Developing Students’ Listening Skills with Technology and E-resources


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A presentation at the seminar ‘Enhancing students’ listening with the use of an e-listening platform’ on June 19, 2013; organised by Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School for English Language teachers from secondary schools.

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Developing Students’ Listening Skills with Technology and E-resources

  1. 1. Developing Students’ Listening Skillswith Technology and E-resourcesPaul SzeA presentation at the seminar ‘Enhancing students’ listening withthe use of an e-listening platform’ on June 19, 2013; organised byYan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School for EnglishLanguage teachers from secondary schools.
  2. 2. Why is listening difficult to L2 learners?• Rate of processing• One-off• Accent variation• Physical environment• Language register• Anxiety
  3. 3. Two routes to improving listeningIntensiveListeningExtensiveListening
  4. 4. The Two Routes <> SLA TheoryIntensiveListening –ConsciousLearningExtensiveListening –UnconsciousAcquisition
  5. 5. Focus of this presentation
  6. 6. In the 70’s …
  7. 7. Today
  8. 8. How do we make sense of thismultitude of listening resources?Teen Time Librivox audiobooksGrammar Girl Pocasts TED talksBBC Sunday Smile Naxos SpokenWord LibraryPodcasts TED talks YoutubeRadio archives iTunes HKedCityRaps Songs The English weSpeakOnion News A minute of Englisha dayBackchat… … …
  9. 9. How to think about eResources forListening …By genre(talks; conversations; interviews; drama;songs; raps; etc.)By resourceformat(CDs; podcasts; radioarchives; online banks; etc.)By medium(audio; video;audiobooks)By responseformat(pleasure listening; task-based listening;etc.)By languagelevel(beginners; advanced; etc.)By content (grammar; news; everyday life, etc.)
  10. 10. Examples of eResources for ExtListening• Talks: Grammar girl; TEDtalks;• Readalouds: Naxos Spoken Word Library; Librivox• Rap: Flocabulary• Podcasts: Teacher John Snow; BBC The English wespeak• Talk shows: Teen Time; BBC Friday Night comedy• Websites for L2 listening: Breaking News• News: TVB news on HKEdCity; BBC news• Drama: Songbirds;• Videos: Simpsons on Youtube
  11. 11. BBC The Flatmates
  12. 12. Grammar Girl podcast
  13. 13. Teacher John Snow podcast
  14. 14. Breaking News
  15. 15. Teen Time
  16. 16. Songbirds
  17. 17. The Simpsons (on Youtube)
  18. 18. Flocabulary Raps
  19. 19. TVB news on HKedCity
  20. 20. Introducing Extensive Listening intoyour curriculum• A regular task for every student, e.g, once aweek (but refrain from laborious post-listeninghomework and assessments)• A self-directed journey: Ss choose what theylike to listen to, and report their progress toyou once periodically• Supplement your regular teaching units withextensive listening materials
  21. 21. But perhaps most important of allShow students that extensivelistening is enjoyable
  22. 22. I want to share withyou an encouragingexperience that I hadyesterday. ……
  23. 23. What’s on Paul’s iPhone?• BBC: The English wespeak• BBC: Friday NightComedy• The Onion radio news• The Onion news videos• The Best of Youtube• TED talks• …
  24. 24. TED talks
  25. 25. Ted + Youtube
  26. 26. A flipped lesson based on a Youtubevideo
  27. 27.