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Snook school

  1. 1. SNOOK SCHOOL The Snook School will be part of a learningenvironment tailored to meet students and graduates needs. It was my job as a Snookster to find out what students and graduates wanted to gain from this part of the School and discover a clear focus. To help gather information I conducted an onlinesurvey to target market and hosted interviews by phone call.
  2. 2. Claire (22) third year textile student Claire is currently enjoying University and course. Claire made the move to University from school as she was advised by her guidance teachers however she feels she should have spent a year at college to help build up her technical print making skills. Claire likes to attend events and exhibitions related to textile design and often goes with a friend although sometimes she feels wishes she could be more confident to net- work, as she feels the events should be the ideal environment to make new connections. Claire like to keeps up to date with good design by following blogs and design com- panies that she aspires to work with through twitter. “I don’t yet have a clear ambition once I leave University although I hope to have a better idea after my summer internship working with a print textile designer”.“It was always my next step after school but I feel like maybe I wasn’t prepared enough”.
  3. 3. Lucy (36) second year jewellery and metal design student Lucy is a married with two young child, she choose to go to University to study jewellery and metal design as a mature student, She previously she studied accountacy but took a break after her course and started a family. Lucy decided to go back to university to follow her dream and make a career out of what she loves doing. she enjoys her course but she was hoping the course would involve much more making rather than methodology. Lucys aspiration is to start up her own jewellery business but feels that the course does not offer any support to teach business survival skills and the start up process. Lucy likes to get involved in craft fairs to sell and promote her jewellery work, she has a good network of friends and family who are very supportive.“I never really enjoyed the accountacy course so when the time was right i decided to go back to university to do something i enjoyed and could see myself making a career out of’.
  4. 4. Craig (24) architecture technology graduate Craig has just graduated from a four year course studying architecture technology and is curently looking for a pernament job. Craig has just finished working as an intern with a renewables energy company and currently applying for jobs but is being turned down because he doesnt have enough experience. Craig enjoyed his course and feels that he got the most out of it he possibly could, although he had to work very hard to get what he wanted. He feels if he cant find a job within the next year he will look into doing a master course. If craig could improve his course he would like a placement period arranged within his course to help discover an area of interest within his role more quickly. He also feels it would be benefitual if a workshop was arranged to give practical guidance with presenting his portfolio, spoken presentation skills as well as interview techniques. “I can’t get a job as I don’t have enough experience”. “It would be benefitual if a workshop was arranged to give practicalguidance with presenting portfolio, spoken presentation skills and interview techniques”.
  5. 5. Steven (18) first year art and design student Steven has just moved into student halls and is enjoying life at the moment he is looking forward to starting an art and design course in a few weeks time, although realises that its going to be hard work. Steven is most looking forward to meeting and working with new people whilst visiting the different disciplines with in the art school. Hes most interested to experimenting with new art and design media, and is hoping to be introduced to different design companies as he feels this will help him have a clear vision of what he would like to do after his time at University. It was suggested to Steven by his college art teacher to set up a design blog to help publises is work and to allow him to keep track of his progress through art school. Steven is also keen to get involved in twitter but right now is enjoying the remainder of his summer. “I want to gain a degree so that I can hopefully make a career formyself in the art industry! I am excited to start and hoping that I will learn a wide range of skills in the famous art school”.
  6. 6. South Australia Dundee college Strathclyde Aberdeen East London University Robert Gordon DundeeStudents Ages = Nineteen = Twenty masters 1st =Twenty One = Twenty Two 2nd = Twenty Three 4th Year = Twenty Four = Thirty Six 3rd = Fourty Nine Textile Design Speech & Language Pathology Mechanics & Engineering Interior & Environmental Design Art & Design Dance: Urban Practise Jewellery and Metal Design Course Architectural Technology Unknown Masters of Design Town Planning & Geography LLB Law Architecture
  7. 7. Do students and graduates enjoy cross disciplinary work? “learn from each other” “hard but rewarding” “valuable learning experience” “challenging” Yes, enjoy it, find it interesting Yes, but don’t get enough of it “separates people who are willing to try and those who are wasting time”Yes, but it depends who you are working with “its ok if it doesn’t happen before a deadline!” Yes, depends how on the project “was never introduced to this at college hopefully Uni will” No 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
  8. 8. Practical skills students and graduates would like to learn...
  9. 9. How confident are students and graduates to network? very confident quite confident lack confidence confident networking level “I try and make an effort but I find it difficult and feel like im wasting their time and this puts me off”. “I think now that im older networking doesn’t bother me as “I might be more confident if I was introduced to somebody much, but when I was younger I used to be shy and wouldn’t or in a good environment to network... but I would rather know what to say in a social gathering”. somebody approached me so I don’t feel like im pestering”.
  10. 10. How students engage and make themself knownto the industry they aspire to work in.“I try to make the efort to speak to industry folk and get involved in something they are doing although... I haven’t achieved this yet”. word of mouth twitter lectures & conferences phonecalling “I need to get better at this... I suppose I know them but they send off portfolio probably don’t know me. I suppose I am too dependent on my website reputation and word of mouth”. blog castings business cards read design articles facebook work placement I hope to get a placement in my third year I think the Universityhelp us out with that and there is a town planning charter website that posts placements”.
  11. 11. Workshop ideas... 12 5 5 11 5 5one day activitiy online module + one lectures series 2/3 day workshop short module online tutorial day activity
  12. 12. “Yes I would pay and if it was something I was wanting to learn £or beneficial to learn, but I would be wanting value for money but would depending on how much?”. “Yes, £10 at the most, for a day”. “Possibly if I had more information and if I had a clearer idea about what I was wanting to do when I finish university”.