline is made soldering, brass pipes are laid in a prepared cutting grooves . Recommendedpiping should be insulated to prevent abrasive grinding wall brass tubes for thermal changes.The final step in the case of installation of heating system - mount the radiator. Again, that usealuminum radiators in this case it is not recommended, it is better to choose cast iron, steel or bi-metal.3/4" x 6"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 2-1/2" BrassPipe Nipple1" x 2"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 3"Brass PipeNipple1" x 4" BrassPipe NippleMuellerMeritTrentonMatco NorcaWebstone1/2" x 3-1/2"Brass PipeNipple1" x 2" BrassPipe Nipple1" x 6" BrassPipe Nipple3/4" x 2"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 2"Brass PipeNipple3/4" x 2-1/2"Brass PipeNipple1" x CloseBrass PipeNipple1/2" x 2"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 4"Brass PipeNippleMuellerMeritTrentonMatco NorcaWebstone1-1/4" xClose BrassPipe NippleMatcoNorcaMatcoNorcaMuellerMeritTrentonMatco NorcaWebstone3/4" x 3"Brass PipeNipplec1-1/4" x 2"Brass PipeNipple1-1/4" xClose BrassPipe NippleMeritTrentonMatco NorcaMeritTrentonMatco Norca1" x 3" BrassPipe NippleMatco NorcaWebstoneMatco NorcaWebstoneMatco NorcaWebstoneMatco NorcaWebstone3/4" x 4"Brass Pipe1" x 2-1/2"Brass PipeMeritTrenton1/2" x CloseBrass Pipe3/4" x 1-1/2"Brass Pipe
  5. 5. Nipple Nipple Matco Norca Nipple Nipple1-1/4" x 2"Brass PipeNipple3/4" x 6"Brass PipeNippleMatco NorcaWebstone3/4" x 3-1/2"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 1-1/2"Brass PipeNipple3/4" x CloseBrass PipeNippleMeritTrentonMatco Norca1" x 3" BrassPipe NippleMatco NorcaWebstoneMuellerMeritTrentonMatco NorcaWebstone3/4" x 3-1/2"Brass PipeNippleMeritTrentonMatco NorcaMuellerMeritTrentonMatco NorcaWebstone1/2" x 6"Brass PipeNipple1" x 2-1/2"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 6"Brass PipeNipple3/4" x 4"Brass PipeNipple3/4" x CloseBrass PipeNipple3/4" x 3"Brass PipeNipple1/2" x 5"Brass PipeNipple1" x CloseBrass