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O2 fixedline landline, telemarketing & broadband

  1. 1. Whatever your business, we’ve got the landline
  2. 2. Let us look after your landline Whatever you need, from a single line to ISDN30, we’ve got it. We use the same infrastructure as BT but we combine this with our award-winning service. So if you have a BT landline you can transfer the line and number to us. And if your mobiles are with us you get one contract, one bill and one point of contact for everything. Simple. What’s available? • Landlines – one number, one line (also called analogue) • ISDN2 – two channels on one line for voice, data or fax • ISDN30 – up to 30 channels on one line • Calls Only – if you’re in a contract with BT you can move your call charges to us and pay BT for the line. Monthly line rental No. of inclusive Price Price Product Inclusive care minutes to ø mobiles ø customers non ø customers Landline (analogue) 0 £11.50 £14.50 Level 2 Landline (analogue) 200 £13.50 £16.50 Level 2 Landline (analogue) 200 £17.50 N/A Level 3 Landline (analogue) 400 £19.50 N/A Level 3 ISDN2 0 £22 for 2 channels £22 for 2 channels Level 2ISDN30 (8-30 channels) 0 £14.00 £14.00 Level 2 Calls only N/A £0.00 £0.00 N/A
  3. 3. Call Charges Call type Cost Calls to landlines (local and national) 1ppm Calls to ø mobiles 6ppm* Calls to all other mobiles (except 3) 8ppm Calls to 3 mobiles 13ppm Call connection charge (charge doesn’t apply to calls within the inclusive allowance or minute bundles) 2p*First 200 minutes are included on £13.50, £16.50 & £17.50 tariff and first 400 minutes are included on £19.50 tariff.Call charges are for UK calls only. Call charges to 0800 numbers are free at all times. All prices shown are pence per minute and exclude VAT.Shape your tariff to suit youEveryone’s needs are different. So we’ve a choice of minute bundles and services to help you get what you need.Minute bundle monthly subscription Calls to standard UK Calls to standard UK Minutes Calls to O2 mobiles landlines and mobiles landlines 200 N/A £4.20 £1.82 250 £8.63 N/A N/A 500 £15.81 £10.20 £4.40 1000 £28.75 £19.80 £8.47 2000 £51.75 £36.00 £16.50 3000 N/A £52.20 £23.93 5000 £115.00 £84.00 £38.50 7000 N/A £108.00 £51.98 10000 £201.25 £156.00 £71.50 20000 £345.00 £300.00 £137.50 50000 £862.50 £756.00 £346.50 75000 £1293.75 £1140.00 £422.50 10000 £1600.00 £1400.00 £650.00UK calls only. Minutes are valid for 1 month and unused minutes do not rollover to the following month.Calls to landlines include calls to numbers beginning 01, 02 & 03. All prices shown exclude VAT.
  4. 4. Other services Price per monthService name What it does Analogue line ISDN2 ISDN30Caller display See who’s calling you 50p N/A N/A1571 call minder Answer phone 94p N/A N/ACall waiting Answer a call while on another 50pCall barring Block calls to premium numbersCall forwarding Sends calls to another number £1 £3 Sends calls to another number when 50p plus standard call chargesCall divert you’re unavailable £3.50 one-off set up charge, thenSmart divert Set up call divert over the phone N/A N/A 50p per monthCall sign Add another number with its own ringtone 50p N/A N/A Use these services as much as you like at no extra charge 1471 See which number called last 141 Hide your number when calling These services are on a “pay as you use” basis Ringback 6p per use plus standard call charges Three way call 6p per use plus standard call charges (applies to all parties)
  5. 5. Care packages If you ever need to report a fault on your line, you can 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year. All of our landlines come with a care package. For added reassurance you can upgrade to another package that suits your business needs. Or request an Expedited repair if you need it. Response rates Level Cost Operating hours If a fault is reported: Included with all 08:00 - 18:00 Monday landline tariffs (except - Saturday, excluding • within operating hours, we’ll fix it by the end of the next working day. 2 £17.50 & £19.50) Public and Bank • outside operating hours, we’ll fix it by the end of the second working day. ISDN2 and ISDN30 Holidays 07:00 - 21:00 Monday • before 1pm, we’ll fix it by the end of the day including Public and Bank Holidays Included with £17.50 - Sunday, including 3 • after 1pm within operating hours we’ll fix it before 1pm the next day and £19.50 Public and Bank Holidays • outside operating hours, we’ll get in touch at the start of the next working day 24 hours a day, 7 days £5 per month, per line/ 4 a week including Public • we aim to fix it within 6 hours* channel and Bank Holidays*This assumes we have 24 hour access to the location. If we visit a location and this is not the case, you may be charged. Expedited repair If you’re on either of the Level 2 or Level 3 packages, you can request a faster repair service on a per occasion basis: One-off repair at this Care package Cost package’s service level: Level 3 £500 per landline/ISDN2 line Level 2 £650 per landline/ISDN2 line Level 4 £500 per ISDN30 channel Level 3 Level 4 £150 per landline/ISDN2 line
  6. 6. Why ø? We care It’s why we keep winning customer service awards. Our UK team are always available to help from 8am-9pm every day. And it’s the same number for mobiles and landlines. Happiness guaranteed We’ll make things easy at every step. And we guarantee your landline will be ready for you to use on time. If not, we’ll give you your first month’s line rental for free. Save money Line rental starts at £11.50 a month if your mobiles are with us. And £14.50 if not. Did you know that 15% of landline calls are to mobiles, but they make up over 40% of the cost? With us you’ll benefit from lower rates, or even inclusive calls to other ø mobiles. So easy One phone call and we’ll take care of everything. No downtime, and no impact on your business.MAY11 9355.006 WR!GHTS You need to pass our credit check to get an O2 landline. And agree to a 12 month minimum contract. O2 landline isn’t available everywhere and it’s only for business customers. Go to www.o2.co.uk/smecontract for the full terms and our price list. Telefónica UK Limited. Registered in England no. 1743099. Registered Offi ce: 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX.
  7. 7. Telemarketing Numbers Made easy
  8. 8. A Telemarketing Number makes it easyfor your customers to talk to youSimple, memorable and with little or no cost they’ll be happy to call more often.We’ve made our numbers easy to manage as well. Our simple divert is quick to set up and change, online.We can give you a new Telemarketing Number, or take over one you already have. Whatever’s best for you.Be the first number that comes to mindWe know it’s competitive out there. A number that’s easy to remember and cheap or free to call can make abig difference. Make your number work for you and stand out from the crowd.
  9. 9. We’ll join it all upYour landlines, your mobiles, and now your Telemarketing Numbers, all on the same bill, with one number to call forhelp. You’ll spend less time on admin and have more time for your business.• Easy to budget With fixed costs, no set-up fees and no revenue sharing there won’t be any surprises. You only pay for what you use and we’ve some of the lowest rental and usage costs around.• Help when you need it There’s a dedicated service number, FAQs and a comprehensive user guide.• Your number. Your way Control your numbers to match your business needs through our easy-to-use, secure online portal. Choose which numbers to divert and when, manage it all in real-time - no queues, no calls, full online reporting to see what marketing is reaching your customers and what’s not, 30-day trial - cancel without cost (except calls diverted within this period).
  10. 10. The right number for youPick the one that works best for your business, and your customers. Our range Benefits Caller pays You pay Free from a 0800-0808 Make your customers feel really important with free calls from a BT landline. 2.5p BT landline Local rate 0845 Offers your customers local rate or even free calls wherever they are. Free or free National rate 0870 National appeal with reduced or even free calls. 2.5p or free The cost of your customer’s call is no more than a normal landline call to Geographic 03 2.5p an 01 or 02 number. rate Fixed price call, so your customer always knows exactly how much they’re 0844/3 1p* Free paying.* Excludes any call set up chargeAll costs above are from a BT landline except for 03 numbers which are for all landline providers. ‘You pay’ chargesare for calls routed to 01 or 02 UK numbers. To find out more about other numbers, such as mobiles or internationalnumbers, talk to your Account Manager, who’ll be able to tell you more.
  11. 11. Simple products, simple costs If you have a landline with us, you can pick one, or combine the two if you have more than one Telemarketing Number. You can switch from one to another at any time. Product details Set up Rental One to One Divert your business calls through your Telemarketing Number to any landline or mobile. Free with £5 per month Translation Any day, any time, from the UK or abroad. ø landline Need more flexibility? Send your calls to up to 5 different numbers, and 3 different time plans. Free with Divert Plan You say which calls go where, when and what happens if they are not picked up. Including £10 per month ø landline voicemail, voice2email and bespoke messages. We’d love to tell you more Give your Business Manager a call for more ways Telemarketing Numbers can help you grow your business.JUL11 9627.001 WR!GHTS Terms and conditions. Telefónica UK Limited. Registered in England no. 1743099. Registered Offi ce: 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX.
  12. 12. Our award-winning broadband Now available for business
  13. 13. Our award-winning broadband is now available to businesses Switching is easy, with minimal hassle, upheaval or risk. We’ll give you a free router, 24/7 UK technical support and antivirus security from McAfee for the length of your contract. We’ll include everything in a simple cost per month and we won’t add any charges on top. Already with ø? If you have your mobiles or landlines with us, or both, joining everything up by switching your broadband to us will make running your business even easier. And get better rates because you’re already our customer. One bill. One point of contact for everything. Joining up your business communications, brilliantly. What’s available Choose from two contract options over 24 or 36 months. Home Office package - ideal for sole traders, home or remote workers. Office 10 - designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Our broadband uses ADSL2+ technology so you can get the best experience possible. And our happiness guarantee gives you 30 days to change your mind. Cost per month Cost per Download Upload McAfee if you’re with Static IP Fair usage month speed speed licenses ø already Home Office £20.50 £15.50 Up to 20MB Up to 1.3MB 2 Included 150GB Office 10 £27.50 £22.50 Up to 20MB Up to 2.5MB 10 Included 300GBSpeed varies depending on factors including your distance from the exchange
  14. 14. Simple set up Your ø broadband box includes an easy to follow CD guide. You’ll need a BT wholesale analogue line connected, or we can set it up for you at the same time as your broadband*. You can get a landline from ø as well. If you have broadband with another supplier, all you need to do is contact them for a MAC key and pass it on to us, we’ll do the rest. Support when you need it We’ll give you round-the-clock free support if something does goes wrong, and promise to get you up and running again as soon as possible. You’ll also benefit from My ø desktop application that acts as an ongoing trouble-shooter on your desktop, looking for niggles and fixing them before you know it. Fast Fix For added peace of mind you can add Fast Fix to your package for only £10 extra a month. We guarantee to fix your fault within 24-hours and give you a back-up dongle to keep you online in the meantime. If your router needs replacing, we’ll send you a new one by 10am the next working day. We’re so confident we can fix your line on time, we’ll give you that month’s broadband and Fast Fix for free if we can’t. Your ø wireless router • Superfast wireless - supports 802.11 n/g & b • Embedded firewall • Secure - WEP and WPA • Network office PCs and printers • Wired connectivity • Guest WLAN: offer internet to guests • Static IP for websites and email servers • 4 Ethernet ports without accessing network For more information about broadband, speak to your ø contact.MAY11 9622.001 WR!GHTS Terms and conditions. *There is an additional charge for setting up a new analogue line. You need to pass our credit check to get O2 broadband. And agree to a 24 or 36 month minimum contract. O2 broadband for business isn’t available everywhere and is subject to status and availability. Go to www.o2.co.uk/terms for the full terms and our price list. Telefónica UK Limited. Registered in England no. 1743099. Registered Offi ce: 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX. Top 10 Broadband awards based on over 310,000 speed tests carried out by Top 10 Broadband in May and June 2008. Moneysupermarket.com speed test award made following a quarterly survey of 8MB packages connected between May and June 2008. Computer Shopper’s Best Buy awarded to O2 Home Broadband Premium Package, based on a survey of 22,000 people – result published August 2008.