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Twenty Thirteen - Ins and Outs of Developing a Default Theme


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Twenty Thirteen - Ins and Outs of Developing a Default Theme

  1. 1. Twenty Thirteen Ins and Outs of Developing a Default Theme
  2. 2. Konstantin Obenland Theme Wrangler at Automattic @obenland
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Default Themes In General
  5. 5. Goals With Yearly Themes - Create something different from the year before - Show off the latest and greatest features - Support child themes and encourage customization - Have an aesthetically pleasing design - Work for a blog or a website - Represent best coding practices, technical excellence
  6. 6. General Process Matt sets design vision and feature directionMatt sets design vision and feature direction Designer creates mockups Matt selects an existing theme Wrangler converts mockups into a working theme Matt selects an existing theme Community tests and polishes the draftCommunity tests and polishes the draft
  7. 7. Twenty Thirteen
  8. 8. Team for Twenty Thirteen Matt Project Owner Joen Theme Designer Konstantin Theme Developer Lance Project Lead
  9. 9. January February March April Timeline 158 27 29 Kick Off January 2 2 First design mockups January 17 17 Final design January 31 31 Working Theme February 8 Core commit February 15 Code freeze March 27 Release April 29
  10. 10. Design Vision - Back to the blog - Beautiful implementation of post formats - Visually very unique, maybe even a little quirky
  11. 11. Homework - HTML5 comment markup - HTML5 input types for comment form and search form - Provide context for translation in search form and comments heading - Twenty Thirteen to be designed with accessibility as a priority
  12. 12. Opinionated Design - Full of fun design details to create a warm and welcoming vibe. - Ships with three header images that work well with the bold color scheme. - One-column layout is the default — theme works best with no sidebar. - Optional display fonts for beautiful typography. - A flexible, wide layout that looks great on large screens yet remains device-agnostic. - Bundled icon font that makes zooming, printing, and recoloring much easier and more accessible.
  13. 13. Release - Together with 3.6 release - Pre-release on - No pre-release to the Themes Directory
  14. 14. What’s next?
  15. 15. Thank you! Questions?