Visual Website Optimizer Review & Bonus


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Visual Website Optimizer Review & Bonus

  1. 1. How Visual Website Optimizer Can Help You InYour Online BusinessVisual Website Optimizer is a great website testing tool. It offersA/B testing, multivariate testing and a host of other testing andanalytics features numbering around a hundred. This is a user-friendly split testing software which can be used without anyHTML or coding knowledge.
  2. 2. Comprehensive Website TestingLet’s look at Visual Website Optimizer’s A/B testing and multivariatetesting solutions. A/B testing allows you to generate two or moreversions of your existing website so you can know which of theversions is the best performing. Multivariate testing basically dealswith combining many changes of your site including elements such asimages and headings. This helps you to find out which of thecombinations performs the best in terms of ensuring conversions.There are heatmaps offered as well which can help you know whichlinks, images or buttons are the ones that are viewed or clicked themost by your readers.
  3. 3. Revenue Tracking and Smartphone OptimizationRevenue tracking is a great system that can help you track yourconversion rate. There are also a host of other bits of in-depth data suchas sales per vistors, average order value, etc. With usability testing youcan receive precious feedback on the landing pages of your website. Thisdata can be used for you to identify issues your website visitors may face.You can also receive ideas on how your site can be improved. You canshow your visitors personalized content as well as offers. This could helpincrease your rate of conversions.Visual Website Optimizer could also optimize your website for tablets andmobile phones. You can optimize your landing pages as well as otherpages through an editor. The editor mimics the user experience ofmobiles and tablets.
  4. 4. Smooth Integration with Other PlatformsThe great thing about Visual Website Optimizer, other than its user-friendliness and comprehensive reports and website testing, is itssmooth integration with major shopping cart, analytics and contentmanagement systems. As a result, reports and testing are quite easy.You have plugins provided for Clicky, Google Analytics, AdobeSiteCatalyst, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and Drupal.
  5. 5. Hardcore Developers Would Love This ToolVisual Website Optimizer is something that website owners, largebusinesses as well as small enterprises and affiliate marketers canemploy without having significant knowledge of HTML or coding.However, hardcore web developers have lots to look forward to aswell since they are offered CSS, JavaScrit and HTML for editing. Forthose who are not in that league, the WYSIWYG user-friendly editorcan help them create the various versions of their website.WYSIWYG basically means What You See Is What You Get.
  6. 6. Summing Up...Visual Website Optimizer is a tool you must have. It isuser-friendly while also being powerful andcomprehensive in the reports and A/B testingservices it provides. Here it really scores head andshoulders above its competition.To Get The Most Value Out Of VisualWebsite Optimizer , Click The Link BelowVisual Website Optimizer Review