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"Closed-technology" Certification and Monitoring tools for RAC and HP sector


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"Closed-technology" Certification and Monitoring tools for RAC and HP sector

  1. 1. „Closed-technology” Certification and Monitoring tools for RAC and HP sectorImplementation of the ODS and Fgas regulations in Hungary Mr. Attila ZOLTÁN, managing director HMBC UNEP Thematic meeting on HPMP, Budapest, 19-21 October 2011
  2. 2. Fgas Certification and Monitoring the Hungarian way• Short history of the development the certification and monitoring systems in Hungary,• ODS&F-gas regulations vs the not solved Future Frequently Asked Questions,• Basic targets of the existing Hungarian implementation• The Hungarian way of implementation• Further imaginations and intentions• Summary UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  3. 3. Short history of C&M in Hungary• 1993 - HRACA has been established• 1994 – ODS –Montreal - project – Recovery units, reclaiming station – First personnel certifications• 2000 – start of implementation of 2037/2000 – Second family of green cards, categories A - F!• 2004 – Hungary became EU member – New governmental regulations – Mandatory leakage checking UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  4. 4. Short history of C&M in Hungary• 2006 – the new C&M system – Special card for experts in leak-checking, – Certified companies for leak-checking – Labelling of installed equipment• 2007 - „Implementation of a M&C Body in Hungary” EU twinning light project, beneficiary the HRACA• 2008 – basement of the implementation – new governmental degree – „merged” ODS and FGG – Application to work out and be nominated HMCB, – Succeeded!• 04/07/2009 – the Body started to operate! UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  5. 5. HRACA’s greencard UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  6. 6. . Equipment label Until 2009 by HRACA UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  7. 7. . Leak-checking label Until 2009 by HRACA UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  8. 8. ODS&Fgas regulations and the Future Frequently Asked Questions2006 – the 842/2006 has been released, but not solved FFAQs, missing decisions, interpretations and arrangements: – „independent” from and minimum context to 2037/2000, EN 378, prEN 13313, – alignment of definitions with Regulation 1005/2009, – No clear definitions on application, equipment, refrigeration circuit (we are speaking about!), operator-owner,UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, reporting,… Oct.2011
  9. 9. ODS&Fgas regulations and the Future Frequently Asked Questions– arrangements on Mobile refrigeration equipment, MAC sector (and others, only installed!?),– mandatory registration of RAC companies, same on personnel in MAC sector,– required knowledge on indirect leakage checking in Category II, and IV,– minimum requirements on company certification, categories, but mutual recognition? UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  10. 10. ODS&Fgas regulations and the Future Frequently Asked Questions– arrangements on everybody else should buy refrigerants without any certification but RAC installers! Article 5 (4),– refrigerant pre-charged in non-monobloc systems not in scope,– ID and labelling of already commissioned equipment,– Reason of threshold of 3kg F-gases? MAC sector?,– details of the reporting systems should have been established in every MS, Article 6 (4), but which UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, one Oct.2011
  11. 11. Basic targets of the existing Hungarian implementation• „re-engineering” and expanding the HRACA system by „merging” of ODS and FGG regulations,• involve all the sectors and stakeholders handle, use contain, 3R refrigerants,• Set higher quality levels for the services, maintenance refrigerating circuits, equipment, applications and operators habits,• create a new, internet based certification and registration systems for personnel and companies – Both in installed and mobile sectors – based on 303/, 307/.... and prEN13313 UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  12. 12. Basic targets of the existing Hungarian implementation• control and influence the operators and their equipment, refrigeration circuits, maintenance habits by mandatory refrigeration circuit registration,• follow the traces of refrigerants from the placing on the market up to proper disposal, and not into the environment• collect data by creating database the refrigeration circuits, equipment, operators, the main stakeholders for the present and future (analysis, review, EPBD)• therefore reduce both of direct and indirect environmental load, holistic approach!! UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  13. 13. The Hungarian way of implementationPersonnel certification• All in all more, than 7600 persons with interim certification by HRACA,• The MAC sector has been involved (Category VI for transport refrigeration , VII for automotive AC)• Independent Assessment Bodies for all/part categories – agreement with HMCB• Fgas certified up to 600 persons UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  14. 14. The Hungarian way of implementationPersonnel certification• Fgas assessment process: – E-learning up to 600 tasks differentiated by categories – internet-based test examination, 2 hours – theoretical/practical assessment, 1-2 day(s)• Certification are valid for 5 years• HMBC IT system for all, from HRACA trainings, registration, exams up to interim and final certificate. UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  15. 15. The Hungarian way of implementationCompany certification, criteria• Intermediate solution (HRACA since 2006 & now HMCB) – Registration at the authorities - dangerous waste – Self-audit, declaration about the acceptance of HMBC’s criteria – immediate registration, interim validity 30 days to be able to buy refrigerant after 4th of July, – interim criteria: declaration, certified personnel employed, fees payed, UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  16. 16. The Hungarian way of implementationCompany certification, criteria• Final certification by auditing (start 2010-11), based on – compliance with legal criteria, – technical infrastructure, list of minimum tools, – procedure descriptions, administration, – updated refrigerant inventory – filling up the data in IT needed – certified personnel employed + IT registered – yearly registration fees payed UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  17. 17. The Hungarian way of implementationCompany certification• all the stakeholders must be in the system• certification are valid until fulfilling the criteria• systematical control and audit by IT data,• Certification for companies: – handle, use, recover refrigerants and install, service, maintain refrigeration circuits, – Categories Installed I,II,IV, and MAC I,II – More than 1200 certified companies UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  18. 18. The Hungarian way of implementationRegistration of operators• Registration for operators, owners (private person or company): – now mandatory only for the operators of ≥ 3kg refrigeration /AC/HP circuits, or anybody else – Now over 2200 registered entity – Later ( 01.01.2012?) MAC ≥ 3kg too,• But: UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  19. 19. The Hungarian way of implementationStakeholder companies registration• Registration for companies: – handle, use, recover refrigerants for own special purposes (manufacturing, WEEE plants, R&D, training centres, etc), reclaiming, recovering facilities and third parties – up to 100 registered company• All the stakeholders should be in the system UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  20. 20. The Hungarian way of implementationMonitoring the refrigeration circuits, use of refrigerant, the operators’ habits• Database for all the data required• Handling the relations between operators and companies (and personnel!)• Labelling, minutes, protocols• Data-evaluations, reporting• Information source for public, body, authorities UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  21. 21. Personnel Registration,Assessment fee paid, Operator yearly control ownerPersonnel only to becertified Refrigeration registered “Licensed” circuit if more service database than 3 kg!! companiesCompany in fourcertification technical (later MAC categories: data, label, too!! leakch, HLH-I, -II brake in,Realtime IT admin... Stakeholderscertification! MAC-I, -IILegal, to be admin registered putTechnical, Refrigerant on the market,Procedures a management use, reclaim, dispose,CERTIFICATION MONITORING refrigerant Hungarian Monitoring and Certification structure, Oct, 1011, Budap
  22. 22. And now, in the realityHungarian Monitoring and Certification Body for installed and mobile Refrigeration, AirConditioning and Heatpump sector, appointed by the Minister responsible for the Environment on the 29th of June 2009 UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  23. 23. UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  24. 24. .Personnel Certification• Transitional cetrtifications – Issued by HRACA• Interim certifications – Issued by HMCB• Personnel Categories/blue cards by HMCB – Installed I- IV – Mobile V-VII – HP, Gasheater-Installers, inspectors in preparation phase UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  25. 25. .UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  26. 26. Company certification, registrationHLH- I, HLH-II - installedMAC-I, MAC-II- mobileHLH – IV – operators’leakcheckerRefrigerant dealer –whole and resaleK – outside HU, exportKF – R&DManufacturerR - reclaimingS – disposalBT – application operator UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  27. 27. Operators, refrigeration circuits• LABEL• Mandatory minutes: – Leakage checking, after-repairs too! – Filling up-recovering –correction refrigerant charge – Breakin circuit-repairs – Control installed leakage checking equipment• Ability of uploading all other documents needed – Leakage checking documentation (mandatory),..• a kind of e-logbook!!• More than 30.000 registered refrigeration circuit UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  28. 28. The label Electronic labelthe only one can beprinted from the IT system!!
  29. 29. Use of minutes, protokols by appointed Certified person of partner Certified Company rolling menus, predefined data control of refrigerant charge vs filled/recovered quantity history retrofit UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  30. 30. Refrigerant inventory, now• Certified companies – ≥ 3kg refrigeration circuits – IT based – Record-keeping excel sheets by Body – yearly or on-request declarations and /or reports (criteria of company recertification!)• Registered companies use refrigerant – Only record-keeping and yearly report UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  31. 31. Refrigerant inventory, now• Refrigerant wholesalers and retailers extras! – Record-keeping of sold refrigerants (buyer name, type, quantity, certificationcontrol in the IT system!)• Operators of ≥ 3kg refrigeration circuits – Registration, basic data by the operator – IT based administration by CP of CCs UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  32. 32. Refrigerant Lifecycle• MSs’ refrigerant management system for all the stakeholders in installed and mobile sector to achieve a closed circuit refrigerant monitoring system – manufacturer, – wholesaler, retailer,.. – certified companies – with mandatory reporting – operators, where the refrigerant leaks – disposal sites,.., where the refrigerant disappears!! UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  33. 33. The results• a well-functioning personnel assessment and certification system covering all the trade,• company certification and registration system for all the stakeholders,• mandatory registration of operators and their equipment, refrigeration circuits,• the IT system : – ensures the registration, ID and labelling of refrigeration circuits, – contains all the mandatory record keepings of the operators – treats the relations between entities and authorisations, – builds up database for control, certification and evaluation, UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  34. 34. The results– is open for everybody, for the authorities to use– is open for further developments, as: • MS’s refrigerant management system • further personnel and/or company categories, • further sectors of operators, • registration of different entities , as MAC, heating devices, • for record keeping of energetic evaluations, etc.– ready to handle all the data in real-time mode– able to evaluate the database from every aspects UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  35. 35. The results, the summary of refrigerants’ use2009’LM/Fl reports 2010.08.19cca. 11.000 refrigeration circuit from 21.000 registeredtype leaked /kg summa/kg leaking rates %Others 12.00 61.0 19.6R-12 4.00 105.5 3.79R-13 239.36 3.4 7040.0R-134a 2108.00 45807.5 4.6R-404A 21023.10 194998.1 10.78R-407C 8016.12 68221.5 11.75R-410A 468.00 10303.8 4.54R-413A 8.00 116.1 6.89R-507 20.00 216.0 9.26 UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  36. 36. The results, the summary of refrigerants’ usetype leaked /kg summa/kg leaking rates %R-422D 105.00 849.2 12.36R-23 7.50 76.6 9.79R-22 20497.08 88599.8 23.13R-402A 135.90 269.6 50.41R-408A 4.00 26.0 15.38R-409A 91.00 220.4 41.29Propan R-290 29.00 9.6 302.08R-115 45.00 270.0 16.67R-407A 1399.50 138.8 1008.29Overall 54 210 kg 410 168 kg 13,22 % UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  37. 37. Hungarian Monitoring and Certification Body HLH-Monitoring Nonprofit Kft.Petzvál József 31-33.., 1119 Budapest, Hungary Managing Director: Mr. Attila Zoltán t/fax: +36-1-224 0150 UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011
  38. 38. ?????????????????????? Thanks for attention UNEP&HMCB_HPMP_Budapest, Oct.2011