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Open Contracting and Data Standards: Lessons from the International Aid Transparency Initiative


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Presented at the UK Open Contracting Workshop on 5th November 2015:

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Open Contracting and Data Standards: Lessons from the International Aid Transparency Initiative

  1. 1. Bond? Has supported 175 UK NGOs and 44 non-UK NGOs to use IATI, funded by DFID Sit on the IATI Steering Committee, co-chair of Members Advisory Group, co-chair of the CSO Working Group and work closely with the IATI technical team Advise NGO national networks in countries where IATI is becoming part of contractual requirements (Netherlands, Belgium currently) Work with DFID and DFID fund managers including PWC, Triple Line (Crown Agents), Mannion Daniels and humanitarian funders such as Start and DEC. Share practical guidance, learning and experiences online via Bond’s website and at conferences and events 2 FTE staff handling on average 50 technical enquiries per month, writing content for website and running workshops and events Bond and IATI (international open data standard on development finance)
  2. 2. Three things we’ve learnt from ‘practising IATI’ 1.Aid information is only open and transparent when it’s the right information, in the right place, at the right time and in a recognisable format.
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  5. 5. Three things we’ve learnt from ‘practising IATI’ 2. Be in it for the long term: • Organisational change takes time! • It needs monitoring systems in place • It needs to be embedded in the culture of an organisation • It needs user feedback to make it better
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  8. 8. “NB: Until procurement of new IT systems are complete, the budget for the project will remain confidential. This version of the business case does not contain budget numbers.” Quote from URA business case (DFID/ASI): Link within ASI’s data, accessed via 05/11/2015.
  9. 9. Three things we’ve learnt from ‘practising IATI’ 3. Pay close attention to the human aspects of implementing an open data standard and be prepared for it to be used in unexpected ways.
  10. 10. Thank you! For more information about Bond’s work on IATI, please go to