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November 8 workshop

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  • We got started in web 1 to show how to order and register for teachers, so teachers have access to be tter productivity, so how do we have students access the system for better engagement.
  • Have participants write this down if you want to have them register students. The Redemption Code is available for teachers on their landing page.
  • Fill out required information, CLICK to show a customized Username/Password (directions are you ) Redemption code is optional as well. Different redemption codes can be used on one spreadsheet (for district or multiple class uploads). Save with the disk icon and close this file.
  • This can be saved anywhere by the teacher and renamed.
  • Explain that clicking on the TE gives just the TE, the SE gives the SE and to get everything click on the underlined label. Both are the same. To create a class you must open the underlined content information.
  • Top icons, Manage and Assign and MY Files, CLICK favorites and Help, CLICK and at the top the word ConnectED takes you back to the original landing page where content is chosen.
  • Student may already appear at the bottom of the list, or the search can be narrowed down by the drop down menu buttons.
  • Connect ed training powerpoint rev1020

    1. 1. What isConnectED?
    2. 2. A simpler solution toteacher productivity and student engagement.
    3. 3. Teacher RegistrationStudent RegistrationAdvanced Features
    4. 4. District ResponsibilitiesTeacher Registration • Receives communication from MGH with Master Codes • Registers on ConnectED to obtain username and password •Once in a lifetime • Registers master codes for student edition/teacher edition • Master codes registers texts to the teacher (16 digit) • Receives the Student Edition Redemption Codes •Redemption Codes registers student to teacher (12 digit)
    5. 5. If you have a usernameand password forConnectEd, please raiseyour hand.Skip to slide 14 if all hands are up
    6. 6. Teacher Registration
    7. 7. Teacher Registration
    8. 8. Teacher Registration
    9. 9. Teacher Registration
    10. 10. Teacher Registration
    11. 11. Teacher Registration
    12. 12. Teacher Registration
    13. 13. Teacher Registration
    14. 14. If you have redeemed themaster code for yourteacher’s edition, please raiseyour hand now.Skip to slide 19 if all hands are up
    15. 15. Redeem Master Code
    16. 16. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxRedeem Master Code
    17. 17. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxRedeem Master Code
    18. 18. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxRedeem Master Code
    19. 19. If you have alreadyredeemed your studentedition, please skip thenext few directions.
    20. 20. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxRedeem Master Code
    21. 21. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxRedeem Master Code
    22. 22. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxRedeem Master Code
    23. 23. Redeem Master Code
    24. 24. Redeem Master Code
    25. 25. Redeem Master Code
    26. 26. Redeem Master Code
    27. 27. Redeem Master Code
    28. 28. Teacher RegistrationStudent Registration
    29. 29. Student Registration Teacher/District Import Individual Student Registration
    30. 30. Teacher/District Import
    31. 31. Teacher/District Import
    32. 32. Customized Username/PasswordTeacher/District Import
    33. 33. Choose Wallingford Sch District, then click Browse.Teacher/District Import
    34. 34. Teacher/District Import
    35. 35. Teacher/District Import
    36. 36. Teacher/District Import
    37. 37. Teacher/District Import
    38. 38. Teacher/District Import
    39. 39. Teacher/District Import
    40. 40. Save into your network folder.Teacher/District Import
    41. 41. Teacher/District Import
    42. 42. Teacher RegistrationStudent RegistrationAdvanced Features
    43. 43. Advanced Features My Classes
    44. 44. My Classes Add/Remove Students
    45. 45. cMy Classes
    46. 46. Create ClassMy Classes
    47. 47. My Classes
    48. 48. My Classes
    49. 49. My Classes
    50. 50. Type your name.My Classes
    51. 51. My Classes
    52. 52. Add/Remove Students
    53. 53. Click the Optional down arrow search for next to narrowing Select down Content and student choose My list. Redemption Codes.Add/Remove Students
    54. 54. Check this box to select all students.Add/Remove Students
    55. 55. Add/Remove Students
    56. 56. If a new student enters your class after you havecompleted this process, follow the directions below:1. Go to the ConnectEd folder in Teacher Resources and open the BLANK form for adding new students.xls.2. Fill in the student information for the new student ONLY under all of the red columns. Leave the others blank.3. Get the network username and password from your school office.4. Save the file to your network folder.5. Follow the same directions for Importing Students that you did for the entire class. (Slides 30-41)
    57. 57. Questions?