What can we do in Hungary for safer environment in utilization of SF6


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What can we do in Hungary for safer environment in utilization of SF6

  1. 1. Hungarian Electrotechnical Associaiton What can we do in Hungary for safer environment in utilization of SF6 Kovács András General Secretary1
  2. 2. Background from EU For the purposes of the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 842/2006, in the COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 305/2008 laid down rules on the qualification of personnel carrying out activities on equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases which can potentially cause leakage.This regulation has requirements and rules for the Notifying Authority, Personnel Certification Body, and considered „Minimum requirements, as to the skills and knowledge to be covered by the evaluation bodies”.The Hungarian Government according to the COMMISSIONREGULATION (EC) No 308/2008 notified the bodies. 2
  3. 3. Hungarian regulation• Hungary has adopted the regulations of EC, and the government anounced a decree No 310/2008. (XII. 20.) about activity, related to materials that are dageruos for ozone layer and fluorinated greenhouse gases.• The parts of this decree, relevant to SF6 area: – Notifying authority – Personnel certification body – Labelling procedure (equipments) – Reporting procedure (every year) – Repeated education and examination (5 years) 3
  4. 4. General informationNotifying Authority: Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Minisztérium (today: Ministry of Rural Development Department for Environmental AffairsDate of Notification: 2008-12-22Personnel Certification Body (name and contactdetails): Magyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesület (Hungarian Electrotechnical Association) H-107 Budapest, Madách Imre út 5. III. Tel: +36 1 312 0662, Fax: +36 1 353 4069 Güntner Attila irodavezető E-mail: guntner@mee.hu 4
  5. 5. Why MEE∆ Foundation 1900∆ Very closed to thedevelopment of Hungarianelectrical engineering andelectrical industry.∆ Famous names from the life ofthe association: Bláthy Ottó Titusz, Déri Miksa, Kandó Kálmán, Liska József, Pattantyús Á. Géza, Zipernowsky Károly, Verbély László, Straub Sándor 5
  6. 6. The mission of MEEThe Hungarian ElectrotechnicalAssociation (MEE) is an organization ofthe electrical engineers and technicians,based on voluntary and commitment. Itworks on the elevation of quality ofelectricity with member cooperation. Theoperation of the association is expandedto the science, education and thetechnical practical life as well. In theinterest of common good it takes part inpreparation of social (governmental)decisions. 6
  7. 7. Organization54 local organization 7
  8. 8. Scope of qualificationArea: switching devices and their combination with associated control, measuring, protective and regulating equipment, and assemblies of such devices and equipment with associated interconnections, accessories, enclosures and supporting structures, intended for use in connection with generation, transmission,distribution and conversion of electric energy at rated voltages above 1000 V.Activity and staff: personnel recovering certain fluorinated greenhousegases from high-voltage switchgear. This means: maintenance, installation, mounting and demounting. 8
  9. 9. Education• Authors of MEE have written special material for education, based on annex of COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 305/2008.• MEE has developed a training program divided lessons theoretical and practical parts.• The students can claim to cunsultation before exam.• The best specialist of this area carried out the training and exam. 9
  10. 10. Examination• Examination one week after trainig course• Personnel Certification Body: 3 senior experts, delegated by MEE• Questions: – 1 about equipment – 1 about environmental area or, SF6 – 1 about measuring procedures or organization of activity – 1 practical task• Evaluation: acceptable answer for all questions 10
  11. 11. Certifikate• Examination and certification body is same (From 305/2008: „A certification body as referred to in Article 5 may also qualify as an evaluation body.”)• MEE grants permit to (somebody) to handle and operate SF6 gas used in electrical equipments.• Qualification validity: 5 years. 11
  12. 12. Results• MEE created advertisement on WEB, in newspaper, and sent letters to biggest utility and service company.• To the end of 2009 the training courses were cost free.• MEE organized 4 training course and exam for 120 persons.• 115 of them passed examen and have certification. 12
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  16. 16. Other activites• Data collections from reports of SF6 business sectors.• The companies send report to MEE to the end of March about stored gas, amount of gas moved in or out: – Trade companies I.(export, and import of SF6 gas) – Trade companies II. (export, and import of SF 6 filled equipment) – Construction and service companies – Utility companies from each sites.• MEE evaluates and clarifies data, and sends report to Environmental Authority. 16
  17. 17. www.mee.huwww.mee.hu www.mee.hu www.mee.hu www.mee.hu Thank you for attention. www.mee.hu www.mee.hu www.mee.hu 17