STNA Training Classes


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The need for healthcare professionals has never been greater, and it's only going to increase as members of the "Baby Boomer" generation reaches their senior years. One can become a certified State Tested Nurse's Aide (STNA) at very low cost and in a very short time. Visit:

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STNA Training Classes

  1. 1. The HOTTEST Jobs In the FASTEST growing Industry of the 21st Century
  2. 2. So… Just WHAT'S So Special Anyway?
  3. 3. So... Just what IS so special about a career in healthcare? Well, the real question is … where to start? There are a LOT of reasons a career in the healthcare sector is a very wise choice for the young person just beginning his/her career. But perhaps the first and best reason has to do with the current state of the US population.
  4. 4. The post-World War II era (between the years 1946 and 1964) saw an explosion in new births within the United States. Today the "baby boomer" generation represents roughly 1/4 of the entire population of the United States ... that's about 75 MILLION (75,000,000) people! ... and they're aging!!! The "Baby Boomers"
  5. 5. The oldest of the boomers are already approaching age 70… and the others will follow suit over the next 2 decades.
  6. 6. Now WHAT do you think that's going to mean… … as far as the demand for professionals in the healthcare industry?
  7. 7. It means that the demand will go…
  8. 8. So just HOW HARD do you think It's going to be to get a good job in the healthcare sector? With the skyrocketing demand…
  9. 9. What does it cost to start a career these days? Well, a college education can cost TENS of THOUSANDS of Sadly, out of reach for many… And many borrow for college … then begin their careers with a huge burden of debt on their shoulders, that can take many years to pay off! Affordability
  10. 10. In contrast, to train and become certified as a nurse's aide can be accomplished for … Under $1,000!
  11. 11. It takes a minimum of 4 years of hard study to achieve a Bachelors Degree in a typical college. And if a student wants to go for a Masters Degree or higher, it will take even longer. Quick Start
  12. 12. In contrast, training to become a nurse's aide, INCLUDING… * Training * Taking and passing a certification test * Finding a good job … Can be accomplished in as little as TWO WEEKS!
  13. 13. You can be trained, certified, and EMPLOYED… … and EARNING MONEY… …while you college counterpart is only beginning his/her freshman year!!
  14. 14. You Will Have a Wide Variety of Job Opportunities in a number of roles. You will be able to seek employment in a healthcare facility such as... * a hospital * a nursing home * an assisted living facility * … or as an in-home caregiver... … to name just a few Lots of Options
  15. 15. Want to move "Up the ladder"? What if you want to expand your role in the healthcare industry? The training and certification already achieved places you in the ideal position to seek additional training to move on to a higher paying career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). Advancement
  16. 16. Now just ask yourself… "What other career offers all these advantages?"  Rapidly growing industry  High demand  Inexpensive training  Quick start and early certification  Lots of job options  Easy advancement So… What Have We Covered So Far?
  17. 17. You have a GREAT FUTURE ahead… … in the most rapidly growing sector of the 21st Century!!! Isn't This Really a "No-Brainer"?
  18. 18.