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Active18 agm-2013 public


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Active 18 community organization, now in it's 8th year is still fighting for good urban planning and excellent buildings and community amenities in the area of West Queen West in Toronto.

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Active18 agm-2013 public

  1. 1. INSERT YOUR IDEAS HERE JOIN ACTIVE18 – WE NEED STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS ! 2013 Annual General Meeting Monday, Nov 4, 7:00 pm 2013 The Theatre Centre – Pop Up
  2. 2. 7:05 INTRODUCTION Approve this agenda. (motion/second) Explanation of the voting process (you paid 5$, you received a card, you vote on the Mandates). Voting eligibility (next screen has the text) 7:05 - 7:10 7:10 – 7:11 7:11 - 7:20 7:20 – 7:30 7:30 – 7:35 7:35 – 7:40 Financial Report Area review Cultural hubs updates Lisgar Park update Gladstone area study 1181 Queen West update MOCCA site – update Report by Steve W 7:40 – 8:00 8:00 – 8:45 8:45 – 9:00 9:00 - 9:05 9:05– 9:15 Employment lands Discussion Questions and discussions Be It Resolved That – 2103 EMPLOYMENT Mandate Vote on the Mandate for 2013/4 The Steering Committee Status PLUS New Members Drive VOTE on SC Report by Steve H Everyone Steve H/Charles OFFICAL BUSINESS ENDED Discussion from the floor AGENDA Report by Franco Report by Sam Report by Michelle No Report just a note Carina/Karina
  3. 3. Be it resolved that Article 7(d) of the Active 18 constitution, which states that “members of sixty days standing shall be eligible to vote”, be waived for this Nov 4, 2013 Annual General Meeting only, in order to allow members of less than sixty days’ standing to vote on the resolutions put forward at this general meeting. MOTION TO ALLOW NEW PEOPLE TO VOTE IN THIS MTG
  5. 5. Quick Area review MAPS
  8. 8. The Art Hub report
  10. 10. Our new LOCAL ART HUB • • • • The Theatre Centre in the Carnegie some kind of Park ‘art program’ Triangle Lofts live-work studios with Gallery TMAC space – 8 not-for-profit organizations_ • +++ Now we’re working on the North Triangle TRIANGLE - ART HUB CONTEXT
  11. 11. TMAC - refresher • • • • • 36,000 square feet total space being built Will be owned by the TMAC group It is protected space if group ‘dismantles’ 200 seat cinema (retractable to 100 seat) Large glass window overlooking park becomes activated with people during events • This is a new model for shared cultural spaces in Canada + ownership so that they become permanent in communities MEDIA ART CENTRE IN EDGE CONDOS (TMAC)
  12. 12. Who is the Toronto Media Art Cluster ? • Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, is a leader in promoting and distributing independently produced films, for the last 45 years. • Charles Street Video, provides artists with affordable access to video and electronic media production and post-production tools. Its mandate includes residencies, commissions, scholarships, youth programs and other support for emerging artists. • • Gallery TPW, explores the exchange between photography, new technologies and time-based media, presenting exhibitions that support a critical dialogue on the role of images in contemporary culture. • Images Festival, hosts an internationally recognized Canadian festival showcasing independent film and video from all regions in Canada. • InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, is a public gallery, teaching facility, and production studio dedicated to the creative use of technology, electronic art, and new media culture. • Le Labo, facilitates francophone media arts projects through access to a media production space, residencies, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, artist talks and professional and artistic partnerships. • Toronto Animated Image Society, explores and promotes the art of animation and strengthens connections among independent animation artists with unique production facilities, workshops, artist talks and screenings. TORONTO MEDIA ARTS CLUSTER – QUICK REVIEW
  13. 13. 180 Sudbury S37 Community Benefits The Good News Report Thanks to Patti and Holly !!!!! TRIANGLE - ART HUB CONTEXT
  14. 14. The New Park
  15. 15. We are here LISGAR PARK – SCALE COMPARISON
  16. 16. LISGAR PARK SITE (CIRCA 2012)
  17. 17. GREEN P – PART OF PARK
  18. 18. Park design process Quick refresher We’re not discussing park design… just showing the history LISGAR PARK REJECTED DESIGNS
  23. 23. Park update 1. What has been done? 2. What stage are we at in the process? 3. When will it start? 4. Park build staging – Phase 1, 2 + 3 5. Other notes PARK UPDATE
  24. 24. Gladstone area study GLADSTONE AREA STUDY
  25. 25. Gladstone area study Why the study? • Large FreshCo site is zoned mixed use • Community wanted to get some design recommendations settled before a 20 storey condo tower was proposed there • Gladstone Hotel is a historic building • Site is surrounded by stable Neighbourhoods GLADSTONE AREA STUDY
  26. 26. Gladstone area study Process: • • • • 2 community workshops – June + Sep 2011 Community presentation + consultation – Sep 2012 Planner recommendations sent to City council Amendments to Official Plan were adopted Feb 2013 GLADSTONE AREA STUDY
  27. 27. Gladstone area study Results: • New buildings to be low rise • Nothing taller than the northern most part of Hotel • Buildings step down to neighbourhood to north • Set backs from hotel • Respect cornice and architectural heritage of Gladstone • Continue the N/S lane through the property • Rezone the east side of Freshco property to match existing neighbourhood to east (becoming neighbourhood designation) • Keep green strip and trees along northcote GLADSTONE AREA STUDY
  28. 28. Gladstone area study Reports: Final Staff report is available at city website: le-54056.pdf Official Plan 2.Amendment: GLADSTONE AREA STUDY
  29. 29. 1181 Queen street West Developer has shown community ‘unofficial’ proposals – 3 rounds Each meeting they shift the design of the building positively, but still +/- 22 stories tall A18 position + city position – this is too tall and imposing for the site 1181 QUEEN WEST UPDATE
  30. 30. MOCCA site on Queen This property is outside of our ‘zone’ but we should be aware of the proposals. The tall buildings on north side of Queen can be problematic. Could be a precedent setter. Someone should watch this! MOCCA SITE UPDATE
  31. 31. Employment lands: What does this mean? Local instances: Carnaby – 11 Peel 440 Dufferin (Wood studios) 450 Dufferin ‘Food Distribution’ property off Alma EMPLOYMENT LANDS BACKGROUNDER
  33. 33. EMPLOYMENT LANDS BACKGROUNDER • Many properties throughout Toronto are designated "Employment Land" in the Official Plan. • The purpose is to have enough land within the City to provide jobs. • 11 Peel and 440 & 450 Dufferin Street are in such an Employment Land designation. • Means that these sites can only be used for offices, factories, workshops, etc. • City Planning is evaluating which lands should stay in Employment Land and which can "convert" to other uses such as residential. • They evaluate based on Provincial Policies and Growth Plan. • City Planning preliminary report says 11 Peel can "convert" to Mixed Use (allowing residential). • City Planning preliminary report says 440 and 450 Dufferin should not "convert" and should remain Employment Land. • We do not have the reasons for these decisions yet. This is coming up at a future City Council meeting. EMPLOYMENT LANDS BACKGROUNDER
  35. 35. Examples of Active18 Mandates • 2006 ++ Good ‘Design’ mandate • 2009 Queen Street Bars and Restaurants in over subscribed area • 2011 + Build a “Not for Profit Arts Hub” in the Art + Design district • 2011 + North of Queen – area plans needed, employment lands discussion on the horizon PREVIOUS MANDATE EXAMPLES
  36. 36. Introducing Mandate for 2103 NEW* for 2013/2014 + Work on North of Queen + Employment lands Issues Build Affordable ‘Workscape’ spaces Mandate Wording on next slide. MANDATE 2013
  37. 37. Be it resolved that Steering Committee Active 18 Association continue to engage with the City of Toronto, developers, and local residents to advocate: With respect to pending development proposals the Steering Committee is directed to take the following positions in any negotiations with the City and developers, and at any OMB hearings: A : Regarding 1181 Queen Street West To oppose any building where the height would have negative shadow impacts on the adjacent neighbourhood to the north. To seek a distinctive design for this landmark site. B : Regarding 11 Peel and related Streetcar Development east of Dufferin Street. To seek 2x coverage for ‘non-residential’ uses. To seek maximum Section 37 community benefits and that these benefits be available for appropriate non-profit arts + cultural uses and/or affordable light industrial uses complementary to the neighborhood. C: That the park space proposed along Dufferin Street should be the second priority for the application of Section 37 benefits, and that the City hold a design competition and engage the community to determine the uses, design and future management of the park and coordinate those uses where possible with non-residential programs in the surrounding buildings. D: To not oppose the proposed 20 story building if the above can be provided regarding Park and 11 Peel. E: Regarding 440 and 450 Dufferin Street - That a proper “secondary” or “area” plan be prepared for the land west of Dufferin Street south of Florence, to include long-term park, transportation and built form planning for the area. - To not oppose the release of 440 and 450 Dufferin Street from the ‘employment’ designation only if the development provides 2x coverage for ‘non-residential’ uses, and provides maximum Section 37 benefits to secure appropriate non-profit arts/cultural uses and/or affordable light industrial uses complementary to the neighborhood, and the developer confirms the same in a settlement agreement. - To seek a distinctive design for this site. - A18 shall not support a development over 12 stories on the 440 and 450 Dufferin sites MANDATE VOTE VOTE: all in favour MOTION : SECOND THE MOTION:
  39. 39. Thanks to our past Steering Committee members: 2012 Vanessa Aubrey. Brad Doner. “I have been very proud to have been on this committee for the better part of 8 years and being involved in some very cool projects. I admire the dedication, leadership, and the intelligence of Active 18 SC members past and present. Thanks for being a huge part of my life journey to this point.” -- Brad STEERING COMMITTEE - FORMER
  40. 40. 2013 Steering committee Candidates AND Candidates from floor are welcome! (Neighbours, we need you!) STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  41. 41. Sam Bietenholz is a landscape architect currently with the Community Design section at the City of Brampton. He has also lived the Queen West neighbourhood and been active a visual artist since moving to Toronto in 1993. Franco Boni is the General & Artistic Director of The Theatre Centre, that is opening a new performance space in the neighbourhood in January 2014. He has served on the Steering Committee since 2006. Charles Campbell is a resident, lawyer and long time Steering Committee member. Graham Caswell holds degrees in fine art and theatre and is passionate about the urban environment. He has lived and designed in Asia, Europe, and North America and now lives in the Argyle Lofts. Graham joined the committee in 2008. STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  42. 42. Carina Cojeen "citizen urbanist, neighbourhood animator, and Toronto evangelist," Carina's dream is that the general public will someday be more aware of, educated about, and engaged in shaping their urban environment. In her neighbourhood of Brockton, she contributes to building community by helping to organize a studio tour, gallery crawl, and the annual yard sale. She is a founding member of the Clean Train Coalition and sits on the steering committee of People Plan Toronto. In her day job, she "herds cats" (in other words, assists with internal procedural communications for a large corporate employer in downtown Toronto). Michelle Gay is an artist and media designer who lives and works in the ‘Lower Price Chopper Village’ area. She has been involved with Active18 since the beginning. She is working on a graduate degree in Information Science - focusing on ‘Citizen Planners’ and their collaborative efforts in city building from the ground-up. Michael Freitas is a resident of 150 Sudbury St, one of the buildings helped shaped in part by Active 18. He enjoys learning about all of the development happening in the area. STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  43. 43. Steven Heuchert is a Registered Professional Planner and is Manager, Development Planning at the Toronto & Reginal Conservation Authority (TRCA). Steven is also employed as an instructor with the Department of Environmental Studies (Planning) at York University. Steven joined the committee in 2008. Kelly McCray is a visual artist, curator and gallery director who has been a resident of the Queen St. West community for the past 20 years and on the Active 18 Steering Committee for the past 6 years. Michael Mikhaiel is a fairly new resident to Ward 18, Michael quickly realized the charm of the community and the rapid development placing it at risk, so he joined Active 18 to ensure sustainable growth within the ward. Michael loves all of Toronto's vibrant communities and wants to continue assisting Active 18 in preserving the unique characteristics, cultures and historic aspects of Ward 18 that allow it to stand out from the rest. STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  44. 44. Phil Silverstein is an area resident of 10 years and has over 15 years experience in architectural design. With 2 young children he is deeply committed to a safe, vibrant, dynamic neighbourhood focused around good design. As an Active 18 team member he helps speak on behalf of the community in an effort to help shape the built future of our neighbourhood. B.Arch., MAATO, LEED AP, GRP, Moriyama & Teshima Architects Jacquie Thomas is the founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Gargantua, a multi-award winning physical theatre company which is celebrating its 21st season this year. She has lived and worked in the neighbourhood for 14 years. She joined the steering committee of Active 18 earlier this year to assist the in mission of keeping affordable workspace for artists and others in this community. Miriam Shanouda is a civil litigation articling student that is relatively new to Ward 18. Although she has only been a Ward 18 member for less than 2 years, she has always been interested in urban planning and the preservation of Toronto's most beautiful buildings.. Mariam considers it a privilege to be a part of Active 18 as it enables her to help shape her neighbourhood, literally and figuratively. STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  45. 45. Karina Waluk As a former resident of the demolished 48 Abell lofts, Karina experienced first-hand the impact of the Queen West Triangle condo boom. The levelling of the century old building and the community it once housed compelled Karina to become an active citizen, hoping to mitigate the damaging effects of development-driven change while nurturing the positive aspects of a growing and thriving community. Steven Wood is a graduate of the Waterloo School of Architecture and is a 48 Abell Street evictee. He currently lives in Parkdale and has been a steering committee member since 2005. STEERING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES
  46. 46. Vote to approve new 2013 Steering committee (motion /second)
  47. 47. Get Involved! Or Come for the martinis – stay for a lifetime!* (*Jane Farrow on joining the West Queen West neighbourhood) END OF OFFICIAL BUSINESS
  48. 48. Community Discussions What else should we be working on together? NEW DISCUSSIONS