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Feltner Counter Claim Against Esther Thompson


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Manchester Sheriff fails to do his job! Kentucky Equality Federation public advocate Jordan Palmer. Joshua Melton v Esther Thompson.

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Feltner Counter Claim Against Esther Thompson

  1. 1. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY COURT OF JUSTICE CASE NO. 16-S-00013 DISTRICT SMALL CLAIMS CLAY COUNTY DISTRICT COURT JOSHUA MELTON, Individually JAMES RAYMOND FELTNER Spouse DEFENDANTS, v. ESTHER THOMPSON Individually PLAINTIFF. SMALL CLAIMS KRS 24A.290 COUNTERCLAIM Comes Defendants Joshua Melton and his spouse, James Raymond Feltner, whose mailing address is 108 T Street Manchester, KY 40962 filing with counterclaim under KRS 24A.290 against Plaintiff Esther Thompson who owns another business at 500 Railroad Avenue Manchester, KY 40962. Plaintiff illegally evicted Defendant under Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 383.655. Plaintiff filed Case No. 16-S-00013 in an attempt to conceal her illegal actions a month after the illegal eviction once the involvement of the Kentucky Equality Federation was made known to the County Attorney, who has also served as the personal attorney of Plaintiff and her spouse. Defendant was illegally evicted by Plaintiff, with Plaintiff stating “she owned the police” with the assistance with Manchester Police Officer Jeff Couch on July 14, 2016 in the County of Clay, a subdivision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Witness statements are attached hereto. Plaintiff has also willfully violated Kentucky Revised Statues, including but not limited to KRS 383.660, KRS 383.615, KRS 383.660, and the Kentucky Fire Code.
  2. 2. Plaintiff called Defendants “faggots,” and stated she should have never rented to them. This was reported by the Kentucky Equality Federation to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky for violating provisions of the U.S. Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Plaintiff has on multiple occasions entered the leases premises thereby violating KRS 383.615 and KRS 383.670 by entering the leased property without notice; she violated the Defendant’s privacy and personal security. Had Defendant been home, being armed, the Plaintiff could have been wounded under the U.S. Castle Doctrine, in Kentucky law known as KRS 503.055. Plaintiff is in violation of KRS 383.595(1). Additionally, Plaintiff is in violation of the Commonwealth’s Fire Code by failing to maintain working smoke detectors, the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet’s Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction has been notified of this violation.
  3. 3. RELIEF FOR DEFENDANT Plaintiff has violated the laws of this Commonwealth and too often landlords run amok believing tenants have no legal recourse. Defendant claims the following sum from Plaintiff for damages brought about by the above Complaint and moves this Honorable Court to order Plaintiff to pay Defendants three (3) month’s rent at $425.00 per month and refund the July 2016 with a rent payment total of $1,700.00 in addition to $800.00 in legal fees as permitted under Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 383.655. The payment is requested in court before the end of the business day or as soon as permitted under the laws of the Commonwealth. Restrain the Plaintiff from entering any derogatory comments into state and national lease/rental databases. a) Additionally, Defendant’s, both citizens of this Commonwealth, moves this Honorable Court to the following on behalf of the Commonwealth and her citizens for violating the Kentucky Landlord/Tenant relationship: i. Plaintiff requests this Honorable Court fine Plaintiff whatever amount the court deems appropriate for willful and malicious violations of Kentucky law, made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer and not the Defendants, thus not violating this small claims order. The Defendants also request court costs. Defendant requests this be set for a hearing on ________________________________. Respectfully submitted pro se by the Defendants this 8th day of August, 2016, in the 225th year of the Commonwealth. JOSHUA MELTON 108 T Street Manchester, KY 40962 PH: (606) 813-6913 ___________________________________ Joshua Melton, Defendant, Pro Se JAMES RAYMOND FELTNER 108 T Street Manchester, KY 40962 PH: (606) 813-6913 ___________________________________ James Raymond Feltner, Defendant, Pro Se
  4. 4. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true copy of the Motion was placed in the U.S. Mail with postage paid to the following: Esther Thompson 500 Railroad Ave Manchester, KY 40962 This 8th day of August, 2016, in the 225th year of the Commonwealth. ___________________________________ Joshua Melton, Defendant ___________________________________ James Raymond Feltner, Defendant