Using Rss Feeds To Replace The Need For Cold Calling


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Using RSS Feeds To Eliminate The Need For Cold Calling
RSS Feeds are among the most effective lead generation tools available on the market today.

If any of the following company criteria fits your Ideal Customer Profile, then we will show you how to set up a simple, low cost system that will drive a steady stream of incoming leads into your sales team:

1) Companies Buying, Building or Expanding Operations (e.g. Headquarter Site, Call Center, Sales Office, Mfg. Facility, Warehouse or Distribution Center

2) Leadership Changes At The "C" Level

3) Companies That Have Just Received New Funding or Are Releasing A New Product

4) Have Just Posted A Large Number Of new Jobs

5) Announced They Have Missed Their Quarterly Goals

If You Are Looking For Automatic Notification Of Companies In Your Target Industry / Market Segment That Are Going Through One Of These "New Sales Opportunity Events," then an RSS Feed System can provide your organization * Dave Kalstrom - Outbound Excellence - 602-770-0012 -

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Using Rss Feeds To Replace The Need For Cold Calling

  1. 1. Using RSS News Feeds to Replace The Need For Cold Calling
  2. 2. RSS News Feeds Key Component of Sales Intelligence Automatically Separate Prospects from Suspects Identify Key Prospect Activities that Indicate Target Opportunities Establish Immediate Credibility and Trust with Target Decision Makers Value of RSS News Feeds
  3. 3. Value of RSS News Feeds
  4. 4. RSS News Feeds Harvest Targeted List Smart Calls RSS Feeder will Spider the Internet Retrieving Newsfeeds with Complete Details of each Target Sales Opportunity A Smart Call is made to a Targeted Decision Maker Regarding a Statement Made in a Published News Release. Prospecting Success Immediately Increases 600% How Do You Set-Up An RSS News Feed System Identify Ideal Sales Opportunity Profile Identify Target Keywords & Target RSS Feed Sites
  5. 5. How Many New Sales Opportunities Will A News Feeder Identify On Average… there are over 250 Companies in America each month that Announce they are Buying, Building or Expanding their Facilities and Adding a Large Number of New Jobs.
  6. 6. SalesView by InsideView Automated or Pre-Configured RSS News Feed System Two Ways To Configure RSS News Feed Systems BlogBridge Manually Configured RSS News Feed System
  7. 7. SalesView by InsideView Strength: Automated / Easy-To-Use Weakness: Less Targeted / Less Specific Pre-Configured RSS News Feed Systems Leadership Changes New Offerings Acquisitions Partnerships Expanding Operations Cost Cutting Outperforming Underperforming Company Presentation Litigation Compliance Research & Development Data Security Funding Developments Bankruptcy & Restructuring Real Estate: Deals Real Estate: Construction Corporate Challenges
  8. 8. Automated RSS News Feed Sales View Automated News Feeds such as SalesView – simply require you to type in a company name or paste in a listing of company names to start a News Feed Search
  9. 9. Pre-Configured Keywords & RSS Feed Sites There are 18 Different Business Intelligence Keywords Pre-programmed along with Targeted RSS News Feed Sites
  10. 10. Automatically Gathers & Sorts by Company and Category Within less than a minute, the News Feed System will search the Selected News Feed sites and gather News Articles that include the Company Name and Keywords you selected for each RSS News Feed. It automatically sorts the News Feeds by Company and Category and indicates the # of News Feeds captured in each category.
  11. 11. Example #1 New $1B Manufacturing Plant RSS News Feeds that Identify Companies that are: Buying, Building or Expanding their Operations and Adding New Jobs ….. Generally Include: Company Name and Line of Business - Contact Name and Title, Location and Type of Project – Size of Project – Project Start and Opening Date & # of New Jobs
  12. 12. Example #2 New Call Center & 200 Jobs RSS News Feeds allow you to Identify the Type of Facility involved in an expansion plan …. such as a New Manufacturing Plant, New Call Center, Hospital, Headquarter Site, etc. allowing you to receive Daily Sales Leads that would receive maximum value from your offering(s).
  13. 13. Pros & Cons of Automated vs. Manually Configured Systems Automated RSS News Feeds Provide Ease of Use But Lack The Quality Of Feeds Provided With A Manually Configured RSS News Feed System Such As BlogBridge
  14. 14. BlogBridge - Manually Configured RSS News Feed System Step #1 In Configuring A Manual RSS News Feed System is to Select A Guide An RSS Feed Guide is a “Category” in which Targeted News Feeds will be “Fed” In this example, the Guide or Category of News Feeds we have selected is “Expansion” For this category of Feeds we want to Identify Companies Buying, Building or Expanding their Operations & Adding New Jobs
  15. 15. Ability To Select Finely Tuned - News Feeds
  16. 16. Choice of Standard or Custom News Feed Sources You have the option of selecting RSS Feed sites from a menu or selecting your own RSS Feed site. RSS Feed Sources Our Program Offers 4500 News Sources Google News / Yahoo News Reuters / NY Times Biz Journals Expansion Management Hoovers / D & B Business Wire / Forbes CEO Express Business Week / MSNBC CNET / Onion / BBC Fox News / Washington Post
  17. 17. An Ongoing Stream of Highly Targeted Sales Opportunities
  18. 18. How To Use RSS News Feeds to Obtain Targeted Sales Opportunities Here is an example of a News Feed BlogBridge would retrieve based on the Category: Expansion and the News Feed Search Term: “Expands Operations”
  19. 19. Over 200 Companies Buying, Building or Expanding Operations - Each Month Here is a sample report of the daily RSS News Feeds we provide to our clients each day. You’ll also receive an ongoing stream of New …. Targeted Sales Opportunities.
  20. 20. Hello Jim – This is Dave Kalstrom with Outbound Excellence Jim, I just saw an article come across the newswire where you were discussing the release of your NEW Mobile Application for the iPad. On October 17 th we’re presenting a webcast showcasing this summers hottest and most innovative iPad applications ….. ….. I was wondering if presenting your NEW application at that webcast would fit into your marketing strategy? Using RSS News Feeds to Change the Prospecting Game Here is an example of how we Leverage RSS News Feeds to Generate our own New Targeted Sales Opportunities
  21. 21. Outbound Excellence 877-337-2674 David Kalstrom We’ll set up a tailored RSS News Feed System in your organization for a $495 “one time” fee … or … We’ll provide you with a Daily Intelligence Report of Companies that are Buying, Building or Expanding Operations and adding new Jobs providing your Sales Organization with a steady stream of New Target Sales Opportunities for just $249. per month with a monthly guarantee of 150 sales leads