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Charted accountant course1


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This presentation gives you the complete information about the course of C.A

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Charted accountant course1

  1. 1. Introduction to C.A Brief explanation By: Piya Mishra Charted Accountant Course
  2. 2. Why for C.A  C.A is a well professional course set up by parliament .  It is planned and recruited by institute of chartered Accountant of India.  CA is the best option for the commerce students .  It is financially viable and most appreciable course
  3. 3. Procedure of Examination:  The candidate need to appear in CPT . This is the first level of examination .  After passing in mock test , The candidate need to appear in IPCC examination known as intermediate professional competence course  After passing IPCC examination, The candidate shall required to work under a CA.
  4. 4. Career Opportunity Requirement of C.A For audit of accounts, internal check, accuracy of financial statement, and accessing books of accounts.
  5. 5. Qualification to be a C.A:  Person having certificate issued by ICAI.  Candidate adopted procedure prescribe by the ICAI.
  6. 6. Procedure Chartered Accountant Common preferency test Intermediate professional competency course final level of examination Certified by ICAI
  7. 7. Coverage of subjects:  C.A is only a course witch covers almost all the subjects, it includes-  Accounts  Costing  Financial management  Statistic  Mathematics  Low  Taxation
  8. 8. Thank You  For any query, please contact us on our email id  To know more about C.A, you can click here  For more information you can visit @ 