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Living and non living things


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Science. Elementary education. This presentation includes videos and interactive activities. Download this presentation in order to fully take advantage of its characteristics.

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Living and non living things

  1. 1. Living things and non-living things.
  2. 2. Animals and plants are living things.
  3. 3. Living things are born.
  4. 4. Living things grow.
  5. 5. Living things reproduce.
  6. 6. Living things die.
  7. 7. Non-living things
  8. 8. Can non-living things breathe?
  9. 9. No, they can´t.
  10. 10. Can non-living things reproduce?
  11. 11. No, they can't
  12. 12. Do non-living things grow?
  13. 13. No, they don't
  14. 14. Do non-living things have feelings?
  15. 15. No, they don't
  16. 16. Now, look around. What do you see?
  17. 17. Can you name some living things and some non-living things?
  18. 18. Which one is not a living thing?
  19. 19. Can you find a living thing?
  20. 20. Draw two columns in your notebook and classify these items as living and non- living things. bird