Lumia App Labs: Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta


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Since the first release of the Nokia Imaging SDK, developers like you have built more than 1,500 imaging apps that take advantage of the leading imaging hardware in Nokia Lumia phones. Join this webinar to learn about the new latest release - Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta - just announced at the Build conference. We’ll show you how new Windows Phone 8.1 support allows your single code base to support Lumia smartphones running the newly-announced Windows Phone 8.1 plus Windows Phone 8.0, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT. New animated GIF support lets you create apps with moving pictures to excite and wow users. The new Image Alignment API helps you stabilise photo sequences. The Local Blending API lets your apps combine and position images of different sizes on top of each other. This is great for adding badges or stickers to images, or combining front and back camera photos for the perfect group shot.

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Lumia App Labs: Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta

  1. 1. Lucian Tomuța, Chief Engineer, Nokia Twitter: @ltomuta LUMIA APP LABS # 20 NOK IA IMAGING SDK 1.2 (BETA)
  2. 2. Nokia Imaging SDK Easy GIF creation, Local image blend, Even more performance enhancements Performance enhancements, Lens blur, HDR, Foreground picker Easy to use, 50+ filters, 1,500+ apps 1.0 JUL 2013 1.1 FEB 2014 1.2 APR2014 makes imaging magic
  3. 3. • Includes more than 50 ready to use image processing filters and effects, with various adjustment parameters • Filters and effects can be combined sequentially • Supports creation of totally custom filters • Accessible from managed and native code • Supports various source types: bitmaps, streams, files and camera viewfinder • Partial JPEGdecoding - using RAJPEGtechnology, access image data without decoding a whole JPEGimage for a fast previews, application of effects, rotation, and cropping of high resolution images. What is the Nokia Imaging SDK?
  4. 4. • Library contains three architectural building blocks: • Image sources(such as bitmaps, streams, files) • Effects(built-in or custom) • Renderers(outputs bitmaps or files) • Combining these building blocks, developer creates rendering pipeline • Once pipeline is created, it is possible to change filter parameters, or their sequence. General Architecture Overview Image Source Filter Effects Cartoon Filter Fog Filter … Renderer
  5. 5. BRIEF REMINDER NokiaImaging SDKv1.1features
  6. 6. List of Filters and Effects Fog Foundation Frame Free Rotation Grayscale Grayscale Negative Hue Saturation Image Fusion Levels Local Boost Lomo Magic Pen Milky Mirror Mono Color Moonlight Negative Noise
  7. 7. ChromaKey ChromaKey Filter adds transparency to the pixels of a specific color
  8. 8. Blend modes Blend mode: Color Burn Blend mode: Color Blend mode: Add 1st image 2nd image
  9. 9. HDR Effect
  10. 10. Interactive Foreground Segmenter
  11. 11. Lens Blur
  12. 12. LEARN MORE NokiaLumiaApp Labs #19
  13. 13. • Supports Windows Phone 8.1 • New functionality : • Blend Filter Target Area • Image Aligner • Animated GIFrenderer • Custom Filters What’s new in the 1.2 (beta) version?
  14. 14. Blend Filter Target Area
  15. 15. Animated GIF Renderer
  16. 16. Image Aligner Unaligned frames Aligned frames
  17. 17. DEMO Blend Filter Target Area Image Aligner GIFRenderer
  18. 18. Create an outstanding imaging app and win a trip to experience zero gravity
  19. 19. THANK YOU!