Story To Reflect Upon 151, 152


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Two short stories with LIFE Lessons for reflection

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Story To Reflect Upon 151, 152

  1. 1. Story To Reflect Upon 151 Seven Wonders of the World A teacher once asked her class of 8-year old children to list down what they think are the present Seven Wonders Of The World. After some time the teacher collected the papers. There were some similarities as well as areas of disagreement. She went through the lists and found that the most popular ones were: * The Great Wall Of China * The Taj Mahal * The Pyramids of Egypt * The Grand Canyon * The Eiffel Tower * The Statue of Liberty * The Niagara Falls The teacher then noticed that one girl had not passed up her list. She appeared to be still thinking. The teacher approached her and asked, “Sweetie, haven’t you decided on the Seven Wonders Of The World?” The girl said, “Teacher, there are so many and it’s difficult to decide.” “Never mind,” the teacher said. “Tell us. Perhaps we can help.” The girl hesitated and then said, “I think the Seven Wonders Of The World are: * To See * To Hear * To Smell * To Taste * To Touch * To Think * To Love The teacher and the whole class were amazed at the profound answers of the girl. Reflections * We take for granted many ‘ordinary’ things which are truly wondrous. * There are many things which truly important and matter the most in life – love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and understand. These can be developed through the proper use of our senses and mind.
  2. 2. Story To Reflect Upon 152 Bag Of Cookies A woman bought a book and a bag of cookies from an airport shop. She found a place to sit while waiting for her flight which was a couple of hours due. Sitting next to her was a middle-aged man , a stranger. She started to read the book. As she read her book, she dipped her hand inside the bag of cookies placed between her and the stranger. She started to munch one by one at each cookie and at the same time was engrossed at the book. Despite the fact that she was at her book, somehow, she knew that each time she took out a cookie from the cookie bag, the stranger also grabbed one to munch. “This is too much,” she thought to herself. “The stranger is stealing from my cookie bag.” However she chose to ignore the matter even though she could feel her anger and irritation rising. This went on until only one cookie was left in the bag. “Now let’s see what he’d do,” the woman thought furiously. The stranger took out the last cookie, broke it into two and offered one half to the woman. She snatched the half cookie with anger amounting at what she considered the height of rudeness on the part of the stranger. Soon it was time for her to board the plane. She marched off without looking at the thieving ingrate. When she boarded the plane and took her seat, she, to her great shock, found that her cookie bag was in her hand luggage. Only then did she realize, the cookies she had been eating were actually from the cookie bag belonging to the stranger who had been so kind to share them with her. She had mindlessly put her own cookie bag into her hand luggage. It was too late for her to apologize to the stranger. She was the rude one, the ingrate, the thief. Reflection * Sometimes we react in ill will and anger to a happening thinking it is due to the wrong of another. Later we realize that the mistake is ours. * The trained mind takes things calmly and does not react negatively. It investigates and resolves any ‘conflict’ peacefully.