Photo Blanket Makes Your House Splendid


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A photo blanket is the best gift option to give to your close person. People always love displaying pictures of close one. Personalized throws make a perfect gift for either a new born baby or parent. You can personalize the photo blanket with names, date and other information of the person. It would be more valuable and affectionate when you add this information on blanket. It means the gift is attached with extra affection and love

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Photo Blanket Makes Your House Splendid

  1. 1. At The Memories Place, we specialize in helping you capturespecial moments through a variety of customwoven, knitted, or fleece blankets as well as manypersonalized prints and other highly personalized items.
  2. 2. Photo blankets are all time popular personalized gift for new born babies as well as children.Actually the easiest way to personalize a custom blanket is to pick a single and favorite photo.This picture is printed on the front of the blanket and you can pick a color for the reverse froma list of beautiful colors. The digital photo can be of you, the gift recipient or anybody else. Itcould be a picture of favorite place or an item that is related to the baby’s picture. These arestunning and attractive too.Pictures blankets can be embroidered with babys name and vital statistics, cutesayings, and heartfelt quotes for unique personalized baby gifts. This establishes astronger connection and affinity between you and the baby and family. Make sure youfind out what color Mommy likes so that she will be totally delighted when she seesyour gift.
  3. 3. Personalized photo gifts are the versatile option offering a superb selection of presentsand gifts. It can be given to any recipient to help celebrate any event, occasion, or big day.From wedding days to birthdays and from graduation to house warming, personalizedphoto gifts allow such versatility in their gift giving because of how uniquely they can bepersonalized or customized. Add a photo or photographs; add your own text, and have agreat looking and unique photo gift created that you can proudly give to any recipient.Personalized picture blankets are wellreceived gifts because they are so personaland special. Undoubtedly, a weddinganniversary is a special day for any coupleand one that they will usually celebrate withfriends or family. Shopping for the perfectanniversary gift for any couple can provedifficult because it means finding somethingthat both will appreciate. Photo blanket isreally a beautiful anniversary gifts for thecouple.
  4. 4. Birth of a new born baby is considered the good news in life for most of the people. Trulyspeaking a baby brings lot of happiness and joy in a family. The parents along with othermembers of the family will be really happy that they are adding a new member.Purchasing presents for babies brings a lot of joy to both the baby’s parents as well as thegift givers. So what is the best gift you can present to your friends who have just got theirlittle prince or princes?At present, Photo blanket is really a wonderful gift idea for new born babies. They aremade with good quality materials. And the color which is used the blanket is really good.In addition, the blanket helps to keep the baby warm and healthy all the time in coldweather. You can carry the blanket anywhere for your baby. They are long lasting and youcan wash it for several times.Now the manufacturer has included an excellent option. You can include the baby’sname; your own signature or personal message on the large surfacing area. This is reallyattractive and wonderful option. Now you can make you gift memorable for lifetime.Furthermore, the gift can be kept or passed down to the next generation in the future.This is really easy to make personalized photo blankets for your baby.
  5. 5. A photo blanket is the best gift option to give to your close person. People alwayslove displaying pictures of close one. Personalized throws make a perfect gift foreither a new born baby or parent. You can personalize the photo blanket withnames, date and other information of the person. It would be more valuable andaffectionate when you add this information on blanket. It means the gift is attachedwith extra affection and love
  6. 6. Fleece blanket is popular for many reasons. Firstly, the fabric is relatively cheap andconsequently the blankets are also cheap. They are the best to take in a trip or campsas they are lightweight and can be folded away compactly. You can also use theseblankets as a wonderful gift. Some of the popular gift items are personalized fleeceblankets, birthday photo fleece blankets, wedding fleece blanket, personalized sportsgifts, Christmas blankets, college graduation gifts, and many more.
  7. 7. The Memories Place is the online resource forpicture throw, personalized photoblankets, pillows, tote bags and wall hangings andjacquard woven works of art. Our manufacturers arethe makers of highest quality personalized photoblankets, wall hangings and pillows in the world. Ourartists are the best in weaving pictures on a blanket.The picture blankets that we produce are an easyway to create a beautiful, 100% cotton jacquardwoven heirloom from your favorite photo.Now photo blankets are absolutely unique and personalized gift for your specialone. You can personalize the blanket with a single photograph or with a photomontage consisting of a variety of different pictures. The sizes range from smallblankets that are ideal cont blankets to medium sized ones that are great fortravelling, through to large picture blankets that are accurately perfect for justabout any application or use. And there is no doubt, you don’t have to usepersonal pictures as any digital print or even you own artwork can be added tomake a unique and great looking personalized blanket.
  8. 8. Now there are so many blankets like fleece sweatshirtfleece and cotton woven fabric, wrapping you up inthese memories is the perfect way to stay warm onchilly night. Nowadays, personalized photo blanketsmake wonderful present for any occasion.Whether, it’s birthday party, Christmas, Weddinganniversary etc. The picture blanket is perfectlyappropriate for any event. You can personalize theproduct more with a text. You can add your unknownfeelings to the recipient with photo blankets. Thereceiver of these exceptional presents will cherish thegift as well as the memory it displays for year to come.The Memories Place is the online resource for picture throw, personalized photoblankets, pillows, tote bags and wall hangings and jacquard woven works of art. Ourmanufacturers are the makers of highest quality personalized picture blankets, wallhangings and pillows in the world. You can add also show your beautiful photo memoriesthrough photo blankets.
  9. 9. Looking for a meaningful and heartfelt gift for a birthday is quite difficult nowadays.You would be confused whether, he or she likes your gift or not. So always choosesomething which is more personalized to the recipient. Now photo blankets featureone or more pictures on the front can be given as a gift for any occasion or event. Nowpersonalized photo blankets can include a collage of various pictures, bringing back ofold memories of times past and sparking new conversations with those we care aboutthe most.A personalized blanket is a unique gift, in that it isemotionally meaningful as well as physicallycomforting. It allows the recipient to literallywrap themselves in the warmth and comfort of amemory. It you know someone who is in thehospital, has lost a loved one, or is otherwise notfeeling well; give them a photo memory blanketas a welcome respite from their difficulties and away to shoe them you are thinking of them.
  10. 10. Now the weather is getting chiller. And while it will be up and down for a couple ofweeks, soon the chill will really take hold and be consistent. So you need to startthinking about ways to keep warm, especially at night, as the colder weather sets in.You don’t want to be caught unaware. Whether it is fleece blanket on the couch, awoven photo blanket on the bed, or a heater where you need a little more warmth,there’s lot of ways to get prepared and be safe and more comfortable in the fall aswell as long into the winter.A fleece blanket is just the thing to cuddle up on a chilly night whether you arewatching television on sofa, reading story book in an easy chair or in bed. Lightenough to carry from room to room, yet cozy enough to warm you up, it is best tohave several one for every member of your family.The Memories Place is the online resource for hand-crafted, artist-madepersonalized baby gifts, like woven photo blanket, memorial gifts, personalizedphoto collage, canvas prints, photo throw, pillows and totes, personalized sports gift,fleece blanket, and many more. We also provide you a unique chance to shine withthe most affordable, ideal, meaningful holiday gifts on today’s market.
  11. 11. Winter is coming. During cold weather, now the best winter gifts are those that keepwarm, so it’s small wonder that fleece apparel and fashion accessories are such a hitduring this season. Whether the indoors and outdoors, stylish personalized blanket isreally essential to keep everybody warm and comfortable no matter the temperature.If you are choosing apparel and accessories to embroider with your logo, choose fleecephoto blanket for anyone like adults, children, and old person. Personalized fleeceblanket are really wonderful gifts that the whole family can share. Unlike apparel thatgoes out of season, logo fleece blankets are useful at any time of the year for picnics,camping and other outdoor activities. These are surely easy to use and carry. You can rollup them, tie up them with bright colored ribbons and remember to add a hand writtennote for a more personal touch.The Memories Place is the online resource for hand-crafted, artist-made personalizedbaby gifts, like personalized blanket, memorial gifts, personalized photo collage, canvasprints, photo throw, pillows and totes, personalized sports gift, photo blanket, and manymore. We also provide you a unique chance to shine with the most affordable, ideal,meaningful holiday gifts on today’s market.
  12. 12. Pictures are the true reminiscence of memories. A picture says a thousand words.People love to live with memories. This is the reason people find different ways ofpreserving their photo memories. Woven photo blanket provides people a uniquechance to store their photo memories in a grand way. There are so many other waysof storing your photos. However personalized blankets like woven photo blanket,fleece blanket, knitted photo throw, etc are considered as a grand way to celebratememories. To say the truth these types of personalized photo blankets are widelypopular among the people.Personalized blankets like woven photo blanket, fleece blanket, knitted photo throw,etc are considered as a grand way to celebrate photo memories. To say the truththese types of personalized photo blankets are widely popular among the people.The Memories Place offers picture throw, woven photo blanket, pillows, tote bagsand wall hangings and jacquard woven works of art. Our manufacturers are themakers of highest quality personalized photo throw and wall hangings in the world.Our artists are the best in weaving pictures on a blanket. The picture blankets thatwe produce are an easy way to create a beautiful, 100% cotton jacquard wovenheirloom from your favorite photo memories.
  13. 13. Completion of graduation is one of themost significant days in the life of anyone. Most of the people shop forgraduation gifts for high school andcollege graduates every year. Somepeople assume that the best gift ismoney, and they simply stick a check orbills into a card and sign it to the person.Most of the graduate doesn’t alwaysappreciate cash gifts.Those students need other items. Onthe other side, not everyone feelscomfortable giving money to agraduate, which is when a customizedgift comes in handy. There are manydifferent types of personalized giftsdesigned for graduates that provide analternative to the traditional gift ofmoney.
  14. 14. Our offerings include personalized photo blankets, canvas prints, pillows &totes, personalized gifts and blankets for military, sports, babies, pets andmore. Our promise is to deliver the best quality products and outstandingcustomer service, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with yourexperience each and every step of the way.When it comes to quality, theres no beating The Memories Place. We workwith only the finest manufacturers when it comes to our woven, fleece andknitted photo blankets and photo throws, and it shows with the outstandingquality of every product we sell. Our canvas prints, pillows and totes are alsoknown for their supreme craftsmanship.You can always emailme at: john@thememoriesplace.comWe can be reached by phone 10am - 10pm @800.204-5478You can also send us snail mail:The Memories Place148 Westville DrConway, SC 29526