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Five Pain Points of Agile Development (And How Software Version Management Can Help)


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The latest research on Software Configuration Management suggests that developers are struggling in five key areas: latency, far-flung teams, ad-hoc workflows, administrative overhead, and integration nightmares.

This webcast will help you understand how these five factors are undermining developer productivity and performance.

As modern practices strain some tools to their limits, companies are revisiting their approaches to version management. We will share with you...
* How the market is evolving to address these critical issues
* How innovative SCM tools can take your versioning to new levels.

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Five Pain Points of Agile Development (And How Software Version Management Can Help)

  1. 1. 5 Pain Points of Agile Development Don Marti – Technical Marketing Manager
  2. 2. “ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. ” — Manifesto for Agile Software Development, 2001
  3. 3. What We’ll Talk about Today3 Key Trends and 5 Pain Points Global teams DVCS Agile processes Latency Administration Governance Workflow Integration
  4. 4. Pain Point #1 Latency
  5. 5. Latency• SCM latency means reduced developer productivity.
  6. 6. Two Key New Latency Problems• Global teams• Continuous Integration – CI can account for >50% of load on SCM servers.
  7. 7. Global Project Staffing• Global development -> virtual teams• Developer and infrastructure may be on different continents• Team membership may change quickly
  8. 8. Prepare for the Staffing Shuffle• Solve performance problems before you know the geographic configuration of the team
  9. 9. Accelrys• Leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software• Hot standby• Perforce proxies for global development teams
  10. 10. Pain Point #2Workflow Complications
  11. 11. Componentization• Components are individually well-versioned• How to track compatible versions across components?• Track component versions separately, or can your SCM system do it?
  12. 12. DVCS Usage• Git and other DVCSs provide strong versioning within a software component• Difficult to track versions across – Software components – Configuration data – Binary assets
  13. 13. Non-Code Assets• Configuration files• Binary assetsSave time: keep all needed resources in a common system.
  14. 14. NVIDIA• Many teams using Perforce – Hardware – Software – Legal• Many kinds of assets – Code – Hardware design – Office documents
  15. 15. Pain Point #3 Governance
  16. 16. Versioning: Legal issues• Establish prior use defense against patent trolls• Track compliance with open source and other third- party licenses• Code escrow
  17. 17. Build, Test, Release• Do Developers, CI, and QA get the same build?• Can you reconstruct a “historic” build?• Is the environment versioned together with code and assets?
  18. 18. NYSE Euronext• Track installed versions of all assets – Executables – Configuration – Scripts• 198 projects• 6600 releases/year
  19. 19. Pain Point #4Administrative Overhead
  20. 20. Admin to User Ratio• Can range from 1:30 to 1:1000 or more• Large area of difference among SCM systems.
  21. 21. Key Admin Tasks• Backup/recovery• HA/DR• Administration for replicas – build/test farms, analytics, other Agile needs• Upgrades• User and Permissions Management
  22. 22. Trend Micro• Previous SCM system required a dedicated server per location• Migration to Perforce – Increased performance – Reduced admin requirements – Perforce branching model enables sharing among projects
  23. 23. Pain Point #5:Integration Nightmares
  24. 24. Core vs. Context• Administrators should not be rewriting basic code for essential integrations.• Look for SCM with well-tested integrations for the rest of the ALM stack.
  25. 25. Essential ALM Package for 2012
  26. 26. NetApp• Build environments• Test environments• Data retention and distribution
  27. 27. How SCM Can Help• Latency• Workflow• Administration• Governance• Integration And > 5,500 Other Leading Companies
  28. 28. Questions?