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VResidence Introduction


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VResidence is a VR content platform allowing properties to be viewed by overseas buyers via Virtual Reality (VR).
China facing B2C platform allows agents to enlist properties and directly promote among Chinese buyers. Further enhanced by panorama photography, upon buyers' enquiries via HaiFangDong, our China agent team can directly follow up with the clients with VR experience, thus increase the customer conversion rate.

VR technologies includes panorama photo shooting, 3d modelling and interactive programming.

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VResidence Introduction

  1. 1. Wechat: V视点 View Overseas Properties with VR One click to 3 millions overseas listings
  2. 2. Wechat: V视点 Market Opportunities —  Limited availability of overseas listings —  Flying cost to view overseas listings is high —  Current viewing experience not optimal: —  Takes time to queue for viewing —  Can only guess how the interior looks like by looking up floor plan
  3. 3. Wechat: V视点 Project Highlights —  “Haifangdong”(B2C) has more than 3 million listings worldwide —  “VResidence”(B2B) helps property agents with VR technology , turning panoramic photos into 360-VR view, facilitate better buying experience for mainland buyers —  Technologies include: —  Automatic 2D to 3D conversion —  Conversion from Autodesk Stingray/3ds Max to panoramic view, saving time on building a new model —  MR property viewing with 3D projection
  4. 4. Wechat: V视点 Market Analysis How Chinese are investing in Property Markets overseas
  5. 5. Wechat: V视点 It is an era of migration from China. Elites and the rich are the ones who would like to leave. They mainly leave by investing overseas so this is also called “migration of resources”. Overview on Direct Investment from China
  6. 6. Wechat: V视点 60 mil. number of Chinese inhabiting in different part of the world in 2015 - China Migration Report 2015 Overview on Direct Investment from China
  7. 7. Wechat: V视点 > $214 billion Direct investment on property market in the USA from China in 2016-2020 -Rosen Consulting Group 2016 Overview on Direct Investment from China
  8. 8. Wechat: V视点 Overview on Direct Investment from China USA Australia Canada 11% foreign investment comes from China 25% properties in Sydney owned by Chinese +30% rise in property price due to Chinese hot money
  9. 9. Wechat: V视点 Project in Details
  10. 10. Wechat: V视点 How VResidence works Overseas property agents Property Developers Chinese Buyers International VR Platform Agents in China Buyers
  11. 11. Wechat: V视点 Haifangdong:B2C platform on international property market — —  More than 3 million listings in overseas for buyers to choose from —  Potential buyers to view listings online with VR, saving flying time and effort —  Hub for China buyers and overseas property agents
  12. 12. Wechat: V视点 —  A stable growth in demand for overseas properties —  Target customers: the ultra rich and busy —  Market position and Vision —  Biggest property platform online —  Connecting overseas property agents and China buyers —  Provide VR viewing service on platform Haifangdong:B2C platform on international property market
  13. 13. Wechat: V视点 •  Service for property agents: •  Provide VR platform •  Photo shooting for listings •  Conversion from 2D to 3D •  Uploading of listings to Haifangdong Sample viewings: •  Festival City •  The Riverpark •  The Great Hill VResidence and Property Agency
  14. 14. Wechat: V视点 •  Service for property developers: •  Professional 3DS MAX molding •  Stingray programming, turning BIM modeling into interactive VR •  Aerial view around constructing/listing site, for creating a homey feeling for potential customers •  3D projection / Mixed Reality solution VResidence and Property Developers
  15. 15. Wechat: V视点 Technologies
  16. 16. Wechat: V视点 VResidence goggles —  Lightweight, easy to wear —  Specially designed lens, suitable for shortsighted up to 6 degree —  Compatible with smart phones
  17. 17. Wechat: V视点 Panoramic shooting —  VResidence supports: —  Apps on panorama shooting —  Ricoh THETA S —  Samsung Gear 360 —  Property agents are welcomed to provide panoramic photos
  18. 18. Wechat: V视点 Panorama 2Dè3D —  Patent automatic conversion from 2D t 3D technology from ASTRI —  256 layers of tomograms, reducing dizziness —  Panorama 2D exporting to 3D display —  Reference: conversion-system/
  19. 19. Wechat: V视点 Mixed Reality Solution —  Technologies from University of Hong Kong —  Use projection and 3D goggles to create Mixed Reality (MR) effects, very similar to Microsoft Hololens and MagicLeap —  Video:
  20. 20. Wechat: V视点 BIM è Interactive VR —  Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D model —  Autodesk 3D plans converted to panorama full view photos —  Revit à 3ds max à Stingray —  Directly deploy BIM from developers for producing VR, saving resources on re-modelling
  21. 21. Wechat: V视点 Case Studies
  22. 22. Wechat: V视点 VResidence (Beta)
  23. 23. Wechat: V视点 Roadmap —  Patent registration in Hong Kong —  Office in Shenzhen —  Domestic branding VResidene —  Domestic B2C platform —  ICP in China —  Sales network in mainland China
  24. 24. Wechat: V视点 Founder Peter Choi is a Hong Kong internet entrepreneur and an experienced project manager.  More about Peter can be found in https:// Specialties: — VR/AR/MR in property market — Cross-border e-commerce platform — iOS, Android app development — Positioning (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS) — Online payment solutions (Paypal, Alipay, etc.) Peter Choi CEO
  25. 25. Wechat: V视点 媒体报导
  26. 26. Wechat: V视点 Contact Us Anchor Point Interactive Limited 定点互动有限公司 Phone: (852) 35830762 (86) 14714934584 Email: