Tablet PCs for the Call Center


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An article on using Tablet PC's in the call center. What content to display and applications for the tablet PC.

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Tablet PCs for the Call Center

  1. 1. Tablet PC’s in the Call Center June 2012The sales of tablet PC’s has exploded in the last year. Call centers are starting to use them and many callcenter managers are wondering how to use them. At the same time IT departments are working tokeep them under the corporate security umbrella.Most important is to know that many vendors are working to make tablets very secure for the corporateenvironment. Companies such as McAfee, Symantec, Novell, Juniper, Cisco, VMWare and Citrix have orare working on products that make tablets more secure in the corporate workplace. This should put theIT department at ease knowing these devices can be added with very little cause for concern.Web based reporting on a tablet PC A three layer web reportThe tablet and the reporting it provides should be a reflection of the managers work habits. If themanager is mobile working remote, traveling often or working from different offices then the tabletshould have web based reporting. Web reporting is set up to show a summary report and have multiplelayers of drill down for increasingly more detailed agent information. Layer 1 - Summary information such as Voice, Email, Chat Layer 2 - Agent Summary information for each skill group for the different channels (Voice,email, and chat) Layer 3 - Agent States information for each channel to give detailed results per agent.The purpose behind this reporting is to show status details of the call center and then both performanceand status information for the agents. This level of reporting give the manager the ability to be mobileand stayed connected to the call center.Dashboards on the table PC
  2. 2. Managers that are internally mobile want to stay connected by seeing a dashboard with current statusand performance data on the call center. The dashboards could be displaying summary content, specificgroup data and group analytics. With this level of data the mobile manager can encourage agents tomeet their stated goals and objectives. The dashboard should include multiple screens of contentshowing details on each group and if appropriate more details on the agent summary for the day.Managers can use this real time information to assist the agents, in real time, with meeting goals andobjectives.Another application for the tablet PC is for senior management status meetings. Having a scorecardupdating in real time the manager can show how the call center is meeting the goals and objectives setby senior management. See a Spectrum article on scorecarding.Tablet PC’s are not a fad so call center managers should be looking at ways to incorporate tablets intotheir daily work habits. Think about the type of manager you are and have content built around thoserequirements. The content should be a method of obtaining and supporting the goals you have set forreal time reporting in the call center.Spectrum is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center Reporting. Contact Spectrum today tolearn more about using Tablet PC’s in the call center.Follow Spectrum Corporation: • SlideShare • LinkedIn • Blog
  3. 3. Dan BoehmVP Sales and 713 986 8839