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Customer Service Flipcharts RAC2011


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What Is Excellent Customer Service? Flipchart Exercise
How Do You Recover Service for Each Color? Flipchart Exercise
“The Colors of Customer Service” by Karla Edwards and Ray Linder
2011 Relationship Awareness Conference, September 28, 2011

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Customer Service Flipcharts RAC2011

  1. 1. What  Is  Excellent  Customer  Service?  Flipchart  Exercise   How  Do  You  Recover  Service  for  Each  Color?  Flipchart  Exercise   “The  Colors  of  Customer  Service”  by  Karla  Edwards  and  Ray  Linder   2011  Relationship  Awareness  Conference,  September  28,  2011      Blue  Excellent  Customer  Service  We  don’t  care  how  much  you  know  until  I  know  you  care  Find  a  way  to  say  yes!  Quality  product  Polite,  friendly,  not  pushy  Being  engaged,  sincerity  Let  me  know  “I  matter”  Keep  promises  Quietly  anticipate  my  needs  Be  there!  Make  my  day!  Smile/positive  attitude    Blue  Service  Recovery  I  am  SO  sorry!  What  can  I  do  for  you  to  correct  the  problem?  Make  it  right  without  me  getting  upset  (I  hate  conflict)  Make  me  feel  like  MY  business  matters!  You  treated  me  like  a  person  and  not  a  problem  Let  me  stay  in  my  “kind”  comfort  zone    Red-­Blue  Excellent  Customer  Service  Pleasantly  efficient  See  me,  i.e.  make  me  aware  you  are  paying  close  attention  to  me  Inquire  and  satisfy  needs  (don’t  impose)  Greet  with  a  smile  Complete  the  transaction,  follow-­‐through  Support  –  not  suffocate  Non-­‐selling,  i.e.  keep  away  from  up-­‐selling,  add-­‐ons  Look  professional    Actively  listen  Knowledgeable  regarding  options,  give  some  but  not  too  many     “The  Colors  of  Customer  Service”  by  Karla  Edwards  and  Ray  Linder   1    
  2. 2. Red-­Blue  Service  Recovery  Apologize  and  fix  it  Trust  us  –  we  aren’t  trying  to  get  something  for  free  Recognize  that  we  are  a  good  customer  and  that  you  desire  the  relationship  to  continue  Own  the  problem  and  solution:  it’s  not  our  problem,  it’s  their  problem  because  we  aren’t  happy  No  runaround,  no  excuses  No  quoting  policy  Be  pleasant  and  professional  Don’t  go  overboard  –  then  we  might  feel  guilty  for  raising  it    Red  Excellent  Customer  Service  Fast  and  good!  LISTEN  –  I’m  not  going  to  repeat  it  No  platitudes  No  excuses  Be  as  good  as  I  am  Respond  quickly    Red  Service  Recovery  FIX  IT!  NOW!  Compensate  me  for  my  trouble/loss  No  bull^%$#  Don’t  fight  with  me    Red-­Green  Excellent  Customer  Service  What  I  want,  when  I  want  it  Keep  our  choice  of  product  in  stock  Clear  communication  and  information  A  heads  up  Expertise/competence  –  answer  questions  accurately  Leave  me  alone,  I’ll  tell  you  when  I  need  help  No  sales  pitches  Quick  and  concise  Don’t  tell  me  you  know  what  I  need  Authenticity  and  transparency    Red-­Green  Service  Recovery  Admit  it.  Fix  it.  Fast.  (Or  at  least  start  the  solution  of  fixing  it  fast)  Tell  me  what  went  wrong  Tell  me  how  to  prevent  it  from  happening  again  Give  me  a  chance  to  talk  to  the  manager  Don’t  EVER  do  it  again  Compensate  us  and  make  it  right/fair  (we  won!)  Take  it  seriously   “The  Colors  of  Customer  Service”  by  Karla  Edwards  and  Ray  Linder   2    
  3. 3.  Green  Excellent  Customer  Service  Favorite  grocery  store  is  more  expensive  but  it  has  all  the  key  traits  of  when  I  think  service  is  excellent:   Everything  is  in  place   Nobody  asks  you  anything,  no  surveys   Prices  are  clear   Clean   No  loud  music   If  help  is  needed,  you  get  it  right  away    Green  Service  Recovery  Clear,  understandable  information  Clarification  of  the  process  that  makes  sense  Knowing  that  there  is  a  structure  supporting  the  solution  Apologies  for  the  inconveniences    Blue-­Green  Excellent  Customer  Service  Where  I’m  treated  as  an  individual  Not  too  invasive  Authentic  apology  when  necessary  with  a  solution  Not  scripted  especially  when  by  phone  Clear  accessible  information  especially  when  through  online  service  channels  Feeling  of  “belonging”  –  “I  [service  provider]  will  pay  for  this”    Blue-­Green  Service  Recovery  Clear,  rational  (i.e.  with  a  solution)  and  authentic  apology  Demonstrate  you  care  Restored  choice  -­‐  a  tailored  solution  to  my  specific  issue  Appropriate  follow-­‐up  (but  ask  first)  Put  us  back  in  control  Respond  to  ME  Cost  was  worth  it  (solution  matched  my  inconvenience  level)    Hub  Excellent  Customer  Service  Anticipating  wants  and  needs  Friendly  Appropriate  What  I  as  the  customer  wants  Ask  me  –  listen  without  interruptions  Positive  attitude  Knowledgeable  Responsive  Honest  Decisive  –  make  a  decision  Empowered   “The  Colors  of  Customer  Service”  by  Karla  Edwards  and  Ray  Linder   3    
  4. 4. Engaged  Above  and  beyond  expectations  Flexibility  Validating  my  needs  and  comments    Hub  Service  Recovery  Acknowledge  and  make  appropriate  responses  Apology  (sincere)  Solved  –  just  fixed  Timely,  now  Admit  error  so  together  we  can  resolve  Restored  partnership  and  rapport  We’re  back  in  balance  –  relationship  is  win/win   “The  Colors  of  Customer  Service”  by  Karla  Edwards  and  Ray  Linder   4