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Indexing and Searching Cross Media Content in a Social Network


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Indexing and Searching Cross Media Content in a Social Network

Published in: Technology, Business
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Indexing and Searching Cross Media Content in a Social Network

  1. 1. Indexing and Searching Cross Media Content in a Social Network Pierfrancesco Bellini, Daniele Cenni, Paolo Nesi University of Florence Department of Systems and InformaticsDistributed Systems and Internet Technology Laboratory ECLAP Conference, May 7-9, 2012
  2. 2. ECLAP Social Network ECLAP is a Digital Library on Performing Arts connected with Europeana ECLAP is a Social Network (blogs, forums, comments, tagging, voting, …)
  3. 3. Goals/Requirements Develop an Indexing/Searching solution for ECLAP Social Network allowing:  Indexing multilingual crossmedia content metadata and data (e.g. documents)  Indexing portal blogs, forums, events, group pages, comments, etc.  Efficient multilingual search (keyword search and advanced search) supporting:  misspelled words (e.g. shespeare)  partial word search  Sorting and filtering search results  re-index the whole data without blocking the system  Log and monitor users activity  … Evaluate the Indexing/Searchig service
  4. 4. ECLAP Data Model Group/Channel 0..n 0..n 0..n 0..n 0..n 0..n 1 0..n TaxonomyTerm Content Comment Performing Arts Metadata Dublin Core Technical 1..n Blog WebPage Forum Object 0..n Playlist Document Collection 0..n 1..2 0..n Annotation AVObject 1..n Image Video Audio4
  5. 5. Indexing Indexing & Search system  Based on Apache Solr Multilingual aspects  Translate the metadata or translate the query?  We use metadata translation Indexing schema  Dublin Core + DCTerms (multi language)  Performing Arts  Technical (provider, content type, GPS, IPR, duration, quality, …)  Groups associations (multi language)  Taxonomy associations (multi language)  Comments & multi language tags  FullText of the textual digital resources
  6. 6. Indexing Taxnmy, Comment, DC Perf. Full Group TagsMedia Type (ML) Tech Arts Text (ML) (ML) VotesAudio/Video/Image Y Y Y Y Y YDocument(pdf, doc, …) Y Y Y Y Y Y YCrossMedia(html, MPEG21,…) Y Y Y Y Y Y YAggregations(playlist, Y Y Y Y Y Ycollection, …)Info text(blog, web (Y) Y Ypages, forum,events, …)
  7. 7. Indexing Multilingual fields  title_en, title_it, title_de, title_fr, title_ca, … Catch-all fields Component fields Boost Weight text pdf_*, doc_*, ppt_*, htm_*, … 1.0 body body_* 0.5 title title_* 3.1 description description_* 2.0 contributor contributor_* 0.8 subject subject_* 1.5 taxonomy taxonomy_* 0.8 PerformingArts PerformingArtsMetadata.# 1.0
  8. 8. Indexing Re-indexing  In case of new indexing schema or index corruption the search system should not be blocked  The re-indexing is done on a separete indexing machine while the production system uses the actual index  During re-index the new uploaded/modified content is marked to be reindexed when the new index is put in production
  9. 9. Searching Full text search  Uses the catch all fields to search for keywords in most important fields in all languages (title, description, text, body, subject,…) Fuzzy search  Allows matching mistyped words Deep search  Allows searching for partial words Relevance & boosting of terms
  10. 10. Searching Faceted search
  11. 11. Searching Advanced search
  12. 12. Search Facility Assessment Analisys performed on 3 months 11294 vists (6032 unique visits) 62768 page views (avg 5.76 pages per visit) 7.29 minutes of permanence on the portal 30502 contents accesses (view, play and download)
  13. 13. Search Facility Assessment # Full Text # Faceted # Last #Featured # Popularusers Query Query Posted List List Listsimple 323 24 4 22 17registeredpartners 1094 21 27 19 9anonymous 2634 147 234 302 213Total 4051 192 265 343 239Clicks after 1564 200 318 2799 231query/list
  14. 14. Search Facility Assessment Click order distribution First page
  15. 15. Conclusions Solution allows indexing multilingual metadata and texts Searching & filtering results Search facility assessment show that search is a used feature
  16. 16. Context & Assessment Context  Social Network  User and content items  Content distribution portal  Video on demand portal  Archive, digital library, Performing Arts  Assessment  User behavior  Log user actions on the Web portal  User happiness  Measure the level of user satisfaction about the exposed services
  17. 17. Logging User Profile User Profile  Registered or anonymous, uid (user id)  Timestamp YY-mm-dd hh:mm:ss  IP address, Proxy type etc.  Platform (OS, Browser)  GeoIP data (Country, Region, City)  Friends, connections  Betweenness, Eccentricity  Joined groups  User preferred contents
  18. 18. Understanding User behavior Online survey  A simple module, in the right side of the portal  Presenting 3 - 4 questions per topic (depending on the current portal section visited) Stat Drupal Modules  Custom implemented modules  Log User Activity  Keep track and depict main figures about portal activity  Can be filtered by date, user, type of content, group, type of activity (content enrichment, social promotion, networking etc.) Google Analytics
  19. 19. Understanding User behavior  Top Metrics  Avg # Visits/User  Avg # Queries/User  Avg # Clicks/User  Avg Visit duration  Avg Query length  Query refinement rate  Next Page Click Rate  Back Page Click Rate  Frequency of searching (once/day, week etc.)  Success of searching (assessment...)  …
  20. 20. Logging User Behavior Logging user activities on the portal  Downloads/Views  Queries  Anonymous/Register portal accesses (login/logout)  Adding/Updating/Deleting digital contents  Menu clicks  Content Upload  Content Management  Social Promotion & Networking
  21. 21. Logging User Behavior Content Accesses (Download/View)  Axmedis Content  Pdf, Document, Video, Playlist, Slide, Flash, Image, Excel, Archive, Audio, Tool, Collection  Drupal Content  Page, Blog, Event, Forum, Group, Comment Distribution of Content Access per  Access Type, Portal, Platform, Section, Locale, Country, Region, City, Axoid, Nid, Content Type, Partner, User, Timestamp
  22. 22. Logging User Behavior Queries (Simple, Faceted, Advanced)  Distribution of Queries per  User, Content type, Device, IP, User Agent, Query Type, Country, Region, City, Locale, Filter (faceted) Query Cloud Keyword Cloud IPR Wizard  Definition and usage of IPR Models Metadata Editor  Access and usage  Add, Edit metadata Video Annotations  Personal content  Other users content
  23. 23. Logging User Behavior Social Promotion & Networking  Analysis of  Eccentricity  Betweenness  Connections  Creation, Access of Public/Private Web Pages  Activity on Forums, Blogs, Groups or between users  New Contents  Comments to Objects/Web Pages  Invited People  Featured Objects  Recommendations, suggested content  Export/Import of links to/from other SN  Private Messages
  24. 24. Logging User Behavior Menu Clicks  Distribution of clicks per  User, IP, Locale, Timestamp etc.  LAST POSTED, FEATURED, CALENDAR, ADVANCED SEARCH, UPLOAD AND INGEST, POPULAR, MY CONTENT, MY GROUPS , MY COLLEAGUES, GET AFFILIATED, TERMS OF USE, PRIVACY POLICY, TOP RATED, COURSES, LESS POPULAR, UPLOAD NEW CONTENT, etc. Ranking/Voting  # of ranked items  Distribution per  User, IP, Locale, Timestamp etc. QR Code  Access from Mobile Devices Workflow  Distribution of Workflow Type Content Upload  Distribution of uploads per  User, Partner, Timestamp
  25. 25. Content Access September 1st – November 30th 2011 Affiliation # View/Play # DownloadDSI 46 0Not 1292 14partners/AffiliatedPartners/Affiliated 6712 119(except DSI)Public Users 21418 947 Affiliation # View/Play # Download DSI 3 0 Not 100 4 partners/Affiliated Partners/Affiliated 218 11 (except DSI) Public Users 2225 869
  27. 27. Search September 1st – November 30th 2011 Affiliation # Simple Queries # Faceted QueriesDSI 13 0Not 323 24partners/AffiliatedPartners/Affiliated 1094 21(except DSI)Public Users Affiliation 2634 # Advanced 147 Queries DSI 0 Not 18 partners/Affiliate d Partners/Affiliated 4 (except DSI)
  28. 28. Drupal Stat Metrics September 1st – November 30th 2011 Content Access per nid
  29. 29. Drupal Stat Metrics September 1st – November 30th 2011 Views by Query
  30. 30. Drupal Stat Metrics September 1st – November 30th 2011 Content Access per Platform
  31. 31. Understanding User behavior Drupal Stats (collapsible menus on the right)
  32. 32. Google Analytics vs Drupal Stats Service Pros ConsGoogle  Traffic source data  IP approach, each IP is considered anAnalytics  Bounce rate  unique visitor Can’t deal with  Recency (since specific actions on when) portal (e.g.  Loyalty (how downloads, queries) often)  Session timesDrupal Stats   Identity approach Actions  Can’t deal with traffic source data  Download and bounce rate  User Access  Session time raw  Queries approximation  Content type filtering
  33. 33. Sorting Results Sorting by  Upload Time (first time doc uploading date)  Update Time (last time doc updating date)  Score (doc relevance to search query) Combined with faceting and paging
  34. 34. Suggestions REALTIME, while typing a query suggests similar searches  ecl…  eclap  eclap-de-2-1-1-user  eclap-de-2-2-1-usergroup  …
  35. 35. ECLAP Survey
  36. 36. Indexing/Searching Reqs Enriching search experience  Results Sorting  Suggestions Large # of contents (~ 104-106)  External Indexing Service Hidden/Private contents management Monitoring Exceptions  Email notifications Search Engine Friendly (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)  content site crawling HTML dumping
  37. 37. External Indexing Service 1/3 Setup an external service to avoid server overloading when building the index  Taxonomization  Indexing (with exceptions monitoring)  Index Synchronization  Old Index replacement with new one  Index updating  Old contents cleaning (optional)
  38. 38. External Indexing Service 2/3 Taxonom Parent y Taxonomization Performing - Arts  Has a cost pre-computing Cinema Performing  Digital content Arts Music Performing  Execution Rule (JS) Arts  Indexed with object records Documenta Cinema ry Historical Cinema Performing Classical Music Arts Pop Music Cinema Music Object Documentary Historical Classical Pop Taxonomy Performing Arts Cinema Music Documentar Classical y
  39. 39. External Indexing Service 3/3 Indexing with exceptions monitoring  Real-time notifying system  Event time and type (add, update)  Full stacktrace info  Customizable recipients  Object Indexing Recovery  Resource Parse Error Metadata Indexing• Index synchronization  During external indexing, contents may be  Updated/added/deleted on the original index  Need to update these contents Indexed External Indexed on the index (state flag) 1 1 0 1
  40. 40. Search Engine Friendly HTLM dump service  JAVA external service  Periodically invoked by an AXCP rule  Full metadata exporting  Thumbnail  Resource link  Multilanguage  Paginated results
  41. 41. Conclusions Drupal integrated solution for user behavior tracking and analysis  Logging  Stat Data Graph  Online Survey External Indexing Service  Avoids server overloading  HA of query service  Error recovering  Detailed event notifying system  Index Optimization Dumping tool for portal contents (SEO)  Full metadata HTML exporting  Scheduled Service
  42. 42. Future Work Keep collecting Data Deeper Data Analysis  User Sessions  1st, 2nd..., nth click average user behavior  Depict a modular view of the system usage  Popularity/Usability for each feature & functionality  Social Network Analysis (SNA)  Huge Population  User relationships, connections, friendships
  43. 43. References P. Bellini, I. Bruno, D. Cenni, P. Nesi, "Micro grids for scalable media computing and intelligence on distributed scenarious", IEEE Multimedia, 2011 P. Bellini, I. Bruno, D. Cenni, P. Nesi, M. Paolucci, M. Serena, "Semantic Model for Cultural Heritage Social Network and Cross Media Content for Multiple Devices", Conference of the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence, Workshop for Cultural Heritage, 15-17 September 2011, Palermo, Italy
  44. 44. Q&A
  45. 45. APPENDIX
  46. 46. Architecture (former) Index Rebuilder Indexing Rule JS Rule JS SolrJ Client Grid Rule Node Scheduler AXCP SolrXML/HTTP JSP Indexing Searching Cell Module Module Indexing Apache Solr Service Drupal Apache Tomcat Apache HTTP
  47. 47. DrupalWhat is it?Open source content management platformDeveloped by Dries Buytaert in 2001Written in PHPUsers: The Economist,, TheWhite House,Runs on a WEB server (e.g. Apache, IIS) anda database (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  48. 48. Apache LuceneWhat is it?High-performance, full-featured textsearch engine library (indexing andsearching documents)Developed by Doug Cutting (2000)SourceForge, joined Apache SoftwareFoundation in 2001Written entirely in JavaUsers: Wikipedia, Technorati, Nabble,TheServerSide, Akamai, SourceForge
  49. 49. Apache LuceneFeaturesRanked searching (best results returned first)Powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcardqueries, proximity queries, range queries and moreFielded searching (e.g., title, author, contents)Date-range searchingSorting by any fieldMultiple-index searching with merged resultsAllows simultaneous update and searching
  50. 50. Apache LuceneFeaturesDocuments added via IndexWriterDocument = a collection of fieldsNo config files, dynamic field typingFlexible text analysis tokenizers, filtersSearch for documents via IndexSearcher  Hits = search(Query,Filter,Sort,topN)Scoring: tf * idf * lengthNorm
  51. 51. Apache SolrWhat is it?A full text search server based onLucene (Lucene sub-project)Developed by Yonik Seeley at CNETNetworks (2004), donated to the ApacheSoftware Foundation (2006)Written in Java, deployable as a WARUsers: CNET Reviews, CNET Channel,,,,,,
  52. 52. ApacheFeatures SolrAdvanced Full-Text Search CapabilitiesOptimized for High Volume Web TrafficStandards Based Open Interfaces (XML, JSON,HTTP)Web Administration InterfaceServer statistics exposed over JMX formonitoringScalability, efficient Replication to other SolrSearch ServersFlexible and Adaptable with XML configurationExtensible Plugin Architecture