Career choices


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Career choices

  1. 1. KEMU Mentoring King Edward Medical University Lahore Pakistan
  2. 2. Choosing the Right Career in Medicine Basmaa Ali MD
  3. 3. There are no shortcuts Laziness and dishonesty don’t work
  4. 4. Human Mind
  5. 5. Consciousness and Self Self Consciousness A B Jung Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman Freud
  6. 6. MB personality type • There are no wrong answers because there is no wrong personality type. • It is just a way to know yourself and work well with others in your team if your team members are amenable to sharing their personality types with you. • If you are a strong I, do not be an Internal Medicine physician who has to talk all the time
  7. 7. Trait Short Hand Trait Short Hand Introvert Looses energy on interaction with people Sensing Pay attention to data being collected by 5 senses and direct experience. Use conscious mind rather than trusting subconscious Detail Oriented Extravert Gains energy from people Intuiting Process data more deeply than sensors and happy to trust their sub conscious spot patterns and high level view as opposed to digging into details Thinking Decide primarily logic Judging Structured way , organizing their work to achieve their goals Feeling Decide primarily – social considerations Perceiving Perceive structure as restricting rather than enabling.
  8. 8. Trait Needs and Perceptions Trait Needs and Perceptions Introvert Need to work alone Prefer depth rather than breadth ----------- Extroverts may think them egocentric and passive Sensing Like logic and pursue things in a clear sequence ----------- Frivolous and short sighted Extravert Seek variety and like working with other people ----------- Introverts may perceive them as Shallow and pushy Intuiting Acquire new skills and work at strategy level ----------- Impractical, theoretical & lacking determination Thinking Task oriented and seek to create clear value. Brief and business like ----------- Cold and heartless Judging Decide quickly and clearly and work to get the job done ----------- Rigid and opinionated Feeling Sociable and people oriented ----------- Unreliable and emotional Perceiving Avoid or put off decisions and like exploration of problems ----------- Aimless drifters
  9. 9. Trait Ways to work with effectively Trait Ways to work with effectively Introvert Give time for trust to develop Using polling and written work for input ask their opinion Do not assume lack of interest Sensing Show evidence Be practical and have a well thought out plan Show logical series of steps Extravert Show energy and enthusiasm Respond quickly without pauses Allow talking out loud without obvious conclusions Communicate openly – do no censure Intuiting Present ideas & global concepts first When an idea or hypothesis is presented, don’t ask for details. Accept at face value as a working hypothesis Be patient, work may come in spurts of high energy and Encourage imagination Thinking Be brief and concise and logical Be intellectually critical and objective Judging Present a timetable and stick to it Allow time to prepare Show achievements and results Feeling Give time for trust Be friendly Show how ideas will affect people and what people’s reaction will be ( 400 Gloves) Perceiving Give time for trust Bring in new ideas and possibilities Allow time for creativity
  10. 10. MBTI Career Paths MBTI Career Paths ISTJ Hira Trustee or inspectors Medico-legal Forensic pathologist Radiologists, Health IT ISFP Artist ISFJ Ramsha Conservator Protector Medical Activism ISTP Artisan Crafter ESTJ Supervisor Surgeons Medical admin ESFP Entertainer – Healthcare Journalism or TV ESFJ Farhan Seller Internal Medicine Healthcare related sales ESTP Amna Promoter Healthcare related Sales INFP Insha Questor Healer Pain medicine Palliative medicine INTP Architect INFJ Misbah Noor Author counselor Social Worker Psychiatry INTJ (Hasban Fatima Raza Zerva Scientist – Researchers ENFP Azka Journalist Champion Patient Advocate within a hospital system ENTP Inventor – How to do something better? Medical devices, diagnostics ENFJ Haania Maria Teacher Academic medicine ENTJ (Waqar, Zainab, Mashhood, Qudrut) Fieldmarshal Medical Admin
  11. 11. Medicine •Academic •Mainly Clinical •Mainly Research •Private Practice Industry •Big Pharma •Biotech •Med tech •Diagnostics •Devices •Health Informatics Health Admin •Hospitals •Outpatient chains •Pharmacies Public Health •Healthcare Advocacy •Occupational Medicine Medicine and Specialties Surgery and Specialties Neuro- psych specialties GYN and OB EYE ENT and Oral Surgery Targeted Therapies Choices
  12. 12. Who am I? • Strengths – Play to your strengths. You are never going to get anywhere by compensating for challenging aspects of your personality. • Challenges – Compensate enough that they are not a hindrance and come to peace with them • What stimulates me? • What gives me satisfaction? • What are my restraints? – Work life balance – Responsibilities – Geography
  13. 13. Guided Imagery • Exercise between 3 choices students have written
  14. 14. Death Scenario • What is important when you are dying?